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  1. Here is the few pics I took this time. This was a fun and easy trip.
  2. Sorry Marty I think i'm going to have to pass this time. I still need to deal with my tire. Otherwise I would love to go.. just have no spare right now. Catch it next time.
  3. Thanks for the trip. It was a fun trail and an easy ride with great views.
  4. The permit itself says it must be signed and in my possession. My phone is a note comes with a pen stylus That allowed me to sign it. Since my phone has it as long as I don't forget the phone and can pull it up I meet the requirement on the permit itself. The site itself just says must be on hand but says nothing of a paper form. I mean as long as I can present it, it is on hand. I think I fall within the requirements. I mean it's almost 2023 who still kills trees? I can pull it up without internet access.. I'll give it a try.
  5. i don't have a printer was going to print to pdf and keep a digital copy
  6. Got my permit.. kinda weird with entry and exit dates. It says if I print can't change.. took screen shots of my number
  7. Sign me up if room.. where do we get the permit?
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