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  1. I work up feeling under the weather this morning... I decided to cancel all my engagements this week just in case... Will you remove me from this list please sorry to miss this one. I want Sparky 01 to have as much notice to be able to go.. Can't wait to get off road with this group. I plan to get out allot more when the weather cools off too
  2. Thank you for signing me up. The page mentioned a possible September run for members with club membership. I wanted to explore the group a bit then possibly sign up for club member. I have a black Xterra can get pretty hot in the summer. I haven't had a chance to take a good look where this trail is at. Do you expect it to be pretty hot in August on this trail? If so I may switch over to the Sept run.. I am most def interested in this run looks amazing!!
  3. This sounds like a trail I would be capable of doing with some spotting. Would there be anyone in the group able to spot me on the trickier areas?
  4. I would like to be added to stand by please.. Thank you
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