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  1. looks like you are absolutely right. but with tons of comments in here i could already decide whether to replace mine or not. still confused. no questions so far i am still not done reading all comments on the first page. this is the best tie rod end thread that i have read so far.
  2. that is a good kit for a long drive! +1 but i dont have enough cash to buy one. but that's a good investment
  3. hi buddy! sorry for banging this old thread but i am just interested how did you end up with your project? can i see the type of offroad bumper that you installed? i got interested because you said your aiming for high clearance bumpers. i just wanna install one on mine, i will just invest off road bumpers than than a bumper guard. Protection first!
  4. sorry for banging this 2 years old thread i hope that is okay with you guys. i've already done most of peshaw48 did and my last resort is dropping my tank. GRUNT can you send me the checklist of yours so i wont mess up while doing that work? as soon as you posted it here i will be starting with it. sigh.
  5. WOW that is already a fair price! How much is it now? Who is the lucky buyer? No major repairs so far? Is this one already sold? This is the best SUV Mitsubishi can offer. Love it!
  6. Cool! i am now an official member of offroadpassport.com! i was really digging up thread looking for oem jeep parts until i landed on this thread and bookmarked it. The registration approval really took some time. 6 zero 2 nine 8 zero 5 seven 6 two alright i didnt noticed the number i will call george today i wish those front rotors still available.
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