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  1. I have a set of JKS sway bar disconnects - 50.00- SOLD A warn d35 diff cover armor - 20.00 Stock front and rear bumpers - 20.00 ea TJ tonnel cover 20
  2. I have 2 mastercraft seats with 3 inch seat belts and adapters for a 2001 wrangler , they wil probably fit other wrangler years but I don’t know for sure. They can also be adapted to most any vehicle ,with a little imagination. The seats and belts are in great condition and work good for Offroad . 250 dollars takes all of it. Any question you can contact me at skycrane18414@gmail.com
  3. Very nice to meet you both as well . I live just next door in El Mirage if you need any help with the Jeep let me know,I have suffered with overheating as well and know how frustrating it can be
  4. Sorry Chris , I'm having driveshaft problems that I can repair before Friday , I was looking forward to this trip but I need to pull out.
  5. Kevin and I made it home no problem. We had a very good time , first time in the same jeep together. Thanks to everyone , great camp site and monster campfire to stay toasty
  6. I had the same codes when I put the 456 gears in my 2001 wrangler . I ended up replacing the speedometer drive sensor with the correct one for that gearing and tire size . I had 33" tires at that time . Once I did that the error codes went away. Hope that helps!
  7. Home safe and sound. I had a great time , thanks to everyone and especially George for the perfect hotdog
  8. I'm going to SAMs club today , I'll pickup a couple bags of 16 count hotdog buns
  9. I agree. Spidertrax is " suppose " to be the best but I was using a suspect torque wrench at the time and I paid the price for using it i believe
  10. I'm bringing my world famous homemade potatoe salad and baked beans!
  11. I have had Spidertrax 1.25 spacers on the rear of my TJ for 4 years without any problems with them . I did have them in the front but one of them sheared all the lugs at the Hub about three years ago and I removed the front ones . I think I may have over torqued them and since I'm not any tire rub issues , I didnt put them back on . The correct amount of torque is important with these .
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