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  1. 12 minutes ago, Bradywgn71 said:

    In this photo album (Link) is a video of the group campground. apologize for the lack of quality but we had to drive thru the area while the camp host waited on us!


    Your tires are loud.¬†ūü§£¬†I hadn't noticed that this was a video when you posted them, I really appreciate it you guys! It's a nice place, and I'm super glad there are pull through's in the group loop. I think there will be plenty of room for OOFD!¬†ūüŹĀ¬†Thank you @Bradywgn71¬†& @kaspily !

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  2. 9 hours ago, Curly said:

    Devon and I drove up to Dog-town lake today to check it out.  We've been there before but it has been decades since we last visited.  While we were there we enjoyed a picnic lunch, did some Geocaching and enjoyed a nice rain shower.  FYI- they rent Kayaks too! :) 

    Tim & Devon thank you so much for driving out there and for the pics and report!! Great info about the group site!! We had been there over a decade ago too, so I'm happy to see that the place looks just as nice as I remembered it. Thanks again!!

  3. Hey you guys, I hope you're not over thinking this! The games are designed all for fun, there's nothing really very challenging involved. Here's a brief description of what is required for each each event:


    • Slow Drags - 4 Low Challenge - Drive as slowly as possible from point A to point B
    • Put it There - Tire Placement Skills Test - Park with your tire as close¬†to the marker as possible without knocking it over¬†
    • Red Solo Cap - Trailhead Prep Test¬†-¬†Relay race removing and replacing valve-stem caps
    • Break it Down Now - Bug Out Challenge - Put a tent¬†it in it's storage case


    Let's have fun! Remember to let us know your team name!

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