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  1. Thanks for the trip. It was a fun trail and an easy ride with great views.
  2. The permit itself says it must be signed and in my possession. My phone is a note comes with a pen stylus That allowed me to sign it. Since my phone has it as long as I don't forget the phone and can pull it up I meet the requirement on the permit itself. The site itself just says must be on hand but says nothing of a paper form. I mean as long as I can present it, it is on hand. I think I fall within the requirements. I mean it's almost 2023 who still kills trees? I can pull it up without internet access.. I'll give it a try.
  3. i don't have a printer was going to print to pdf and keep a digital copy
  4. Got my permit.. kinda weird with entry and exit dates. It says if I print can't change.. took screen shots of my number
  5. Sign me up if room.. where do we get the permit?
  6. Here is some pics I took the last trip
  7. I had a coworker take his vacation there. He went to the restaurant and museum. He stayed there for a week and came back telling us all about it. Not my thing but an off road trip up there sounds like fun. I'm definitely interested.. looks like we have a lot of interest for this one.
  8. This is close by Area 51. There is a UFO restaurant out there somewhere as well as a museum of some kind. This sounds like a lot of fun. I'll have to see about camping and prices of everything at the time we go but I'm definitely interested. By the way the top secret CIA base comes up on google if you put in area 51, nevada.
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