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  1. She looks amazing! I saw your post on fb and considered doing one of Clifford, but he looks basically the same, so...
  2. We're working on putting together a weekend of trails up here for the ORP gang. But for sure, if you're going to be out here let us know!!
  3. Yesterday was a spectacular day of exploring coves along the eastern bank of Lake Mohave. @Number7 and I went out Cottonwood Road from Hwy. 93, and found a maze of trails that go down to the lake, all easy trails. We found tons of places to camp with access to water. We met a National Park Services employee who was out there, and she informed us that the lake is down for the winter, so the beaches that are visible now won't be this summer. We were right across from Nelson, NV Ghost Town and Cottonwood Cove Resort and Marina on the western bank. We saw a mom and her baby burro on the way back. Here's a link to the album: PICS 1st glimpse of water Along the lake My favorite pic of the day My favorite cove of the day But there's more Cottonwood Cove Marina We found another road that took us back to Cottonwood Road, making a giant loop Mom and baby
  4. DANG! I'm glad you're alright and your Jeep is mostly alright too! Unbelievable that car was going the wrong way. I would caption this pic 'I'd rather be a Jeep than a Mazda'.
  5. For Black Friday @Number7 and I ran the Chloride Mines trail near Chloride, AZ. This is the trail where the Painted rocks are located. We ran it west to east, the opposite of directions shown in Wells trail guide. It is a very scenic trail, with eastern and western views from the Cerbat Mountains. We could see all the way to Valle Vista from one vantage point. There are 2 campgrounds along the way, but neither of those will accommodate a very large group. They were kind of funky, you had to carry your stuff a long way to the table and fire ring. The trail itself is easy with a couple mildly moderate spots. It took us 2.5 hours including a quick (it was freezing!) lunch stop. Overlooking Chloride
  6. Happy Thanksgiving from us to you! Hope you're staying toasty today, we are. First fire in the new stove.
  7. Yesterday we went cove (s)hopping at Lake Mead again, and what looked promising on Google earth was just a disappointment . This one was weedy, mucky, buggy, and there were cows. It was a nice Jeep ride, but no place we're going back to any time soon.
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