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    US Navy veteran 1984-1994. Working in the mining industry.
  1. I never had an issue with a short life span of a battery (2 years is a short life span) when I lived in Arizona. I am running an Optima Yellow Top in my 13 Taco with no mods. On other AGM's I have heard of using an item (need to do some looking to find the proper name) that replaces the fuse in the engine compartment fuse box. Boosts the alternator's output to 14.6-14.7 volts which keeps an AGM charged. There are a few Youtube videos on it. I will look it up and give the name but it is literally just replacing the alternator fuse with it. Ron W.
  2. I am running a 2013 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-road. By the way, after serving 10 years in the Navy I lived in Phoenix for a few years but I did grow up in Nogales.
  3. My name is Ron and I live in Herriman Utah. I grew up in Nogales, Az and have been off-roading for a long time but I am no expert. I like trail running and exploring areas, especially areas with a history. My rock crawling days were back in my 20's when I could afford to fix the damage. I am a caregiver to my disabled wife but I try to get out when I can. Ron W.
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