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  1. Happy Birthday to you! You live in the zoo. You act like a monkey, You smell like one too!
  2. Virgil answered via email. He said: 4x4 Ham - Status Update 2019The club callsign, W7AZO, expired in September 2019 and was not renewed. At that time, new user registration was turned off. Existing members can still log in and post on the forums. At the end of 2019, previously registered users will still be able to log in and view archival content, but all new posts will be disabled.
  3. Willow Springs Canyon is part of the Bulldog Canyon OHV system. We ran this trail over 20 years ago, so we're not sure how to rate this day trip. If memory serves, many of the obstacles are by=passable. We figure we'll go in as far as we can, and if we get to some insurmountable obstacle, we'll stop there, have a picnic, and come back home. Club Members Only: Sign up & more info
  4. @shellback91 I can't find anything about the Apache Trail closure now, so hopefully I'm wrong. I'd give them a call if I were you just to be double sure.
  5. You don't 'need' to air-down for these trails, but it would be a much smoother ride if you do. There's lots of washboard all the way along, and enough substantial ruts to warrant it, IMHO. I believe that the Apache Trail, between Hwy 188 & Apache Junction is closed due to a washout. You should check with Tonto to be sure. If you don't go that way, you can take 188 to Hwy 87 and back down through Fountain Hills (LONG WAY). Weather can play a factor if it's been raining a lot. Be careful not to slide off the road up there!
  6. A member here gave us 2 tickets to the AZ International Auto Show any day this weekend at the Civic Plaza. Includes admission to Camp Jeep! First to claim them gets them.... https://autoshowphoenix.com/
  7. Lots of other discounts available at Northridge.com
  8. Hey everyone, I just talked to Mike (trail leader), he says he hates to do it, but he's CANCELLING this trip due to flooding in the creek. Gonna have to catch you all on the next one....
  9. Oops, just realized this is in-store only in Denver.
  10. www.artecindustries.com/BlackFriday 15% off all Artec Products Free Sticker sheet and Artec ornament for orders over $50 Orders over $100 get a face shield Orders over $250 get a Micro-Willys Free shipping on order over $350 Free JL, JT, JK or 4Runner shirt with matching vehicle specific category purchase over $500. MANUALLY ADD SHIRT TO CART. Free Micro JL or JT with matching vehicle specific category purchase over $1000 Free Gladiator Puzzle with any purchase over $1500 Free 4Runner LCA skids with Bumper or Slider purchase Free Bumper Skid with JK or JL Front Bumper
  11. @Elkpakr where's the WOW button? Cool man!
  12. We are getting a lot of Black Friday Sale announcements from 4x4 stores. I thought I'd share with you all because there are some nice deals! Here's what we have so far. Go ahead and post the sales you hear about too! Metal Cloak: Friday to Black Friday Sale! This is our Biggest Sale Ever... 10% Off and [no-limit] Free Shipping Storewide... that's every product on our website for JT, JL, JK, TJ, LJ, YJ, CJ and even Ram Truck! That like saving up to 25% on some items... WOW! Friday to Black Friday Only... Just use the online code: wearethankful BTW, remember, the earlier you order, the earlier it ships! Don't wait until last minute, cuz you might just miss out! See you on the rocks my friends, Matson "Matsonian" Breakey Metalcloak.com P.S. Here's the small print... Free Shipping is to the Contiguous 48 US States Only and 10% Off is for Retail Sales Only. P.P.S. If you live in Hawaii, Alaska or Canada, we will split the shipping cost with you. Just place your order with shipping and we will discount it prior to processing. P.P.P.S. Members of the Military use code USAhero to get an additional 5% off [codes do not stack, just use online code USAhero for the full 15%] - we may request proof of service when processing orders. Iron Rock Offroad (IRO): Dear Valued Customer,How about a pre-thanksgiving sale to kick off the Black Friday festivities? OK, we'll bite! Check out the new Gladiator lift below and use the coupon for 12% off selected items right now. 12% Off Pre-Thanksgiving Blitz! Use Coupon Code: BLITZ19 On Any Product Listed Below To Receive The Discount (listed products are Gladiator 2" lift, Superwinches, Alignment Tool. coupon valid through Nov. 27th 2019, online orders only
  13. @klaykrusher thanks for letting us know. @capsul I moved you from the stand by list to attending list.
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