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  1. I really like them. The only thing bad about them is they require allot of weights compared to most other tires. But for an off road driving experience, with BFG it outlast other tires. Its one of the pickup accessories that i cant live without to my trail riding escapade.
  2. What do you think is the best tonneau covers for Ford F-150? Is lund genesis a good brand? Any comments will be appreciated.
  3. This is a 2008 ford truck emblems plus Harley Davidson logo. Im very fascinated with this one. But its rare to find now. Im not able to find the exact replacement for an emblem like this, but i find another replacement from stylintrucks at a fair price. 2008 Ford Shelby GT500 gas cap. I love the cobra design on this one. 2008 Mustang With Warriors in Pink Package emblem. If you are little bit a collective for a special ford emblem items, you should have this one. Fore more images of ford related emblems, dare to visit http://www.cartype.com/pages/418/ford_related_emblems
  4. This is a nice find for a nice price. I can say you can never find a custom truck like this that almost brad new. How much is the price now?
  5. I just picked up a this F150 and the rockers are worn out at the bottom. I buy online a pair of rocker panels for trucks as a replacement. My friend advised me to cut out the rustness from the old part and place the new one over the top. I want to ask is this the right way of attaching this. Thanks.
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