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  1. jgaz, Thanks. Was a friend who had a co-worker who had permission/knew the care-takers. Lucky to be invited along for a fun day.
  2. The big electric poles are for an APS 500kv line. Troon (or someone,) may very well own land out there. A few pics from 2013 of the property and some of the hot pools in the little valley behind the house. In the pic of a pic the big red roofed "U" shaped building is the hotel building which burned in 1976. The palm trees in the center of the "U" are still there as are a few steps to nowhere. Was a fun visit.
  3. Do you mean the black plastic tab that sticks out just below the button where the key goes in? Mine broke (opened the hatch up against a wood beam) and I've just lifted by grabbing under the hatch itself. As soon as you push the button in the hatch pops a bit and it's easy to lift as long as the gas struts are good. tell him to fuggetaboutit.
  4. Forgot to add that he was extremely lucky the two guys in the Jeep were there. Outstanding assistance on their part.
  5. That slope is probably steeper than it looks but not as steep as it could have been. Pretty lucky though.
  6. He also sells the same things on eBay although for a dollar or two more. In case someone were to forget how to get to his web site. Just search for "Scepter fuel can"
  7. Coolio. So the bus bar is powered by the one on the right and the two on the left are fused off of that?
  8. Seems to have been canceled. http://tucson.com/news/blogs/desertblog/weapons-and-first-responder-testing-research-proposal-pulled-say-graham/article_b93c6c52-5677-11e5-bfcd-4f0ec4a0af47.html
  9. what about routing a shallow pocket out of the plywood to accept the base of the jack. Just enough to keep the jack from sliding on the plywood if things are not flat. Or, cut out a piece of 1/4 plywood and screw / glue it to the 3/4. You can always flip it over if you can't line the pocket up and just need a flat surface.
  10. Can't go wrong with any of the Yaesu mobile rigs. 2m is plenty for jeep use but then they'll just be talking about you on 70cm so might as well get the dual-band. Looks like plenty of 7900 models in the 250-260 range on eBay.
  11. Using a head stud kit instead of head bolts also requires the use of washers so using these with washers should not be an issue. Whoever made these probably didn't have a supply of flanged nuts to put on the bolts with the top threads http://www.hesco.us/products/7757/miscellaneous/42904/head-stud-kit-heshs6
  12. The two vertical tube things look like the bottom half of this: Perhaps the horizontal cylinders are parts of the top half of each smelter? Pretty cool they survived this long. More detailed pics of the bases and interiors next time would be interesting.
  13. Thanks Chris for organizing and leading with your knowledge of road and places of interest on the plateau. Some pics from Thursday: Believe it's (from L to R) Sam, Jim, Gold Digger Jim, Chris and myself. airing down on House Rock Road. The ridge with no name (mini-White Pocket) Hole in the Rock arch: White Pocket Working "antique" one cylinder irrigation pump Movie of the pump running here: Great day of exploring a remote and beautiful part of Arizona.
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