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  1. @johnpa bittersweet moment, but congrats!
  2. March Madness 2020 was like no other March Madness so far. The Covid-19 shut-downs and grocery shortages effected us quite a bit, as did the rain! George and I drove to Kingman on Tuesday, but it rained all that night, so we bailed on Wednesday, Day 1, on Home Court, and did our visiting and things instead. But then the rain just kept on coming down, on into Wednesday night. So we bailed on Thursday, Day 2, on Safelite. Finally, we began to see some clearing in the forecast, so we made it to Friday, Day 3, on the Wedges trail. Waiting in line at the 1st obstacle, see how wet the trail was. It was hard to stay on your line over the obstacles. Not even to the 1st obstacle when it started to rain. And then it rained off and on all day. I hardly got any pictures because I was trying to stay dry in the Jeep. Saturday, Day 4, Serendipity trail. At the air-down, we kind of divided into 2 groups; a faster group, who all wanted to get to the end of the trail, and a group who didn't care how far they got. We went with the first group, and George was the first Jeep over the gatekeeper obstacle. Creampuff did really well. We stayed at the first obstacle watching the other rigs come up it until suddenly George noticed that our group had already gone. So we took off up the wash to try to catch them. We probably got about halfway to them when all of a sudden BAM! - HISSSSSSSSSS! George didn't notice a sharp outcropping of rock, and drove the driver front tire right into it! We sustained about a 4" slash in the sidewall. So we changed the tire and headed home, because you can't wheel without a spare. And so Serendipity trail will remain G's nemesis; he still has not made it to the top. All my (few) pics here: Diane's Pics It was a great trip regardless of the weather. We enjoyed getting out of here and we got to visit with my mom. It was really fun to see all our friends and laugh about not shaking hands and such. I was especially pleased that I was not driving when we blew out the tire, so now I don't have to hear about how I screwed up for the next year or two.
  3. @ChrisD @capsul We are in Kingman, but we're skipping the trail today ride b/c of the rain. We're going to catch up to you all tomorrow morning. Be safe have fun!
  4. @capsul we meet at 9:00 AM everyday at the Kingman Powerhouse Visitor Center MAP
  5. @Lichen thanks for the heads up! I'd missed spaces 208 & 209, of course you called me out on that. I'm glad you are my friend.
  6. LOL! Offroad Passport's Annual Dirt Formal Gala is in the lead!
  7. Good reminder - snakes are already out folks!
  8. Don't tell me you're jumping on the gladiator wagon!?!
  9. LOL @theksmith I added 'Offroad Passport's Annual Dirt Formal Gala' to the poll.
  10. I added to the first post: NEW INFO: Day Use Fee: There is a $7.00 Day Use Fee to enter Dead Horse Ranch State Park, if you are not camping. Folks who would like to come up for the day, but not camp, will be charged $7 at the main entrance. Folks who are camping will not pay the Day Use Fee. NEW INFO: Day Use Suggested Offroad Passport Dontation: $15.00 - This is our annual fundraiser, after all!
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