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  1. Back to plastic! Ok, guess I'll just plan to replace my plastic valve every two years. I note that over at NAXJA.org there are many threads describing elimination of the valve. People there just take it out and always flow hot water thru the core. I guess the heater box routes A/C in a different path and the hot core doesn't make much difference. Mike
  2. Hi All, I recall sometime in the past that George found a metal heater control valve for Clifford the XJ. My vague memory is it was a Ford part. My plastic one just broke. Anyone know any part numbers or descriptions to obtain a metal replacement for my 1992 XJ 4.0? Hi to Diane and George from Mike and Sandy. We are still driving our red XJ.
  3. Mike and Sandy expect to try for Saturday. There's snow in the forecast so we plan Friday night in Flagstaff. Probably camp in the area Saturday night. It will just be really cold. Then expect to travel north for a week around the southern end of Canyonlands, up through Moab and down the other side, Hanksville, Escalante Zion and back to San Diego. Or maybe come back through Flagstaff. Any way the wind blows. See you there maybe. We'll look for Clifford. Mike and Sandy
  4. Mike and Sandy are packed and ready to roll. 5 AM departure Friday morning from San Diego will put us maybe with you Friday night or out in the NF near Williams. Will try to make it all the way thru and maybe see you Friday night. M+S
  5. Sandy and I are planing to go to expo for the weekend. We'll check this post for final location just before we leave Friday. Probably see you Saturday nite if work doesn't get in the way! Sandy and Mike
  6. Diane.. you found some really nice looking rocks. I need to get out there next time! Looks like the earliest trip that we can go on is the one in February. So.. see you guys in Feb 2013. Mike and Sandy
  7. Yep some look like the desert rose. We find similar ones near Quartzsite AZ. The others look similar to quartz crystals.
  8. Hi all, Sorry, we aren't coming this weekend. We've decided to take a week and travel up to Zion via the Parashant National Monument north of Grand Canyon. Will go out to Mojave Saturday, Sunday and Monday in Mesquite, then out to the Monument for a couple of days and then up to Zion. Back Monday a week away. Hope you all have fun! Mike and Sandy
  9. Sorry folks. I've waited for this trip for months but this weekend just won't be fun for me and the wife in the desert. I'm bailing. If there is an alternate, call them up. Maybe next time... Have a good trip and I'll be looking for pics! Mike
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