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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, have seen Joe’s name pop up in these threads before. Tools do seem to be gap as it doesn’t feel that hard.
  2. Hopefully this pic shows up. Sun, Apr 28, 2024 at 1:45 AM.pdf
  3. Reaching out to the community for help/suggestions on how to fix a bent sway bar bracket (2012 jku with stock axles). I pulled the wheel off today in hopes I could figure out a way to bend it back, as I’ve read across other forums where people have done this. But I had no luck. If I can get it bent back straight without damaging it I’d also like to attach new quick disconnects from Apex. Thoughts/suggestions are welcome.
  4. Just took these off and they still have some life in them. Asking $250. 5 tires 285/70R17 2 with ~6/32 tread 3 with ~10/32 tread (<10k miles)
  5. Looks like a relaxing location (dog pic tells the real story!).
  6. Those KBDs are a bit too shiny for what we’re looking for, but they are making me look closer at the size of the fender. Also am a little surprised to hear plastic will be more forgiving. In my head I was thinking the plastic would break/tear easier. But reading the comment made me aware that metal could cause more body damage. Will have to think about those things more. The Barricade items are in my cart as place holders as I do a bit more research. I like the way those look (bumpers and flares). Appreciate the discussion.
  7. Looking for input to replace bumpers and fenders, lots of brands and am unsure what to stay away from. Current rig is 2.5" lift with 33s that is a daily driver and moderate rock krawler, but looking to move towards either 35s or possibly 37s in the near future as well. Am leaning towards a stubby bumper with place for winch (undecided if I'll get a winch as of yet), with led lights, don't particularly like the pull bars on top of the front bumpers either. For the flares I'm looking at 4-6" flares with a textured finish so would like the bumpers to match somewhat. Have seen some options that don't break my bank account from barricade, redrock, smittybilt, and others from ARB, DV8, Bushwacker that start to creep up a bit. Willing to spend a little more if it's worth it in the long run so any feedback is appreciated.
  8. Updated pics after installation - went ahead with the 2.5" lift, shocks, quick disconnects (and brakes for good measure) - next up will be tires/fenders/bumpers/lights/grill insert/ I could go on and on... again I appreciate the feedback from everyone.
  9. Dyna and I had a great time today with Mike, Charles and Zoe. I learned my lesson with Mike, don't bring too much of your own food 😉, he told me but I didn't listen. I will say it's not often you get three IT guys together and the discussion doesn't end up making Dyna fall asleep but I think we did a pretty good job today not talking shop too much.
  10. End Result: We had a great discussion with the guy at Absolute Off-road and landed on a 2.5" RockKrawler kit with quick disconnects and bilstein shocks. Will be scheduling that install next month.
  11. Want to make sure I have the correct starting location (fr3554 trail head off of Usery Pass):
  12. Count us in, been wanting to hit this area. Will be 2 of us in 1 vehicle.
  13. Quick disconnects have now moved up the priority list.
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