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  1. dzJeepchick, Would you like that as wallpaper for your computer, and if so what is your screen resolution? Craig Tyche
  2. dz, you're BAD! I sent the link to my wife.
  3. Please extend my best wishes to Bamse and his dad, too. I'm glad he's OK, and that his dad's injuries are restricted to a couple of broken ribs. That could have been a LOT worse. ANY blowout at speed is bad, but a front (and especially a front right) is just plain nasty. Bamse shouldn't feel bad about not controlling it, as one almost has to anticipate that it's going to happen to manage ANY control. I've been through enough "interesting experiences" on the road to know (delivery driver, semi driver, bus driver, and transportation coordinator) just how fast things can happen and how bad they can be.
  4. They consider you family. And poor, deprived family at that. They're bringing it home to save you from starvation.
  5. I just sent the link to my wife's computer. She enjoys off-beat humor, too.
  6. tyche

    To A Blond

    ROFLOL Nice try. Craig Tyche
  7. tyche

    To A Blond

    Actually, I'm not sure I've seen it. And I honestly couldn't remember what-all vehicles you had. Plus, going opposite directions on Fountain Hills Blvd, even at a stop sign, one doesn't always have time to get very specific in observation. Isn't it enough that I at least thought of you, first? Craig Tyche
  8. tyche

    To A Blond

    Well, that left out MY guess. LOL Now I'm REALLY curious. Craig Tyche
  9. I BEG YOUR PARDON! I'll have you know that, at 65, I'm very good. Good, hell, I'm GREAT! (I'm a frosted flake) Seriously, though, I don't get it wrong. I just don't always get it right. HOWEVER, I've some defense (after nearly 45 years of marriage to my best friend). I ASK first. Craig Tyche
  10. tyche

    To A Blond

    To A Blond On Seeing One In A Black Jeep Grand Cherokee I see you, in your Grand Cherokee, as you look at me (suspiciously) in my Jeep. Or perhaps it's the Jeep that you look at, orange, with large tires and the word "Mountain" on its side. I see you look, just as you accelerate away from the stop sign, in the other lane. I see you and try to wave, and then you're past. Did you see? Did you realize that I accepted your Jeep as valid, as worthy of respect as a Jeep? Or was it too fast? Did you slip past without noticing? I see you, in your Grand Cherokee, and know your comfort. And why not? My son owned one, for a while, and I knew its comfort, and its perks. Do you wonder if a JK can be so? It is, and more. Its comfort, its room, its abilities: to go where I want to go, do what I want to do. I see you, then I don't. And I'm not sure. Do I know you in another form (or forum)? Are you a member of the Offroad Passport Community? And did you try to recognize me by my Jeep, Looking for an emblem on the side? I see you, in your Grand Cherokee, and wonder what you saw, and what you surmised. And wonder if you are who I think you are. And can only quote that oft repeated phrase the source of which most people don't know: "O wad some Power the giftie gie us To see oursels as ithers see us! It wad frae mony a blunder free us, An' foolish notion: What airs in dress an' gait wad lea'e us, An' ev'n devotion!" With apologies to Robert Burns and his poem: To A Louse On Seeing One On A Lady's Bonnet, At Church >WAVE< Craig Tyche
  11. tyche

    Goat Joke

    People call me an old goat (well, alright, it's my kids), but I refuse to be chained to a transmission. :-D
  12. Bandit1, I sympathize with your quest for more off-roading capability in New York State. As I no longer live there I can't in good conscience sign the petition. However, I remember only too well the excuses that were made. New York State accepted the insurance companies excuses that the owner of the property should be held responsible for accidents/damage incurred on off-road runs, thus making it expensive for land owners to open the property up to off-road vehicles of any type. Even snow-mobiles and such were beginning to feel the pinch, though not as much if they had property of their own that they could use. New York State, itself, refused to pay for such insurance, thus had to close the land to off-road use. I really doubt that you will be able to reverse that decision as the insurance companies have a large lobby. However, I DO wish you the best and hope that you can do something, since my son (also a Jeeper) still lives in New York State. Craig Tyche
  13. macinyart, Years ago (back when I was using SysVR4 UNIX on a company computer) I heard about a UNIX virus. It was an honor system virus. The recipient was supposed to email it to everyone he/she knew then delete is operating system and reboot. Yes, it was a hoax. But it underlined the security of a UNIX or UNIX-like system. It is still the most effective Linux virus around, and even someone new to computing can see how stupid it is and resist it. Craig Tyche PS:: For those that are truly paranoid (I'm not quite there yet) there is SELinux (SE stands for Security Enhanced), developed by the National Security Agency (your tax dollars at work). It isn't a distribution, but rather a set of additions on top of an existing Linux distribution, and is available with most (if not all ) major Linux Distributions. To give you an idea of how effective it is, make one tiny mistake in setting it up and you will NEVER be able to get into your system. The only recourse, then, is to reformat the hard drive and reinstall everything (I know. LEARN from my mistakes. Hee hee) CAE
  14. It's been a LONG time since I handled a Windows machine. At that time Zone Alarm was about the best firewall. It did not only emails and downloads, but did REVERSE fire walling (nothing goes out except to where you want it to go). As for anti-virus protection, I was using PC-Cillin (BTW, that was at work. I'd convinced the company I worked for to install them both on all the company computers). The ones such as Norton, McAfee and Symantic, according to reports at the time, were throwing too many false positives, and allowing too many new viruses to get through before they got the signatures to be able to eliminate them. You might look into whether ClamAV has a Windows version (it does, I just checked. See: http://www.clamav.net/lang/en/about/win32/ ), or check out AVG. AVG has (or at least used to have) a free version for Windows, though their paid version is much better. The best anti-virus protection I've found so far, though, is to NOT run Windows. I've been running nothing but Linux since 2004 and NEVER get viruses. The reason is simple - no viruses are written for Linux. Modern Linux distributions don't run in administrative mode, therefore viruses can't attach themselves to the operating system and cause havoc. (In addition, most modern Linux distributions - or at least the most popular ones - come with a web browser, email client, and a full range of software that includes an office productivity suite, graphics tools, multi-media tools and players, etc. The cost ranges from the cost of the media plus shipping and handling (somewhere in the range of $3 to #10) to FREE (I'm of Scottish descent. I LIKE that word: FREE). Many are very simple to install, plus you not only get updates to the operating system but to any installed software. And there are support groups for some of the major distributions. Hope this helps, Craig Tyche
  15. Diane and George, Just a suggestion (if you haven't already done so): 1. Get a GOOD firewall. (I have 2, actually. One hardware - my router acts as a firewall - and one software) 2. Get a GOOD anti-virus program that will scan your emails (and attachments) and any downloads you intend to make. Alternate suggestion: Get an operating system that is not as susceptible to virus attacks, such as Linux. Craig Tyche
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