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  1. On 1/19/2022 at 10:53 AM, theksmith said:

    Offroad Passport did a week adventuring around the Sand Hollow area back in 2019 (see link below). we hit mostly easy to moderate stuff, including that stunning Toquerville Falls trail. however, the actual Sand Hollow OHV area is better known for it's difficult to extreme level rock crawling. i'd like to go back now that Gadget has grown up and do more of that.

    X2 plus now it's so much closer for @Number7 and me, it's practically in our back yard. I really liked staying in Hurricane and going out to Sand Moutain every day, I'd do that again until I get a camper of some kind. We barely scratched the surface in the list of trails there and in the surrounding area. I've also seen overland routes from Las Vegas to St. George/Hurricane that look very interesting. The posibilities are endless.  

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  2. Yesterday @Number7 and I took a Jeep ride to Jeep Cove at Lake Mohave, on the Arizona side.  We saw 2 other vehicles, 5 other people, and 1 burro all day; it was a great day to be out.  There is a lot of beautiful scenery out there!  Jeep Cove is kind of a bust as far as camping, especially knowing the water will be up. But the trail is easy and super scenic.


    My pics



















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  3. I asked Mac if he would be my guest. He wrote back, and is happy to go with us. He brain-dumped a little more - kind of hard to understand, but I can get the  gist of what he's saying:


    Well that makes that the easiest Dusy plan ever we would like join. Its the greatest of the Trails in Cali. Fordyce/Rubicon and the Dusy. 2022 if it goes as planned will be the 8th run for us and the dog, we had two but one passed and he loved this place too. 

    Thats late sept so bring the winter gear, even with a permit that is more for the propane stoves use fires may not be allowed, they have had issues past few years. So on the 26th you plan to go up T hill on the first day. From courtright? or say from Voyager meaning people that want to be there early Voyager is like a few miles in from the south gate easy pezzy. First camp with a lake its all dispersed has bear volts etc free.. Our dog likes the lake so we would be there say in the after noon the 24th camped at Voyager, near the lake if i can get that spot if not upper area by the hill. From there its still 3 days no extra days. at 10 miles a day. You make the top of T hill first camp is T lake but its not much more then a pull out, lake is walking. Depending how long it takes to get up T hill you can disperse camp any good spot and there is more then just that few miles added makes that second part a bit faster early camp at Ershem lake. From the lake its a rougher day getting out not T hill hard but a few boulder fields. Its to late by then for me to head to Az so we camp up at the top there at 9800 at the north gate. Nice camping up there but i wont be raining if it does........My wife will need my artic bag she gets cold easy that bag is to hot unless its like -15 to 30.
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  4. I talked to Mac when we went wheeling with the Bullhead boys. he emailed me yesterday - looks like a basic brain-dump of info about running the Dusy. I'm going to invite him as my guest because I feel that his experiences would be a valuable asset to the group.



    Mac Ruiz. Though i am unsure of where we are going in june Rubicon looking for snow as well so that looks like it may well be. I will say last week of June unless its a dry 2022. Anyone interested can go with the right jeeps. I run it from Air port flat 1st dirt and make Went worth my day camp. leave the tow rig at tahoe side.
    Dusy normally opens Aug 1st - last day of Oct. Normally. It's been years since I have seen normal that did not close for a period of that time.    With deep snow packs it can start Sept. I would plan for that. If it does open say Aug 1st then i would worry about Fire. Last two years have had that happen and trail was closed during a fire. But a 1-2 week of Sept time frame would seem a good bet.
    If i was asked what is Min. on this trail today. Az 4.0-4.5; tire size 40-35,T Hill much of the trail is az 3 and with some 4 at points. Its slow going, loaded with all the needs for say 4-5 days. 35s locked and all the lift you can get. A winch that works and recovery gear. This is no place to break down as well, parts can save the day from a rescue, it really is a place to winch before break. Total miles from last fuel is about 100 miles. Trail is about 31 and the rest is very steep mountain roads. You can get through on a tank BUT people have not as well. Some vehicles may need a lot. I always pack 6 gallons and could do it on a tank but it would be very low. People that get stuck a lot will burn more fuel as well. Its 31 miles of rocks and not much is all that smooth.
    It can be done in 3 days but that would mean driving home at the end of a long trail day and starting like that as well. So I always camp a day at the end and normally the start too an added days but up the trail a wee bit Voyager camp ground or Upper is better for being into the trail more camp a full day there. No hotel rooms.  It is a amazing long trail.at 31 miles of rocks boulder fields. lakes along the way
    What i pack for parts all 4 axles< covers all JK Rubicons. U joint ,brake line, fluids.  Most common break on the dusy is a axle. steering parts stock can be an issue, i do not run stock stuff. Rocks are big and trail is steep on T hill. Rest is luck maybe,,,,,Few people run this trail in the end that have said they were interested, some went so far and said enough. One time i had a air bag go off and that ended my run, broke my arm total fubar. . Its not open very long. Some its to much to pack for being that long. far away for most. Its about 9 hours to where i leave the truck and drive the jeep near Shaver Lake. Those that tow will want to park where I do. There is room for many trucks and trailers. Its early yet we can run this anytime through aug1st- last week of sept<thought that will be a cold time at 9,000+ feet for days. last camp is near 9500. This is like the Ultimate Over-landing trail. aug its very cold up there and can snow. Day temps are cold so we have never ran it then. I know Bob Smith and Doug did and they said never again and back then the trail was easy compared to today. then it was 33s at least one locker two would roll it. 35s locked i never had to spot or look just rolled along. Today its exposed so many rocks from the added use has made it now much harder then Rubicon today even going what is the hard way left today. 
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  5. 9 hours ago, 4x4tographer said:

    Nice photo! The halos turned out nice.


    Got to listen to Brady's new exhaust setup at the Holiday Party. Sounded pretty mean upon start-up and at idle! He seems really happy with it.

    X2 got to hear him start it and warm up before leaving; it has a real nice sound to it. It's so cool to see him with a Jeep of his own now. :D❤️ 

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  6. I was afraid that this might not look right, but we went ahead and took a chance and painted the inside of the front door orange, too. It actually looks awesome. 



    My office got an upgrade 



    The sunset from the back patio the other night 


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  7. Everyone please post your pictures from the 12th Annual ORP Holiday Party in this thread!


    I took a whopping 18 pictures and zero of the gift exchange because I was having too much fun! :D 


    My pics here


    Some people's parking...




    Tegan took this one from her perch @Stacey and Scott @Ladybug




    I think the smoke was in his eyes @Number7






    A serious discussion about the number of gifts @Stacey and Scott




    Open the dang cookies already! 




    Getting set up to chow down! @ob1jeeper @Riddler @KtroubleA @K2man56 @shellback91 @4x4tographer @GetNout @Franky




    @4x4tographer Ryan cooking up the beans




    The meat. Sorry, I had to. ;) 




    Special cookies @Ladybug made. The one on the right special for @Yodamom the one on the left special for me! 🥰




    Now that's a shiny Jeep. I can see myself in @theksmith door!



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  8. Then it was @Number7 George's turn on the technical section 3D. He did great - just a tiny tap on the passenger mirror.














    From there we went to Moss Back Mine for lunch, and then we took a hilly bunch of trails back to where we started. Quite frankly I was more freaked out by the loose steep climbs where you can't see over the top, than by any of the obstacles down in the wash. 😮 


    P1150436 - Copy.JPG


    P1150440 - Copy.JPG


    P1150441 - Copy.JPG


    P1150444 - Copy.JPG


    P1150450 - Copy.JPG


    Laughlin casinos in the distance


    P1150453 - Copy.JPG






    Fun day in the sun, and we really enjoyed doing a completely new-to-us trail. :D 

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  9. Thursday last week George @Number7 and I attended a Bullhead 4 Wheelers trailride. There was a large turnout for a 3.5 out of 5 rated trail; turns out there were bi-passes to the really tough obstacles. When I read the trail description to him, G was all in: The trail begins just east of Moss Back Mine. Narrow passage requiring side wall traction. Frequent large rocks in difficult terrain. Low range 4WD required in sections. Obstacles could result in body damage. Some obstacles will require traction devices. 😎


    Click here for My pics















    Doug our leader did a demo of the most technical section. I thought G would gracefully bow out, but he didn't. 













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  10. Hey everyone, looking forward to seeing you all in a few hours!!


    I am bringing a stack of waiver & emergency forms for everyone to fill out and sign at air-down. If you would like to print yours and fill it out in advance, the page is located here: http://www.offroadpassport.com/forum/showthread.php?t=966


    We need one from every adult - drivers and passengers (okay for couples to share a form).


    Please fill this out even if you have done so before - we need one each trip. Thank you!

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  11. 57 minutes ago, WILL E said:

    My wife is sick.    Going to go get her a prescription.   I feel fine and I would love to join you guys but I think it's best I stay away in case I have it and just are not showing symptoms yet. 


    I will catch you all next time!


    Sorry to hear about your wife, and that you won't be attending - but I super appreciate you're sentiment about not spreading the love, and that you let me know in advance. Take care and hope she's well soon.

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