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  1. I am glad you enjoyed the pics.. next time we venture out your way (hopefully soon) we will let you know. It would be great to explore with the locals Shellie
  2. We had a great time.. Thank You John. your trip report is awesome. Look forward to more exploring in all of these area's. After we left John we headed over to Apache Junction then over to the lost dutchman state park and did some hiking in the superstition mountains and some other "touristy" stuff. Also look forward to exploring more of that part of Arizona. This is my first attempt at adding pictures to a forum post (wish me luck).. Happy New year.. Shellie and Steve
  3. Got home monday.. stayed at the needles KOA on sunday night. GREAT Trip ! Loved all the weather and meeting such a good group of people. Thank You Diane,George and Jim for showing us the way. Shellie and Steve
  4. We are running late this morning. Still in San Diego.. leaving about 8:30. We will meet up with you at the campground. Hope all is well with work now
  5. sounds good. Our cell number is 619-838-7327 if you need anything.. Look forward to meeting you..
  6. Hi, we are heading out from san diego early friday morning, we will be there before noon. Hoping to head out about 7:00 am. are you staying in a hotel in Barstow? we can give you a call when we get closer if you want to head into the campground with us . shellie and steve (White F150). enjoy your evening ... looking forward to the adventure !
  7. We will be getting to camp before noon on Friday. We will be in a white F150. Coming from San Diego.
  8. I see there is no longer a standby list and we are listed under the main group now.. Does that mean we made ? i do hope so.
  9. Hi, we would like to be put on the standby list. 2 people, 1 truck. I also requested this on the expedition portal forum under Hoboup. Is it too late?
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