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  1. wow, Huge miss for me, but on top of my taking care of the wife I was assigned a new project, so would not make it regardless. Hopefully next year.
  2. I think I will go for the lower priced ones this time
  3. @WILL E I saw this a bit late Saturday night but would love to join. I cannot start very early so let me know when and where to meet and if we need to bring anything special and I will reply here Sunday AM. Can also text me at 480-270-2156.
  4. Unless anyone is going somewhere and would like company, I will do 4 peaks this weekend as it has some places we can stop and hike a bit.
  5. I wanted to go somewhere with the Jeep to enjoy the post rainy week, any suggestion that would not scare the wife and 🐶for a day trip?
  6. How dare you :-). In a more serious note, thank you as your comment is super useful and is being added to my list of "what and how to do it". We do own a class C which is quite heavily used for long trips, our goal is to have something in the driveway we can hop on Friday afternoon and do short weekends, primarily in the summer. As for where to sleep. you make a great point but sometimes sleeping in the field is more satisfying for us as it is open air with a view and skies you cannot otherwise appreciate.
  7. As of late I have been toying with the idea of selling my two door JK and get a 4 door so I can build it for weekends, like a descent sleep option, on up one in the bad and a small kitchen for breakfast and coffee. I am clueless on where to start, so any help or advise appreciated!
  8. @Lichen airtag does not work with android out of the box. you can make it work this way https://www.lifewire.com/using-airtags-with-android-5188775
  9. I got a couple of BAOFENG BF-F8HP radios new in the box, I am assuming they are good for use here?
  10. We had a Pavement end installed last year (was highly recommended by the shop), proven to be a bad choice. Zippers went bad real quick, it has some bad structure kinks, so I am looking for a recommendation for a new one.
  11. Looking to replace the stock headlights, I read in few places that Quadratec Gen II is the way to go, some suggest cheaper light from amazon. Your opinion matters!
  12. AFeiner


    Just random travel pictures
  13. Just joined last month and would like to attend the 1/6 event. Are small RV's OK for the camping part? there are two of us, the wife will prefer the easy 4x4. As for Potluck most likely Vegan Desert.
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