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  1. Happy Birthday in heaven to one of the best people I ever knew. It's been 7 years! Still miss you like ever John.
  2. We just got back from a great adventure in Baja. We were gone for 11 days, put 1890 miles on the Smurftruck, and went to San Felipe, Bahia de los Angeles, Mulege, Loretto and back. We stayed a couple days in each place and really got to check things out. The whole thing was just an absolute blast, so glad we did it, and so glad that team @Franky joined in. Here is a link to the whole album: Baja 2023
  3. Nice wheels and tires! We love our new KO2's, I think you'll be impressed. Amazing how much room there is in a 4 door sans back seat. Are you guys going to sleep in the back or stick with the tent and cots?
  4. dzJeepChic

    Meet Jack

    Jack looks great @MzPriss, came out really nice. That's a good-looking Jeep!! Happy for you...
  5. Congratulations @Curly & Devon!! Bumble is a great name, and pretty Jeep!!!
  6. Hope you have a chill day K-dude!!
  7. I love flamin' hot cheetos. What flavor are the freezin' cold ones?
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