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  1. When I saw the bumper propped up in front of my front door I definitely thought that as well!
  2. New front bumper (gorhino Rockline stubby) with skid plate, as well as winch and front light bar arrived. Installation photos hopefully coming this weekend.
  3. Welcome! To RSVP you just comment here and the trip organizer will add you to the list when they have a chance. Look forward to meeting you here!
  4. Thanks Ryan! So is frame mounting that important? I would think this would make it stronger but it seems like a lot of the body mounted ones have good reviews.
  5. Thanks for the confirmation. I think I’ve seen what I need to online. These were what I was leaning towards before posting so this is great. I don’t think I need any pictures at this point (I’ve seen quite a few online) but will reach out if any questions come up.
  6. Are they mounted to the frame or just the body? I couldn’t tell exactly from the instructions that’s definitely a good demonstration that they do what they should.
  7. @Curly Thanks for the recommendation. Those definitely look promising. Especially them lifting the JLU up by the sliders using forklifts.
  8. Does anyone have any good suggestion for rock sliders? Currently I’m looking at these ones from DV8 https://www.quadratec.com/p/dv8-offroad/tubular-rock-sliders-jeep-wrangler-jl-srjl-23 and these ones from Metalcloak https://metalcloak.com/jl-wrangler-overline-2-door-rocker-rails.html. Do you think the metalcloak ones are worth almost double the price? They definitely look more sturdy and like the idea that they have hi-lift points so it should be designed to be able to hold the weight of the vehicle so should stand up if hung up on a rock.
  9. Thanks @theksmith! It's a sport with the V6 engine! Came with the 33-inch Falken Wildpeaks but looks like it may need a lift soon, I need to test out the rubbing with some real articulation.
  10. Finally got an upgrade for the KL. Will slowly be building this up. But can’t wait to get it off the pavement.
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