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  1. If anyone is interested: http://www.offroadexpo.com
  2. mbuckner

    storage shelf

    Greetings: Knowing that TJ's have an over abundance of storage space, I decided to use some of it. Inside, the top of the rear wheel well is flat ... so I fabricated a metal retaining bracket to hold the spare fluids that are carried in in the Jeep. That way they will not fall down against the fridge and reduce air circulation. A little time consuming, but worth it. Now all of the fluids are in one place vs all over the cab. http://s1303.photobucket.com/user/mbuckner1947/library/storage Best regards, Mike
  3. Jim, I recommend that you find a mounted 37" tire and pick it up ....... or the next time I do a five tire rotation on the TJ (12.50 x 35") you can come over to the house and touch and feel how heavy they are. I thought about 37"s at one time, but no more .. I am at my physical limit. But if you do go 37"s, flares are the last mod you will need .... Good luck, Mike
  4. Pics of cargo net: http://s1303.photobucket.com/user/mbuckner1947/media/P6100012_zpse29973df.jpg.html?o=0
  5. mbuckner

    big sandy

    Anyone going to the Big Sandy Shoot this coming October? http://www.mgshooters.com
  6. Like you said, it does not obstruct the rear or side view ... also, easy to pack with and keep items tight to the deck. Somewhere on the www there is a pic of a car that ended up in a pool with one of these nets... the net stretched from the cars weight on it but did not break ....
  7. Hi Kris, I used scrap material from Katchakid Pool Safety Net. I told Ladybug about my idea and she hopped down there, with measurements for my TJ and her LJ .... no cost ... I do not know if Ladybug go her's installed ....... One of these days I'll try and get pics posted, but I can email them to you if you want a look. http://www.katchakid.com/gallery1.htm Best regards, Mike
  8. Installed cargo safety net in the TJ. Best regards, Mike
  9. The next time my Yaesu FT60R radio battery goes bad, I think I will try this place vs buying a new one: http://www.primecell.com Best regards,
  10. Whether I'm going on a 1 day trip or an 8 day trip to the Canyonlands (tomorrow), the Jeep stays packed; except when items are being cleaned, inventoried, repaired, replaced, etc, then they go back in the Jeep. If it is the winter season, winter clothing stay in the Jeep. Fresh food and water are usually the only items that I need to load up right before the trip. The only difference is the amount of food for the length of trip, but then you should always take some extra food just in case; and always carry 5 gallons of water in addition to bottled drinking water. Keeping the Jeep packed helps me reduce the chance of forgetting to load something up (but not a guarantee). It's just how I try to lower the risk factor out on the trail ..
  11. Here's an interesting product with some good info: http://www.waterbrick.org/
  12. Hello, Sierra Expeditons is setting up a group buy for a Comeup 9000# winch, with life time warranty. www.comeupusa.com For details, contact Will at Sierra Expeditons in Mesa. www.sierraexpeditions.com Adios, Mike
  13. Yes you can ........ https://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=N+Box+Canyon+Rd&daddr=Unknown+road&hl=en&ll=33.201924,-111.187134&spn=0.21919,0.307274&sll=33.272063,-111.135206&sspn=0.027377,0.038409&geocode=FQ8D-QEdtrhe-Q%3BFQ3J-wEd0SNg-Q&mra=mift&mrsp=1&sz=15&t=m&z=12
  14. I was doing some research on extra fuel carrying options and ran across this product; has potential, but costly: http://www.jackit.com/day-kj71035re.html?gclid=CMT2usHY_7UCFe4-Mgod4QwA3A However, also ran across this legal info: http://www.daystarweb.com/news/red_fuel_cans.html And this really sucks: http://www.daystarweb.com/Wall_Street_Journal.pdf Best regards, Mike
  15. Steve, I have the same problem ... BUT, since Woody finally updated his ZJ to "trail rated", he indicated he could bring an extra 40 gallons of fuel (8x5 gal cans) .... Best regards, Mike
  16. Thanks guys for the info ...... Back to the duel battery system project ...... Mike
  17. I noticed that 24 volt electronics usually pulls half the amps vs 12 volt. Therefore, if you use a converter from 12 to 24 volts, will there be less drain on the battery or will the converter use more amps and ends up with no savings on the battery? The reason I am asking this question, my Engel pulls half the amps when plugged into 24 volts. Just thought it might lengthen the battery power before it had to be charged. Best regards, Mike
  18. Hello, Jim Allison (gold digger) is in town from Wyoming and wants to do a day run; so I set up the below for this Wednesday. When: 27-Feb, Wednesday Where: From Hwy 79 to Superior Time: 0900 Meetup: Hwy 79 & East Cottowood Canyon Road Map: http://maps.google.com/maps?daddr=33...sz=17&t=m&z=17 CB: Channel 4 Ham: TBA #of vehicles: 10 max Bring water, food, camera, jackets, rock hammer, etc, etc. Fuel should not be an issue depending on your departure point; last place to top off is Gold Canyon or when we come out at Superior you can get some fuel there. One more item: If you are going to be hammering on rocks - BRING AND WEAR EYE PROTECTION; and a pair gloves would not hurt either ..... The roads are rocky and rough ... no extreme wheeling that anyone shoud be concerned about ...... but with the latest rains, who knows until we get there .. We will start at the meetup location, head east on Cottonwood Road, exit in Superior. If you have any question(s), do not hesitate to ask. If you want to tag along, let me know on this thread. Confirmed: mbuckner gold digger
  19. Hi Chris, Will you be running the same trails at the Vermilion Cliffs that we did last March? Best regards, Mike
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