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  1. I took mine apart and stuffed it with insulation - I had some ceramic “wool” leftover from another project https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01E0TGQT0 The interior consistently gets to 300F and the exterior stays cool. And definitely check the owner’s manual for your year model - on mine the 12v socket on the dash can’t handle the current draw, but the one inside the center console can.
  2. I've had the XPEL film on several cars on the front spoiler & running boards and on the jeep grill/hood as a "bra" - it soaks up all the damage from gravel and debris. It comes off cleanly with a heat gun (and scratches and dents can usually be repaired with a few seconds of high heat). If you get a pre-cut kit it's not too hard to apply yourself, but does need a heat gun.
  3. Paint protection film is good for stuff like that if you want to keep the factory paint color
  4. Yeah there’s https://www.hipcamp.com and airbnb does campsites now
  5. I have the Rugged Ridge. It’s not great - my phone pops out of it randomly. I had to add a silicone strap to keep it secure.
  6. According to this they’re part of an aftermarket top https://www.jeepforum.com/forum/f12/yj-mucket-seal-850410/
  7. "nearly 1/16" further inset on the right side" That's why belt sanders and veneer exist
  8. https://photos.app.goo.gl/H692RsJEJ7XQ8kxn2
  9. Most ransomware requires some action from you like opening an email attachment or downloading something from a shady website. The recent incident with wannacry spreads using a defect in Windows that was discovered by the NSA and stolen and repurposed by clever criminals. You can improve your security by enabling Windows firewall, enabling automatic updates and using one (or more) antivirus apps. I say "or more" because they don't all detect everything. Make sure you make regular backups and know how to restore them (backblaze is good)
  10. pano: https://content-na.drive.amazonaws.com/cdproxy/templink/6bfD5eg5kSz-v5khp_V4SSC5KapAsxMb_gcOkXWglTIE0Xnc3?viewBox=2560
  11. A little noise reduction on the shadow to eliminate the bright spots
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