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  1. We finally got our bedroom set up over the weekend. Last night was our first time sleeping in the house. Those are genuine redneck cardboard window treatments. so where have we been sleeping you ask? We've been out in the garage suite AKA g's man-cave and future guest room. It's unfinished but we were grateful to have it.
  2. Slow going but we got some stuff done this week. Both bathrooms got mirrors installed. We got our bedroom almost set up And we rearranged stuff so Smurftruck can fit in the garage now! G's pretty stoked about that. Looking down at this valley is my favorite view from the property
  3. A few of us were talking about possible locations for the holiday party in Jan. 2022, and I mentioned Burro Creek as being pretty central to all of us, so thought I'd start a conversation. There are a couple day-use picnic facilities, single campsites and a group-site. I am going to investigate to see if there is anyway to reserve anything in there because it's usually got a lot of visitors in January. Burro Creek Recreation Site: https://www.blm.gov/visit/burro-creek-recreation-site Features a desert garden containing a large variety of native cacti. A large area of scenic wildlands are located upstream, providing day hiking and backpacking opportunities. Burro Creek Campground: https://www.blm.gov/visit/burro-creek-campground Access to the Burro Creek Campground is provided via a 1.25 mile paved road from U.S. Highway 93 at mile post 140.2. The campground offers visitors 23 individual campsites, 1 group site, and 2 day-use sites featuring shaded picnic tables, fire rings with grates, and grills at the group site and day-use area. Flush toilet facilities are provided at 2 different locations in the campground as well as 1 dump station. Although water hookups are not available at campsites, drinking water is provided a various locations throughout the campground. In planning your trip, please note that sites 1, 2, and 10 through 17 are best for larger RVs (Class A) and trailers (fifth wheels) due to maneuverability throughout the site. Other sites can be utilized for larger RVs and trailers, but it is recommended for visitor convenience that the aforementioned sites are used first.
  4. THAT'S INSANE! The drive up must have been nerve-wracking for @Yodamom, I would've been freaking out. Hope the dealership treats you nice and Oki is on the mend soon!
  5. Home safe and sound. What a blast! It was awesome to see everybody who came out for the 12th Annual ORP Gala; old friends and new friends alike. Kudos to all you early birds who went up Wednesday and Thursday to secure the site. Special thanks to everyone who joined in the Trail Ride, the Salsa & Dip Contest, and the Navigator Challenge! Without your paricipation there would be no event. Your Way to go whomever dreamed up the addition of a dip contest - that ended up being our dinner last night. Massive shout out and thanks to both Ryan and Michelle - team @4x4tographer for leading the trail ride and heading up the 50/50 Raffle and Merch Sales. We appreciate you guys SO MUCH! And finally, thank YOU ALL so much for all your generous contributions to our annual fundraiser!
  6. Howdy and !! See you out on the trail!!
  7. Solid work, I'm sure it's MUCH NICER TO DRIVE now! Sorry about your back though - OUCH! Great to hear from you...
  8. We got a bunch of stuff done over the weekend. George painted the wall behind the mirror in the master bath. And he assembled all the shelving in the master closet. It came out awesome Today I was able to empty both Jeeps because I had a place to put it all. Slowly but surely
  9. Way cool story and pictures Jim!!
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