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  1. Sign me up if room.. where do we get the permit?
  2. Here is some pics I took the last trip
  3. I had a coworker take his vacation there. He went to the restaurant and museum. He stayed there for a week and came back telling us all about it. Not my thing but an off road trip up there sounds like fun. I'm definitely interested.. looks like we have a lot of interest for this one.
  4. This is close by Area 51. There is a UFO restaurant out there somewhere as well as a museum of some kind. This sounds like a lot of fun. I'll have to see about camping and prices of everything at the time we go but I'm definitely interested. By the way the top secret CIA base comes up on google if you put in area 51, nevada.
  5. The thing to is on the trail we had a light sprinkle. The wind wasn't bad. Few thunder and lightning strikes. You can see on woody's video it wasn't bad at all. We could have went all the way up but with lightning storms everyone wanted to be cautious. The tallest thing in a lightning storm usually gets hit. It was a lot of fun. Kept us in the vehicles more than we would have been otherwise at the diner break I think but the trail was fine. I didn't even expect the floods. I guess a lot of the other hills got a lot more rain then we did because all the water we seen on the way out was a lot more than what came down on us. All the flooded roads that you see in pictures on the way out were dry on the way in. Still all in all was a good fun trip to me. I'm looking forward to the next one.
  6. If you look at the passenger side of the Yellow Jeep in the group picture (you see woody's jeep, then the yellow jeep then the line of the rest of us. All that brown is from the dust storm. On other pictures you see the rest of the jeep is still Yellow.) you'll see my whole passenger side is brown not yellow. I hit a dust storm coming in where I couldn't see 5 feet in front of me. I was following an 18 wheeler, we were going slow and then he pulled off. About 10 minutes after he pulled off I got out of that. It was the worst dust storm I've been in. I've been in a few going to tucson where you can see like 2 car lengths in front of you. This was worse. If the semi got more than 5 feet in front of me his tail lights disappeared. Once I got out of it, things were clear it's like normal but you turn around and you see the brown cloud. In that was crazy but out of it is normal. I looked at other vehicles but I only seen that brown dirt on my vehicle. I'm guessing no one else hit the dust storm or they would have had a brown passenger side like I did. No damage to anything there just made the jeep dirty. That's normal. The 18 wheeler also didn't seem to have any issues just couldn't see as well and pulled off. This was on the way in and why I was late. I planned on being there about 30 mins early to meet everyone but between the rain storm and the dust storm I ended up being late but by 5 mins or so. Was able to reach everyone on my radio. I just expected directions to them.. but Woody actually just turned around and came back after me. It really was an adventure and more than I expected from an easy trail. But again the trail was the easiest of everything. It was the getting to and getting out that I didn't expect. As always the weather added to this adventure.
  7. I had a very similar experience. I didn't see the flood heading to the I 10. The very first one and it was going fast. I hit the brakes ended up in the middle went through the water by the time I stopped I was 10 feet off the pavement. I went through the water, it turned me slightly I went over the burm on the left hand side. Not exactly sure how I did it but no damage to the jeep at all. My mom and I and the dog were all fine inside. I was able to get back on the road really easily. Mike stopped to make sure I was ok. Then he went on the radio to let everyone know to be careful. Took the rest of the way looking carefully at each one. Mike found a family broke down on the side of the road trying to get back to the I 10. I ended up giving them a ride home. They told me on the way they called 911 and was told by the sheriff that called him back that there was no way to get to him. The sheriff wished him the best of luck. The floods affected the locals there badly. There were 4 others stranded the sheriff let him know about that he had also called and wished good luck to. I only seen the family I helped but seems crazy to me to call 911 and be called back by the sheriff and told good luck. This is why it's great to be in a great group of people that help each other out when we run into these problems. Crazy all the eventful things happened after we were done with the trail. I still think that trail was the easiest part of the whole thing. Looking forward to the next trip.
  8. Hello good to meet everyone. I just signed up recently. I would like to go though monument valley. On all trails it's rated as easy. Its supposed to have some good views.
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