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  1. Thanks guys, that was a good day. I had a rough week with one of my staff passing, so probably wasn't the most social but this was a great reset after a tough week!
  2. Well that sucks. Next they'll stop camping atop Schnebly Hill...
  3. Good meeting everyone! We ended up the day at the farthest south point of milk ranch road and camping there. Alan
  4. Packed up and ready to leave the valley at 6am. See you there.
  5. See ya there! Marty I take it that you'll be in the red jeep in your profile pic?
  6. Hi all, Alan here. Randomly ran into Charles and kid last weekend on Bulldog Canyon who introduced me to check out the group! Fairly new to off-roading, got my first Jeep a few years ago when I moved here from Dubai in 2018 and enjoy easy to moderate trails and camping out! Am originally born and raised in England just south of London, but everyone thinks I'm Australian! Need to be better about tackling the trails with others. Last weekend I got my trails mixed up and thought I was hitting a dirt road for a leisurely afternoon drive. Turned out to be a moderate trail and I got lucky to not have issues! Looking forward to some group adventures!?
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