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  1. A portable power module is a good investment.  I run a Jackery 500 to power a Engle 43 and charging other electronics.   It will keep the fridge at 34° for over 12 hours without the Jeep charging it on a hot day.


    I wanted a 1000 watt unit but the TJ has only so much room to fit a power module.


    After using one for almost a year, I think they are worth the cost.


    And the technology keeps improving and there's more manufactures to choose from when they first came on the market.

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  2. Ran it empty to pull more power. 

    It was in the TJ running on 12V in the garage, not plugged into the Jeep.

    The nights are still cool; I'll be interested in seeing how it works 

    when nights are hot.

    I have recharged only using AC.  I'll need to test how fast it will recharge using DC.

    And another configuration will be plugging the frig into the Jackery and the Jackery into the TJ DC.  


    I went with the 500W due to its size.  

    My next challenge will be where and how to secure it.


    Maybe technology will get a 1000W down to the size of the 500W.


    As I said, time will tell as I use it jn more extreme conditions.


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  3. I have procrastinated on installing a dual battery system in the TJ for years and years.


    And, I'm  glad I did.  Amazon had an $80 off on the Jackery 500, so I bought one.


    So far it will run the Engel 43 refrigerator(empty) @ 34°F for over 24 hours and still have a 40% charge.


    Only time will tell if I made the right decision.

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