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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to my ORP fam!! I hope you all have plenty to be thankful for! *G at the 2010 ORP Thanksgiving, back when we allowed him to handle poultry
  2. LOL, @scottL was that you?
  3. Excellent pictures and write ups you guys! I'm happy to see Papago Well & Tule Well mostly still intact. Papago looks better off than last time I saw it. Tinajas Altas is def 1 of my fave places to camp, so I'm glad you guys got to go there. Thank you for planning and leading @SonoranWanderer & @Curly, and way to work together with the other local group down there that weekend.
  4. @Ladybug it is a great cause, I had no idea. I love stuff like this. Yeah, I bet you can find a rock or two, lol.
  5. What a great anti Black Friday activity!!! Thanks for posting this @Ladybug
  6. The last time we ran it as a group a Permit was required from the Dept. of Interior. I still have all my copies around here somewhere, so if you need info about it let me know.
  7. 1st pic is the moon rise yesterday. We walked around San Felipe today. It's windy and cool now. There are lots of fishing boats out everywhere! Racers are beginning to come into town for next week's SCORE Baja race. The pastry is pictured on a dinner plate. It was cinnamon flavored with vanilla custard. G thought that the grocery store was called climax.
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