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  1. Best way to start the new year/decade! Out on a scenic trail with friends in the Arizona sunshine! Soaking it up!
  2. Yesterday Adam @Rubicon 18 asked me if I ever posted my pics from this run, and I realized I hadn't! Here's a link to all mine, and posting some below. Diane's Pics It had been a really long time since we had been out there, so it was great to go back. The scenery is awesome.
  3. Beautiful day in the desert exploring and checking out old mining stuff. Good times!
  4. We had a great day out on the trail yesterday. Thanks for leading a fun trip @theksmith! Here are some pictures I took. If you'd like to see all of them, here's a link to the album: Diane's Pics It was great to see everyone! Thanks for coming out to enjoy the day!
  5. Happy Birthday Karen!! Wishing you love and laughter and lots of wheeling!!
  6. @shellback91 Yeah! Thank you!
  7. Hahahaha @theksmith very funny! I'm not that old yet! Thanks you guys!
  8. Happy Birthday Wayne! Wishing you the best year ever!
  9. Thanks for putting together such a nice trip report Sarah! Great pictures. Here are a couple that I took, the entire album is here: Diane's Pics It was a fun Sunday. Thanks everybody for coming out to enjoy the day!!
  10. My pictures are basically duplicates of Sarah's except for this one - my favorite! I'm so glad none of you vultures stole this!
  11. Thank you for starting a picture thread @Bradywgn71 Sarah! I appreciate your trip report, can't put it any better than that. The ORP Holiday Party v10 was a success! Huge shout out to everyone who brought food, gifts, cookies, tables, easy-ups, trash management, and for pitching in on set up, the cookie contest, and the gift exchange. What a great group yesterday. It was awesome to see a lot of old friends and to meet new friends! I haven't had a chance to upload my pictures yet, but @scottL sent these pictures he took of the group yesterday. I love them. I'll be able to use them as cover photos for future events.
  12. Thanks @KC4X4 & @Bradywgn71 for stepping up with the plates and cutlery - YOU ROCK! Thanks @telkrin for bringing extra goodies for the burgers - and your own selves!! @klaykrusher sorry you're having troubles; that happened to our JK a couple times!!!
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