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  1. I bought a Coleman 0 degree bag, square base, will fit a 6'5" person. Has work well for me. Allows to put clothing at foot area and not be tight. And they are economically priced.
  2. I have a set of metric and SAE in the Jeep.
  3. I use a Samsung Tab A, Wifi only, 10.1" screen for the Jeep and a Samsung phone for hiking; both have 256 gig of expanded memory and they will automatically sync up when they find a hot spot. Best regards
  4. I run all three .... prefer mobile ham unit
  5. I agree, that's why I use my phone as the hand held GPS.
  6. I went into Geocaching.com and found a couple of geocaches at and near White Pockets. So I downloaded the gpx file to the Tab A, opened Gaia and the location was already on the map identified. Now where this gpx file is stored on the tablet, I have no idea and how it found its way Gaia without me doing any other step is beyond me. I only found three geocaches up on the Paria Plateau; I'll download the other two and see what I can find. Now to the other feature I like about Gaia; for years and years I held off getting a smart phone, but when I found out that my Samsung J7 can be a mini Tab A when I'm out of the jeep hiking, I bought in. The Tab A is a 10.1 screen and weighs over a pound. Also, what ever is recorded on one device will automatically update the other one, even my laptop. I hope this info helps, Best regards
  7. Or, you can manually load in waypoint that you can track to. So far, as far as I can tell, Gaia app seems to be pretty accurate with the Tab A. Best regards
  8. Gaia will let you import files, i.e., GPX. I have never geocached; may try on my next trip just to see if Gaia can help find a geocache.
  9. I'll give a try on Copilot. Thanks for the info.
  10. I plan still using my ancient Garmin Nuvi 265 for street and the highway; tried Waze and was not impressesd out on the highway (probably my learning curve). The tablet works in that I can read the screen easier.
  11. It's mounted ... but will have modify the mounting ..... Gaia worked great for my two week trip
  12. Costco had them on sale thru Sep 2nd for $180, so I bought one. I've downloaded Gaia Premium and have messing around with the software. Looking forward to see how the hardware works out in the boonies.
  13. Hello George, I have a 2001TJ OEM tire carrier with the 3rd brake light, will that work? The brake light was modified for over an oversize tire. Best regards,
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