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  1. Camping in San Domingo Wash, Belmont Mine & Anderson Mill
  2. Gman, I didn’t see your poat post about the tracs. I did see the one about skipping breakfast Sat morning. we waited until 9:50 am for you and sent texts. I hope nothing bad has happened that stopped you. I certainly can send you the traks covered. It went well. Mick
  3. Thanks Jack Maybe I’ll grab some scones in the bakery an we have a snack on the Belmont Mountain overlook.
  4. Excellent! I’m bringing a “new” USMC winter sleeping bag shell. If you put your bag inside it’ll give you 20 more degrees warmth. It’s Gortex so it breathes . You can use it if you want. See you in Wickeberg Mick
  5. Sherri, I have a brand, new never used goose down sleeping bag, in a heavy military gortex shell thats rated well below zero. Got it for my wife “just in case” but she’ll never use it. We/she would be happy to see someone get some use from it. You’re welcome to borrow it, At night we’ll have warm fire. OR Since the majority of the ride will be on Saturday. You could skip just the camping Sat nite. On Saturday afternoon we will be crossing SR 60, at Morristown, just 10 minutes north of the 303. We could take a break there and get you “aired up” in a parking lot and then you could head out and still get most of the ride in. You would be on a four lane straight to the 303 at Suprise. It would be great have along, Mick
  6. QUESTION FOR ALL: I did a pre run yesterday and realized that we would have a full day Saturday. To make sure that we have time to checkout things on the ride, . . I’m asking if “you would mind skipping the breakfast in Wickenberg?” There is a good bakery next door to the Horseshoe where we can grab a go order of scones, muffins and coffee and use the restrooms. If you will need to gas up there are several stations we’ll pass on the way out of town. Please let me know on this forum if you want breakfast or not on this forum. Thanks, Mick
  7. Okay, don’ t be a stranger. Your in Surprise. BTW I’m doing an abbreviated pre ride of the trail on Monday at 0900 if you wanna come along you be welcome.
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