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  1. Had a great time today on the Bulldog Canyon Trail with a great group of old and new friends!! We had 7 rigs total, and in attendance were G & Me. Lichen, gearhead, MzPriss & Cher's Dad (in Cher!), Klaykrusher, SonoranWanderer, and K2Man56. It's been a good 10 years since I've been out there, but Bulldog Canyon Trail is in better shape than I remember it. There used to be this one super puckery spot that was washed out, but it's got a nice trail repair now that's holding very well. The weather was perfect, and we found a nice shady place down in a wash for lunch. All in all a very fine day. Thanks everybody who came out to enjoy the great outdoors today!
  2. Everyone is off the trail, aired up and on the road. Had a great day thanks to a great group. Picture thread coming soon!
  3. Creampuff came home from Hunter Offroad last week. George is currently painting the rack and cage, and then he can start putting everything back together again.
  4. @shellback91 Oh too bad! I was looking forward to meeting you in person. Thanks for letting us know, feel better.
  5. @KC4X4 thank you for the heads up, I added Rubicon 18 to the attending list.
  6. Please accept my apology. I didn't see that you were on the stand-by list, or I would have moved you up to the 'attending' list by now. We were asked to take over the leadership of this trip, and when I didn't see anymore people on stand-by, I did start to decrease the rig limit every time somebody cancelled, because I feel that 15 is too large a group on that trail. I never would have left you out if I had seen your name, so again, I do apologize. May I add you to the attending list?
  7. Hey, welcome back you guys! That's a 'really nice' set up you've got. So glad you made your way down here, and really looking forward to see you out on the trail!!
  8. I did a product review for those for JPFreek Magazine. They actually work really well to avoid AZ pin striping, so I do recommend for anybody who wants to keep the paint shiny!
  9. Those poor people had no business out there. Thank goodness for the rescue guy!
  10. NASA's good at it; here's a shot of Mercury passing between Earth and the Sun yesterday:
  11. I used to go to the dealership when they were Ed Moses Dodge. We bought Marge there, and I used to take my first XJ in for service since I worked right around the block. They were a much nicer dealership than Airpark on so many levels!
  12. No pics either but it went over us one time when we were out on the El Camino del Diablo. We had some guys from the 4x4Ham with us and they were trying to contact it via HAM, but I can't quite remember whether they did or not. Tim's right; it went by really fast!
  13. I just wanted to say Happy Veterans Day, and thank you for your service, to all our veterans!!
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