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    Family of 3 who loves to get off-road. Married since 2005. One kid. I'm a Network Engineer by trade but love metal fabrication and do all the work on my Jeeps myself.

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  1. February 3/4 weekend I plan on installing my Metalcloak lift. Way back when there were always lift parties and a bunch of people got involved. Last few Jeeps I’ve custom built my suspension so I wasn’t a quick think. They were trail rigs. Not daily drivers. If anyone is in the southeast valley and wants to stop by let me know. I’ve got the full lift and full armor plate system to put on.
  2. Pete Wirch In 2024 I Resolve to Offroad with Metalcloak! To fulfill my pledge I need: 1. JL Front Driveshaft (All '18 - Current JL/JT) 2. JL Wrangler Rear Driveshaft, 4-Door 3. Grade-8 Stock Hardware Upgrade Kit, JL Wrangler
  3. Just a fun little project adding to my Rhino addiction.
  4. Added the Teraflex spare relocator and license bracket. I don't like how far away it sits so I'm probably going to replace it with the Alpha mount to tuck it tighter to the body.
  5. Got a lot accomplished yesterday cleaning so got to tinker with the Jeep today. Removed the front bumper that I didn't like and made a few tweaks the Westin winch mount to work with the GoRhino bumper I picked up from @4x4tographer. Winch ready to nestle inside the GoRhino Measured it all out and cut where necessary to clear the winch. I'll eventually make a solid plate for the front of the bumper to replace how I've got the fairlead mounted now even though it's solid. Mounted up and loving it. I'm going to put my 20" light bar on top where those two slots were from the GoRhino winch mount since it obviously can't go inside the bumper anymore. :) I'm also going to be putting in a curved corner on the outer edges at the front to tighten the gap up. That's 100% my OCD getting to me.
  6. I’ve got a Midland 275 mounted in the Jeep under the dash and have a Baofeng UV-5R handheld. I’ve also got a couple small handheld Midland radios. I used to carry a bunch because not everyone had one. I haven’t run CB in 5 years. I used to have Ham but let that license lapse as it was only used by a couple people I knew.
  7. 2011 or 2012 iMac 27” had a hard drive issue but I replaced it.
  8. I don’t even know what these are but they’ve never been out of the bags.
  9. Battery Charger. Works fine just takes up space.
  10. I replaced the Haynes column with the relevant info from the JL Wrangler Forum. Still doesn't seem to match up. For instance: Front Lower Control Arm (Axle) - Mopar says 190ft-lbs. JL Forum says 140ft-lbs + 145* So lets assume then that 140ft-lbs + 145* is 190ft-lbs then Rear Lower Control Arm (Axle) - Mopar says 185ft-lbs. JL Forum says 100ft-lbs + 60* I don't see how 100ft-lbs + 60* could be only 5ft-lbs less than 145ft-lbs + 145* I think I'm going to just go with the recommended torque specs for the bolt in use based on Industry standards and go from there. lol
  11. Everything on this list is FREE. I live in southeast Gilbert, just across the 202 from San Tan Village Mall. I'm around all weekend and next week then it's bulk garbage day and it's all going to the curb. Probably more to come as I get into the cupboards. lol JK 2" Body Lift - Never Installed JK Switch Panel - Never Installed JK Canister Relocation Kit - Never Installed Misc Stuff Sun Shade - Used Once Down Firing Sub Box for 10" .. this was in my wife's car. It rocked but she went to dual 10". It's is incredibly solid and protects the sub since it's down firing.
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