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  1. On 1/24/2011 at 8:06 PM, Ladybug said:

    I picked up my Gracie from the shop on Saturday, and drove her Sunday to make sure that I didnt' get anymore 'check engine lights' and will continue to do so all week. I got under her and admired my new axle brackets, and emptied the rocks from her from my last trip. (She's been in the shop for 12 days, so didnt' have time to get her unpacked much) I'm not going to wash her until I finish working on my shed, as I do NOT want rain right now.

    smiles, ladybug

     The old P456 code popped two weeks before the TJ needed emissions checked.  In the past years, I have been able to reset the code and get it to pass emission test.  Not this year.  Took it in and got $700 estimate for repair.  The mechanic told me to take it in and get it tested.  After it fails, you go in to the emission office and ask for state financial assistance for the repair.  Filled out some forms, took the TJ and forms back to the mechanic.   The repair is guaranteed by the state.  Net out of pocket was $100.

    The state will pay up to $500 to their approved mechanic shops.  This mechanic shop even took the TJ through emissions check for me.


    Have a great Thanksgiving. 

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