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  1. Hey everybody, Happy 4th of July!! Have a great weekend and keep it shiny side up! I'd love to see your holiday pics right here!! Any parades?
  2. Hi there and Looking forward to your build thread.
  3. What a horrible place to fall sick. It's a lot of work getting out of there, being sick would just be awful.
  4. We can only hope that there really is a special place for special people...
  5. Your tires are loud. I hadn't noticed that this was a video when you posted them, I really appreciate it you guys! It's a nice place, and I'm super glad there are pull through's in the group loop. I think there will be plenty of room for OOFD! Thank you @Bradywgn71 & @kaspily !
  6. Tim & Devon thank you so much for driving out there and for the pics and report!! Great info about the group site!! We had been there over a decade ago too, so I'm happy to see that the place looks just as nice as I remembered it. Thanks again!!
  7. Your neighbors are probably wondering what kind of franken-jeep thing you've got going.
  8. Hey you guys, I hope you're not over thinking this! The games are designed all for fun, there's nothing really very challenging involved. Here's a brief description of what is required for each each event: Slow Drags - 4 Low Challenge - Drive as slowly as possible from point A to point B Put it There - Tire Placement Skills Test - Park with your tire as close to the marker as possible without knocking it over Red Solo Cap - Trailhead Prep Test - Relay race removing and replacing valve-stem caps Break it Down Now - Bug Out Challenge - Put a tent it in it's storage case Let's have fun! Remember to let us know your team name!
  9. Where's @Eugene @We Just Go @Riddler @Franky @GRUNT @MzPriss @SonoranWanderer @gearhead? Ya'll would be excellent competition! Bring it!
  10. Wow! Close encounters are so exciting! Glad that ended well.
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