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  1. I found a picture on Facebook from the memorial yesterday at the Black Bridge (staging area), and spied Smurftruck in it. Can you?
  2. G is working at the new house this week. He woke up there this morning and sent this picture of the set up. Our builder left his camp trailer there, so G has a place to sleep.
  3. Wow! That was really on there! It seems weird to see B under a Jeep, but looking good boys!
  4. CONGRATULATIONS KIDS!! Solid work getting all that done. Way cool RV, can't wait to see it.
  5. Happy Birthday John, aka Gunny! ...and any more!
  6. Nice finds, @4x4tographer! I've also been interested in the bevvy of trails and areas to explore in Nevada. We drove through Nevada on the way to Northern CA several times, and Shellback is right - there is some serious desolation in that state! We're excited to have closer access to Nevada and California trails after we move, and hope to lead some adventures up there.
  7. Awesome photos and video @SonoranWanderer!
  8. I didn't mean it as a critique of your video, obstacles never look as gnarly on film as in person, at least in my experience.
  9. Nice job driving @theksmith and great capture @SonoranWanderer! That obstacle is trickier than it looks on video.
  10. Great story, thanks for telling it! I'd seen pictures of the Air Rescue on face-broke and wondered what happened. Looks like it was an adventure none the less.
  11. Good job you guys! That dye spray you used on the roll bar padding kit came out great! I never knew about that product.
  12. A meme special for @Yodamom
  13. New pictures from the project. Things are happening!
  14. Wow! That's an awesome Jeep! Love the color and the name! Congratulations B!!!
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