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  1. Mick I text’s you my photos also had my GoPro going and I’ll send those when I get them edited. Let me know if you got my text. I enjoyed meeting everyone and had a great time
  2. Oh I’ve got a pretty good Northface sleeping bag, it’s good to 30. The rain appears to have stopped and I woke up today and said “ you love that trail, don’t be a sissy”. I think I was just tired and cranky last night because I just flew in from a biz trip. I’ll see you Saturday and I’ll be camping. Looking forward to it . Sherri
  3. Mick, I’m going to have to bow out because the temp has dropped below my comfort/equipment level. I was expecting it to be in the 50’s when I signed up. I need to get most more equipment to be comfortable in 40 degree nights, which I will do, but for now I hope everyone has a great time and I’ll catch you again when I’m better prepared. Sherri
  4. I’ll need to know the approximate end time Sunday and where we end, thanks. ( I need to figure out if I can get back in time to pick up the dogs from boarding)
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