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  1. I have 3 BFG KM's 35 X 12.5 X 17 tires for sale. Two tires are used but have about 25% tread and one tire was on the vehicle for about 5oo miles. None of them have any damage to them, just wear. Asking $200 for all 3. I also have a set ( 5 ) of American Racing rims, 17 X 9 on a 5 X 5 bolt spacing with 5 3/4 back spacing, for sale. These are in good shape but could use a little elbw grease. One rim does have some light pitting in the chrome finish. Asking $350 for all 5 Sorry, Local sale only, I don't ship. Thanks for looking. Norm
  2. I have a few parts that came off of my 2004 Rubicon for sale. All of these parts have 15,000 or less miles on them. The gears are all stock components. Terra Flex lift components - Fits 3 1/2 inch lift - $700 for complete set 4 shocks, Front coils, Rear Coils, Rear sway bar bracket, Front adjustable lower arms, Front solid upper arms, Rear lower adjustable arms, Rear stock upper arms, brake lines and never used adjustable front track bar. 4:10 Stock Front and Rear Ring and Pinion Gears - $250 for both 4:10 Stock Front and Rear Diff covers and Diff skids - $100 SmittyBuilt tube Rock Sliders - $150 for both Xenon 6 inch fender flares - $100 for all 4 Rock Crawler adjustable 3 to 5 inch front track bar - Never used - $150 Sorry, ,local Arizona sale only. I don't ship. Thanks for looking. Norm
  3. Thanks George ! This will make it easier to burn them off equally. Get my monies worth out of them, so to speak. Of course all I need to do now is find time to go out and do some wheeling ! Thanks again for the help !!
  4. I'm running MT Baja Claw tires, which are directional, and I had heard that bad things can happen if you ran the tires in the reverse direction. I've heard everything from "the belts will break in the tire" to "nothing bad but will have a lot of road noise". So, does anyone now the truth about this ? Reason I'm asking is that I'm about due for new tires but I want to burn the old ones off and be able to rotate in the spare. When I go with new tires they will not be directional ( thinkin BFG KM2 ) and will be a few inches taller than what I'm running now. Of course, if anyone is looking for a new MT Baja Claw LT315/75R16, let me know and I will give you a good price on my spare. it's new and has never been run. I know most folks don't run the 16 inch rim so that's another reason I was just going to burn them off before I put on new tires. Thanks for any information on this !
  5. Is the first photo of the Flagship Niagara ? It sure looks like it is. I helped in the restoration of the Niagara and sailed on it's maiden voyage and the first Tall Ships gathering on the Great Lakes. All great pics and it is hard to choose just one.
  6. No worries here. I know that I sometimes don't get my meaning across to well. Guess I'm "literally challenged". Knott's Berry Farm is the one in Ca. but I'm not sure how it faired. I just hate to see out history destroyed. I've been all over the world and I admire the Countries that incorporate their history with modernization. Here is the U.S. , it seems we just throw it away and build new. A local example is Buckeye. They have an old corner Hotel/Market building that I think has a ton of character. Well instead of rennovating it and using the building, they go down the street and build a new modern looking brick and glass building that looks out of place in Buckeye. Just a waste to let the old build sit and crumble and then you also now have a place that is an eye sore, potential hazard and can harbor the trouble makers, addicts or such. I just thought it would be nice to save an old town from the ravages of time and preserve a small piece of Arizona heritage. Places like Tombstone are fun to visit but they have lost much of that historic precense. If I had Tombstone, I would have left on the main road open sas a pass through town and closed the rest to motorized vehicles. I would have set up a large parking arena outside of town and then let a local vendor set a business up to bring the visitors into town in an old horse drawn carriage. From there, everyone can walk the streets from site to site or ride a horse that they could rent from the local Livery Stable ( opportunity for another local business ). Basically just keep the town froze in the 1880's. After all, I think that is what most people want and expect to see when they go. It would make it a better Historic site by being more accurate to the time. It would open up a few more business opportunities for the locals and enhance the visitors experience. I know, I'm rambling on about would have, could have and should have but I just don't think everthing is better being modernized. I dream big sometimes but the dreams don't cost a thing.
  7. Thanks Grunt ! I'm sure it will be awhile, if at all, before this materializes. Any sights I have looked at have a hefty price tag. But I'll keep poking around and see if I happen to stumble across that perfect opportunity. AZBillyBoy Yep, it's all owned by someone. I'm not leery about what I'm proposing because it's not illegal. I think you may have misunderstood what my idea was. It's to restore the Ghost Town, not destroy it. It's to purchase it. not squat on it. Most of these Historic sites are left to crumble or be vandalized. I wanted to find one that I could restore but put in ( hidden ) modern off the grid systems so I would not destroy the look of the town with modern wiring or such and it would be self sufficient. I wanted to work with the BLM so I could use the current right of way for unlimited access. If it panned out, see what, if any, tax breaks could be gotten by opening it up to the public and registering it as a Historic Site. This is the plan. I am still, slowly, getting answers to my questions from State and BLM. Most importantly, for now, is that I am making contacts that may be of use if this crazy idea does begin to materialize. If it never happens, then at least I tried and had an excuse for some of my more random exploration as well as met a few good people.
  8. Well I found out that most Ghost Towns are owned by the State/BLM, Mining Co.'s or Railroads. A few are on private property. It is possible to purchase the land but the cost is well inflated. If the land was owned by an individual and the Town went bust, then the State takes it for unpaid taxes. There are other variables to this but the bottom line is that you can buy some of it but plan on it taking awhile to get sorted out. At least this is what I have been able to find out so far. All of my querries have been over the phone so I also suspect I may have gotten farther had I went in person to talk to them but my schedule just isn't allowing for that right now. The area I was looking at does have folks living there ( very, very few ), so it would be possible to purchase sections of land but I am still not positive of the ability to purchase the entire Town. So, for now, the search continues and I still have an excuse to roam aimlessly through the desert.
  9. Thanks Diane. I've been looking forward to meeting everyone as well. I'll just have to shoot for the next time.
  10. Looks like I'm a NO GO for this trip. Guess I'll try again next time.
  11. Cross between a Tiger and a Lion = Lyger. It is domesticated so does it count for this thread ?
  12. Happy Birthday Diane !! Must be something special about January because looks like a lot of good folks have Birthday's this Month.
  13. Now that is pretty darn cool. Get you and your rig in a Off Road rag !! Nice keep sake to hand me down to your little 4 wheelers ( if you have any ).
  14. Happy Birthday Joe !! 21 all over again !!!:D
  15. Thanks Diane. I probably wouldn't bring it for 3 days unless folks needed extra room for gear in which case it could be the pack mule. I'll try to solidify those dates from work and provide a positive GO/NO GO as soon as I know.
  16. Does anyone tow trailers ( M101 style ) on this type of run ? Just wondering how everyone is outfitted . I'm going to try and get time off for this run, so if it's OK, I'm tenative.
  17. Nope. Not much traffic at all. All the time I've been going out there ( 1+ years ) and in total I've probably only seen 8 or 9 other people. It makes it hard because the trails get so over grown that you can easily loose them. Slider got me thinking that I should get the link cable for my Garmin and figure out how to do the download of tracks and over lays. I've had the Garmin for about 6 years but never bought the cable, always just used it for back tracking. It would be nice to be able to share some of the paths I've taken and then tag the areas I've found stuff worth seeing. I think I also need to remember to get more photos. I've been lacking in that area lately. I just end up having such a good time looking around that I forget to take pictures. Of course as you can tell by the pictures I posted, it doesn't have to be some great find, ghost town, gold nuggets, grave sites or such, just plain old open desert is enough to make a special trip for me. Like my original post says, If anyone has been out in this area please jump in and add info. The ultimate plan is to go all the way across to 95. Maybe make a 2 or 3 day trip. I just want to be sure it is do-able. Don't want to have a trip to a dead end if there is a group. I will post up the next time I get ready to go. I would like to meet the folks on this board since you all seem more layed back than most of the ofther Off Road sites. I'm just not into drama or personal attacks or clicks. You definately go on some of the best trips ! I've been trying to get my work/home schedule set so I can join you on a few of them. Ahhh, eventually it'll work out.
  18. Here is a link to photos I have taken on several different excursions. Some are in the Jeep and some on the Quads. I'm no professional photog so they may be a bit rough. A lot of times I'll be so into the exploring and looking around that I forget to get photos. http://community.webshots.com/user/Ubatracker?vhost=community I have no tracks of the routes I've taken and yep, Agua Caliente ends in Sentinal. I have several maps that I use to orient myself and only use my GPS for back tracking if needed. Sorry, just not that official when it comes to my travels. I normally remember pretty well, from one time to the next, the trails I've been down. If I forget then I just re-run them and enjoy the scenery all over again.
  19. OK, sounds like a plan. I'll post up the next trip. I'll also state wether I'm taking the Jeep or Quads, in case some one else wants to bring bikes or quads. Like I say, it doesn't matter to me if it's a mixed vehicle event. Normally for exploring I'm doing the same speed regardless of what I'm driving.
  20. The over growth is heavy out there and often does hide the trails. I've been exploring out there for over a year now. I have explored every trail I could find from the entry to the Railroad tracks South to the Dam. The Woolsley and Signal Butte area are very nice with some interesting paths branching off. The area I am currently exploring was the desert West of Fourth of July Butte. I have already found an old mine about 10 miles in that looks like no one had been there is many years ( pristine ). My last trip out took me farther West to the gas pipeline and onto some BLM ( marked ) trails. Roughly 20+ miles in (West). That is a very large area of open desert with tons of things to explore. It is from this area that I want to keep moving West and eventually cross the entire area to 95. Most times it is me and my wife but I have went out alone when she was busy. Of course, if anyone is intereseted in going exploring ( Jeep, Quad or Bike ), I could always post up when I'm going. It doesn't matter to me if there is a mix blend of vehicles. It is quit a drive over to that area and I usually leave my house about 7 A.M. . I thought that when I was ready to make this a true expedition ( from 80 to 95 ) that I would post it up officially as a run. I just thought it best that I explore and make sure it can be done prior to making a run of it or taking a group out to get lost . However, in the mean time, everyone is welcome to come exploring with me. I can just make a quick post when I am going and set a meet up time and spot.
  21. Has anyone traversed from Agua Caliente Rd. ( Arlington ) to 95 ? If so, are there any " avoid this " or " must see " areas along the way ? I have not decided if I am going to take the Jeep or do this on my Quad but I figure it would make a great area to explore and spend a few nights as I crossed it. I've slowly been penatrating deeper into the area after exploring the outlying desert. I haven't made it too far in yet since they have all been day trips and I'm exploring section by section, North and South. All of this has been done on my Quad since it gets far better gas milage and I can get into tighter spots with it than the Jeep. I do know that I'll want to avoid the Proving Groungs that horseshoe in and will come out through Kofa. I see several roads, trails or paths layed out on the map but I also like to explore all the small side trails I can. Most of them have the really good stuff. So, that is why I thought I would ask if anyone had done this and had found really good areas to see. Thanks
  22. XEROX IS DOING SOMETHING COOL If you go to this web site, www.LetsSayThanks.com you can pick out a thank you card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq . You can't pick out who gets it, but it will go to a member of the armed services. How AMAZING it would be if we could get everyone we know to send one!!! It is FREE and it only takes a second. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the soldiers received a bunch of these? Whether you are for or against the war, our soldiers over there need to know we are behind them. This takes just 10 seconds and it's a wonderful way to say thank you. Please take the time and please take the time to pass it on for others to do. We can never say enough thank you's. Thanks for taking to time to support our military!
  23. Just an update. Got a load of firewood. It's a mixed lot of pine, hardwoods and citrus. Full cord for $170 delivered. Can't remember the company name but the guy has been doing it for 34 years. really a nice fellow named Merle, phone number 602-705-8306 in case anyone needs a little wood. You can also get smaller amounts.
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