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  1. I run a 43qt Engle off a Jackery 500.  It can keep chest running for about 12-16 hours in the summer, depending on ambient temperature.   I do have an insulated cover on it.


    So in my opinion,  you should be okay for at least 12 hours without charging it.


     But, will it be exposed to direct sunlight? Will it have an insulated cover?  How many times will it be opened?  If you don't take a lot of cold food, keep as many cold drinks in it or freeze a gallon jug of water to keep in it.  This will help reduce the number start ups and run times.  You want to keep the fridge as full as possible. 


    Just my thoughts.


    You will enjoy the fridge over an ice chest.




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  2. Since I can monitor GMRS on Ham radio, I will not invest more money in GMRS communications  ..... still have a CB that works great ,,,  


    The TJ has only so much room for electronics.  I want save some room for Starlink RV, so I can email everyone on the trail and monitor my Amazon orders.

  3. Copy link at bottom,  if your interested, to add your name.
    Last fall the Tonto NF released their Travel Management Plan with a decision to decommission two roads adjacent to the 20,850 acre Sierra Ancha Wilderness (SAW); Workman Creek (Aztec Peak) Road #487, and the Cherry Creek Road #203. These two roads are the only motorized access to the top of the Aztec Peak area in the central portion of the SAW (487) and across the east side of the SAW (203). The 203 Road also provides motorized access to a large portion of Game Management Unit 23, east of the SAW.
    Closing these two roads will effectively eliminate access to thousands of acres of forest land in and around the SAW, unless you’re capable of hiking a long way at high elevations. Aztec Peak is 7,684’ in elevation.
    Both of these roads have been used since the mid-20th century. They were in existence and utilized by recreationists, miners, loggers, ranchers, hunters, and hikers before the Wilderness Act of 1964. For some additional perspective, you can read the November 2017 Arizona Cattlelog article “Boundaries, Rims, and Roads” by clicking here
    The problem: those who mapped the SAW area in 1964 and tendered the map to Congress, overlapped the SAW boundary intermittently across these two existing roads and also neglected to display the full length of the existing 203 Road. Instead of simply correcting the mistake, or updating the boundary, or moving the road, the Tonto NF plans to decommission a significant portion of these two roads because of the overlapping wilderness boundary.
    Here the 203 Road meanders across the eastern face of the SAW along Cherry Creek. 


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  4. A portable power module is a good investment.  I run a Jackery 500 to power a Engle 43 and charging other electronics.   It will keep the fridge at 34° for over 12 hours without the Jeep charging it on a hot day.


    I wanted a 1000 watt unit but the TJ has only so much room to fit a power module.


    After using one for almost a year, I think they are worth the cost.


    And the technology keeps improving and there's more manufactures to choose from when they first came on the market.

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