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  1. Love the photos @4x4tographer! What a nice group of new faces and familiar friends.
  2. This is priceless. One time we were trying to outrun a fire in Clifford, and when we got to Ranger road block, he radioed ahead to see if we had the all clear to proceed. He said: "there's a red (very long pause) Jeep coming your way". It took him a long pause to figure out it's a Jeep, I guess.
  3. I know right? My usual MO is to get halfway to where I'm going and have to go buy them.
  4. Mas progresso. G welded the bracketry and began painting the housing. He also refurbished the leaf springs by lubricating the bushings and replacing some of the nylon sliders between the leafs that were broken. We called Quick Performance this morning to check the status of the new rotors, and they should be here Wednesday. So we should be able to complete the heat cycles by this weekend no problem.
  5. @Ladybug wow, thanks for writing your story - what an exciting one!! I'm so grateful you were able to get through to Woody. Solid work everyone who participated! Dang, that's some crazy weather ya'll are having!!
  6. Thanks for the detailed account of the night's activities @SonoranWanderer! Whew, glad you were there to the rescue! That timelapse reminds me of a recurring dream that I have where I can fly. Great pictures too, @4x4tographer, what an excellent adventure!
  7. Oh man, what a story. It's cool this guy had the wherewithal to keep the camera rolling. Thanks for sharing Jim!
  8. No, we totally lucked out. The driveshaft fits perfectly.
  9. Yes, they had drum brakes, but the bolt pattern on the Currie axles was 5x4.5, and we had to use wheel spacers/adapters to get to the 5x5.5. At the time we also needed the wheel spacers to achieve the same width as the front axle, which is no longer needed. And to be more clear, the new ones are on the way, crossing fingers they're here next week ish?
  10. Ran into our first hiccup. G didn't order rotors thinking he'd use our existing not stopping to think old ones aren't drilled for 5x5.5 bolt pattern. He called Quick Performance AND GOT SOMEBODY ON THE PHONE! (Sorry for screaming but sometimes it seems like it's just so rare). So, $175.00 later, it's Thursday and the wheels are turning. And there's plenty to do in the meantime. pins&needles!
  11. I thought this was going to be a lot harder. Mockup continues...
  12. While we were waiting for Clifford's new axle George *almost* finished painting the exterior. All that's left to do is cutting in the green, but that will need to wait until after the Gala at least.
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