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  1. Thanks again to you all for a great time and fixing’ ’ of my flat in record time!! and if anyone was on the edge of their Jeep wondering…….it’s a non-weight bearing fracture. Will be healed in 6ish weeks or so!! 😂😂
  2. im planning on joining you sunday. thanks for the make up run........if not too much rain i assume??
  3. Awesome day and thanks for the baby Bronco shout out!! Crawled underneath today and very few marks to make me cry!! She has been to,the car wash once and a couple more times will fix tigger up!…..looking forward to next time!! Loved meeting everyone…..so nice and only a few new tools needed for the next run!! Great pics!!
  4. Well then…thank you and I will be there bright eyed and bushie tailed!! And try to find a buddy to help the newbie. thanks so much for the support and guidance!!
  5. Ok, I have to cancel out as I only have my GMRS and no ID even yet. I am a first timer and don’t have everything yet. so I still need the air down stuff, now a compressor …..what else is a must have to go out on a day trip?? is there a good list someplace??
  6. Hey all…..do I need anything special to air down? I’m guessing there is some tool?? Thx
  7. Hi…..need to cancel and free up my spot. But also, where do I find all,the info,you have posted. Still need to,get Gmrs and would like to,read up on general details. thx, Lisa
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