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  1. Hello Diane and all. I need to read this thread but just checking in. We have ran this trail 7 times in past years. Each year it gets a bit harder over all since its seen so much more traffic. So far the forestry has not done here what they have done to Rubicon. Few years ago one could do this on 33s with lsd and good driver. Today No one should go with out lockers and 35s min., its just to hard on axles to be spinning tires with that much gear on a jeep. T hill is steep and has big rocks. Last year we ran solo and i did pull rope(first time ever too here) to not break the jeep and not get well stupid in very remote place.. My 4.5 lift on our jk is at about 2.7 lift loaded for this trail. Towing I have the location for good parking. We tow. Shaver has some super steep roads. I would not tow to any of the main Dusy gates. Where we stage trails its about 25 ish miles to Court Right Res. shaver is half way point in this near 100 mile loop. Fuel can be an issue. I never ran out but we have had and seen those that have. Long ways out and back for fuel and parts. Do to the time of year you can count on a no fires allowed as well i would bet. Everyone needs a permit to use even a gas stove. They are free on line. Little test of your how to make camp fire that you wont get to do... I get one ever year. We just came back from Rubicon 13th-19th. Snow, wet, muddy . was a great early springs /slash last of the snow run. Hardly a sole on it. first two days we watched so many S-64s dumping rock , not countable. Must have cost hundreds of thousand of dollars. They do not do that at the Dusy. Trail was raw and as always in may/June, like heaven on earth. Here is a pic of the start of T hill its about .8 mile from here up its gets steeper rocks bigger narrows to a shelf road of boulders. From start its about 10 miles in first day from the south gate. Trails is mostly rock so its slow.
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