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  1. I'm thinking about selling my buggy project, but I have no idea of what kind of a price to put on it. I've searched Craigslist and some of the other forums but with some of my uniqueness to it I have no idea of where to start. As many who have gone to the Hunter Offroad's annual Christmas BBQ have seen it sitting in the corner collecting dust. This is not an official for sale ad, I will make an official sale ad in the for sale area. Some of the specs: 95 inch wheel base Dana 25 front Dana 44 rear (10 spline) 5.38 gears Willys 60hp L-head 4 cylinder, rebuilt by Hoppers in Tempe T-90 transmission Spicer 18 transfercase, both the tranny and t-case rebuilt by the old Jeep legend, the late Joe W. from 4Wheelers Supply. Super Swamper 32x9.50R15 TSL's Beard suspension seats 19 gallon fuel cell Rancho 2.5" YJ Rear springs, front and rear Rancho RS9000 shocks all the tube work and welding has been by John at Hunters. Here's a link to the old build thread I had on the VJC: Project *** Like I said being as odd as it is, I have no idea of where to start my asking price at. I appreciate any responses.
  2. They are drums. I'll double check the clearances again, the pedal is about the same as before I changed them, so it could be a combination between the clearances and needing to be bled again.
  3. I think so too, as long as her two older sisters don't kill it first.
  4. That is going to be my first try. I'm lazy and try the simple stuff first, but it will have to wait for my next days off.
  5. Started making a list of things I need to get the Jeep road worthy again. It still won't be pretty, but can a YJ ever really be pretty? The back seat was the parts holder. I started with the easy stuff, pulled the hardtop off and put on the bikini top for summer. My supervisor was loads of help, well as much help as a 3 year old can be. She won't let me work on it with out her. Next came new headlights, one of the old ones burned out, so I upgraded them to the H4 bulbs. New H4 on the left and old sealed bulb on the right. Since I like having the extra lighting of the fog lights, and we don't have street lights out here. I had to replace the old switch. Next came upgrading the alternator. I remember the last time I had it, with the headlights, the radio and a turn signal on the voltmeter would dance to the turn signal. More annoying to me than anything, plus it was also the original one so I thought it would be a good time to upgrade it to a 105 amp alternator. Then I started to tackle the fuel pump. The first time I had it, I ditched the old Carter carburetor for the Mopar MPI kit. The kit has you put the fuel pump on top of the fuel tank skid plate. After installing it there, I could not drive from Tucson to Phoenix without it vapor locking on me, and eventually I could not drive the half hour down to the grocery store and back without it dying. I tried the Hesco high volume pump, changing fuel filters, blowing out the fuel lines, checking for debris in the tank that was getting sucked up to the screen. My friend installed a second high volume pump as well as the adjustable regulator and it seemed to work for him. But he was not driving it more than 20 miles at a time. After buying it back I worried about getting it home, since it was a little over a two hour drive, and it happen again 10 miles from home. So I thought hopefully replacing the fuel pump with one from a '95 Wrangler and dropping it in the tank with more cooling properties than outside the tank will alleviate that problem. Only time will tell. While the tank was down, I thought it would be a good time to upgrade the shackles and replace the leaf spring bushings. the frame side bushings were the originals and the leaf side were put on 17 years ago with the lift. Black original and red were the Rancho replacements. Might as well as upgrade to the Currie Boomerang shackles. Angle of the shackle is off, because the axle is still at full droop. After the rear shackles and the tank was back in place, it was time for rear brakes. Again original rear brakes, 27 years old and 111,000 miles. I still have a lot of travel in the brake pedal so I'll have to investigate that further. Coming up next on the list and haven't been done yet, replacing the front shackles and bushings, a new front shackle mount and a transmission rebuild. The reason for a new shackle mount.
  6. Replaced the original rear brakes, now have to figure out the soft (excessively long travel) brake pedal.
  7. Replaced the 27 year old alternator, fixed my turn signal problem (would blow the fuse every time you shifted into reverse), replaced frame mounted fuel pump with a newer model in the tank pump.
  8. Moved it to the carport, and waiting on parts to arrive.
  9. I like the Chief, the Africa and the Staff Car. If I want a 4 door Jeep pickup, AEV did a heck of a lot better job with the double cab Brute than the triple R. But with pretty much all of Jeeps concepts, that is all they are and will never see a consumer's driveway.
  10. I started mine, to make sure it would still start. Does that count?
  11. Sorry for bringing back the dead. First of all thanks for all of the input, but fortunately or unfortunately (depending on how you look at it), my love of manual transmissions outweighed my loyalty to Jeep. There are some great WJ builds on here. After all the comments I was really looking for a WK with a V8, and pricing a budget boost, AEV rims and some 285's. Then my wife found me a manual tranny 4WD that fit most of my criteria. I went a head and picked up a 2006 Nissan Xterra. Within a couple of weeks of buying it, I installed a Daystar budget boost, trailer brake controller and a 7 pin RV style plug and wrapped the stock rims with 285/75R16 BFG All Terrains. On it's maiden camping trip, after the first round of mods. The dent in the bumper was there when I bought it. The bumper will be eventually replaced with an aftermarket or custom one, so I was not too worried about it, even though I was "concerned" about it when I bought it. After my last mod, my old Rigid 10" off my TJ.
  12. I would say go with an 8 inch wide rim, since the size is close to a 33x11.0. I'm not running 17's, but I'm currently running 285/75R16's on my stock 16x8 rims on my Nissan Xterra with no issues.
  13. Call me skeptical, but I'll believe it when they are sitting at the dealership.
  14. Well since I have been on here for almost 4 years now, maybe I should start a build thread. I will get it updated when something changes, but for right now it will be slower than molasses in January. More for the fact that I’m still unsure on where to take the build. I’m still debating on a lot of things that I don’t want to spend the money to fix if I don’t like it or I decide to change directions with the build. Current specs are: 1988 YJ Laredo converted to 4.0L Torqueflite 999 3 speed auto NP231 T-case, still has the slip yoke Dana 30/35 non C-clip axles with 3.55 gears Rancho 2.5 spring under with RS9000 5 speed shocks (16-17 years old) Cooper STT 31x10.50s on the stock 15” rims 100 watt KC Daylights on windshield frame Dick Cepek fog lights on rear bumper to act as reverse lights So a little history on this Jeep, I bought it in 1995, on of the first things to be put on were a new set of tires, upgraded the 225/75R15 Goodyear Wrangler Radials to a set of BFG AT’s one size bigger. Then I got tired of having to take it down multiple times to get it to pass emissions. I changed carbs. and still had to lean it way down just to pass but it wouldn’t run good so I would tweak the carb again after passing to make it run. I ordered the Mopar MPI kit for it, there was a night and day difference between the fuel injection and the carb. Then I ran into a different problem, driving around town it was fine, but either traveling from Tucson up to Phoenix to visit friends or from Tucson to Safford to visit my parents, you would here the fuel pump get louder and louder until it would vapor lock. I don’t think the fuel pump is being cooled enough since it is mounted on the gas tank skid plate instead of being in the tank. Next came a Rancho 2.5” lift with a set of the RS9000 5speed shocks with an in cab controller and a set of 31’s. The engine started to give out, so I decided that since I was running the MPI kit, it would be a good idea and swap put the 4.2L head and block of a 4.0L, it was actually a simple plug and play swap, well as simple as an engine replacement is. It stayed in this version of the build until I sold it to my best friend back in 2004. I know, “Quit talking we want pictures.” back from about 2003 give or take, after moving out to Oracle. About a couple of weeks after I sold it to my best friend and picked up my 2005 TJ Then in April of this year, my best friend was thinking about selling the Jeep to thin out his personal fleet, so a price was set and I bought it back, I guess that makes me the 2nd and 4th owner of it. From the time he bought it until now the only upgrade that he had done, was swap out the AC system from the old R-12 to the newer R134 freon, at least it will be cheaper to recharge the system if it leaks out. I was a little worried to drive it from Safford back to Oracle since he hadn’t really drove it around for the past year and no more than 20 miles or so for any given time he had driving it in the past 5 years. Made it 10 miles from home when my old vapor lock friend returned. Funny thing after a friend came to give me a tow back to the house, it fired right back up. I will have to drop the tank and make sure there is no debris in it and at the same time replace the fuel pump with an in the tank pump and new fuel filter, hopefully that will fix the problem. The Arizona sun has finally started to catch up to the paint and the fender flares. I know you use to be able to order replacements of this version, but I can’t find them anywhere now. Not sure what was placed on here but it destroyed the paint. Needs a new window, kid next door to my friend's threw a rock at the Jeep, I don’t know if it was accidental or not. It will take some work but it is a solid place to start, when I know where it has been through in the last 19 of it 26 years. Since bringing it home, I have ditched the sway bar, front and rear track bars. Removed the factory bumperettes and a receiver that I put on (hung down too low) and installed a bumper with a built in receiver that I had sitting in my shed. I do know that I'll be repainting the hard top and keep it black. The body will be treated to Ford's dark blue pearl, I think that will look good with the chrome grille and KC's (I know, chrome won't get you home) but I'll run the chrome for the haters. If I can find a set of the full flares, I'll order a new set of decals for it. I asked three of my daughters on what size tires to put on, the 14 year old and the 9 year old said to put the size that was on my old white Jeep (35's) and when I asked my 2.5 year old, if the Jeep needed bigger tires, her response was, "I help." which meant yes in my book.
  15. Great photos. One of these days I'll make it out there. For right now, I'd be happy to have my Jeep able to make it through Rug Road and back home without breaking down.
  16. Thanks for all of the great input, I will let you know when I finally bite the bullet and bring one home.
  17. I should have explained it better. We are talking about the same trail rating scale. I know of the 5 rated trails and know they were way out of mine and my Jeeps capabilities, trails such as Last Crusade and Portal to Hell, ya they are not going to happen. I had driven my TJ on several of the 4.0 rated trails, while they were out of my comfort zone, I knew and trusted my spotters. I prefer the moderate trails, while they can be challenging at times, they can be relaxing at the same time. I have been without a Jeep for close to two years now and I've been itching to get back out there.
  18. I think I'll be sticking around the 3 rated trails, for the time being. My last TJ was sitting on 35's so I am familiar with the 4 and 5 rated trails. The flexibility of the WJ with the solid front axle, more flexible suspension and the ability to build from mild to Kris' WJ, which I really like but that could be down the road a ways.
  19. I'm planning on downsizing from my 3/4 ton Dodge down to a Jeep. I require a few essentials, seating for 5 and at least 5000 lbs towing capacity, and not having a car payment. All of my Jeep experience come from the "universal" Jeeps, CJ's YJ's and TJ's. I've looked at all the Grand Cherokee builds on here, and they are all WJ's as well as most of the builds on Expo. with the exception of a hand full of WK builds. I've found several WJ's with the 4.0L and several WK's ranging from the 3.6L to the 4.7L. I'm looking at building one more on the mild side. What are the pros and cons of each and what to look for and look out for? Thanks in advance for your input. Austin
  20. I wouldn't call Hayden or Winkelman scenic.
  21. Colonel Hogan himself, Bob Crane.
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