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  1. Great idea .... how would this work?
  2. Received a Garmin a Drive 86. That's the good news. I was reading the instructions and it said, to enjoy all the features to download Drive app to my smartphone. Went download and got a message that the app will not work on my Samsung phone. So I returned it. Next time I buy a GPS, I'll check for apps before I order.
  3. GPS for highway and backup for OHV. Using GaiaGPS as OHV primary.
  4. Hello, Need to replace my 15+ year Garmin GPS. What would be a good GPS for overlanding and street navigation? Any and all recommendations welcomed. Regards Mike
  5. I've been on FR127 a couple times. Maybe I can check it out when we are at Kaibab Lake.
  6. It's open. FR127 is short road off of FR 105 running east and west. I found it on GAIA and National Forest map and I called the rangers and they helped. Map attached fseprd1097827.pdf
  7. Will you still hang out with a lowly TJ owner? Congratulations on the new Hemi ... nothing substitutes horsepower.
  8. mbuckner


    Who and how much AI will be abused is the concen for me. Fact or fiction? Especially in the news media.
  9. mbuckner


    Will AI attcks become a problem for forums? To me, AI is like fire, it can be used for good or out of control it will be your worst enemy. Just my thoughts. Mike
  10. You run what you can afford to run. I bought a Jackery 500 to keep my Engle fridge running at camp overnight; it meets that goal and it's plug and play. Plus I drive a Jeep TJ and I'm limited on the unit size. The technology keeps advancing and the price seems like it keeps coming down per watt. For my needs, it beats the cost and time for a dual battery system. So, when this one wears out, I'll check the market and see what's available. Just my thoughts. Regards
  11. Interesting info: newsletter@azbackroads.com
  12. First of November would work for me.
  13. Wouxun KG-1000G Plus GMRS Base/Mobile Two Way Radio and a Wouxun ANO-050G Mobile GMRS Antenna
  14. Well, I bent the knee and ordered a GRMS radio. Scheduled to be here on Saturday.
  15. Please, need some more info on the underhood LED light strip. Thank you
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