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  1. Thank you everybody for the awesome birthday wishes!
  2. Hello and welcome! You are in a mecca of amazing trails from maintained forest roads to hard core rock-crawling trails. I don't know what your truck is rated for, but I'm sure you have a wide selection regardless.
  3. Thanks you guys, I really appreciate this! The new year is off to a brilliant beginning so far, especially with amazing friends like y'all!
  4. Only XJ Owners will fully understand...
  5. I was just thinking about that this morning; thanks for the update @spencerhahn. Dang, the was out for a long time! I would've been freaking out if I were the . Glad they were reunited for sure.
  6. It is sad when a few ruin it for the majority. I can never understand why people don't clean up after themselves when camping.
  7. Nice find, K! We are SO in! I've wanted to visit Littlefield. While shopping for a new house in Mohave County, very affordable properties in Littlefield continually popped up, and often included amazing photos of their views. If it weren't so remote I'd have been tempted to move there. I also found an old 4x4 magazine article that G saved describing an adventure near Logandale, NV (also in the AZ Strip, near the Nevada side of Lake Mead) that we want to examine more closely. I think there are enough attractions in that area, that we could explore for days.
  8. Great pictures @Bradywgn71 & @shellback91, thank you for posting! We had a blast yesterday as well, thanks to all who came out to enjoy the day!
  9. I edited the first post with Holiday Party Merchandise Specials: Men's Light Weight ORP Tshirts - 2 side print: Gray $13 White $10
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