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  1. I will have to check with Chef Adam as he was in charge of veg. If I recall (tough to because of the Amp Energy & Fermented Potato Liquid along with 2 runs up poison spider that same night getting back to camp around 5am I think) :) I will check with him although I think it was done with soy & sesame oil or it was done with a balsamic dressing
  2. Great job and Congrats!!!!!! Chef Mark
  3. Free Recipes can be found: www.7BARGRILLE.com http://jeepgrilleadventures.com/recipes.aspx Buy the Jeep Grille Adventures Camp Kitchen and Cookbook here: www.JeepGrilleAdventures.com or buy the 7 Bar Grille Culinary Modification Tools (Die Tryin Steak Rub is one example) http://www.quadratec.com/products/15104_9006.htm and get your recipes using Culinary Modification Tools posted up with www.7BarGrille.com or www.JPFreek.com
  4. Recipes and more from my original days as Food Editor of 4x4Wire http://www.4x4wire.com/outdoor/trailbites/hunt_camp/
  5. Hello, Chef Mark here Culinary Director of JPFReek www.JPFreek.com Adventure Magazine and the Freek's 7 Bar Grille www.7BarGrille.com Most originally know me as Author of My Jeep Grille Adventures Camp Kitchen and Cookbook www.JeepGrilleAdventures.com Thanks Diane for the group add and rumor has it we may see you in future Freek pages?!
  6. http://jeepgrilleadventures.com/sitemap.aspx
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