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  1. Thanks for info John.... glad you found the parts... Best regards
  2. Mailed to the PO Box via B of A online banking.
  3. Yes, you are correct, but I sent a check for renewal.
  4. Wondering when my membership will be updated?
  5. I bought a Coleman 0 degree bag, square base, will fit a 6'5" person. Has work well for me. Allows to put clothing at foot area and not be tight. And they are economically priced.
  6. I have a set of metric and SAE in the Jeep.
  7. I use a Samsung Tab A, Wifi only, 10.1" screen for the Jeep and a Samsung phone for hiking; both have 256 gig of expanded memory and they will automatically sync up when they find a hot spot. Best regards
  8. I run all three .... prefer mobile ham unit
  9. I agree, that's why I use my phone as the hand held GPS.
  10. I went into Geocaching.com and found a couple of geocaches at and near White Pockets. So I downloaded the gpx file to the Tab A, opened Gaia and the location was already on the map identified. Now where this gpx file is stored on the tablet, I have no idea and how it found its way Gaia without me doing any other step is beyond me. I only found three geocaches up on the Paria Plateau; I'll download the other two and see what I can find. Now to the other feature I like about Gaia; for years and years I held off getting a smart phone, but when I found out that my Samsung J7 can be a mini Tab A when I'm out of the jeep hiking, I bought in. The Tab A is a 10.1 screen and weighs over a pound. Also, what ever is recorded on one device will automatically update the other one, even my laptop. I hope this info helps, Best regards
  11. Or, you can manually load in waypoint that you can track to. So far, as far as I can tell, Gaia app seems to be pretty accurate with the Tab A. Best regards
  12. Gaia will let you import files, i.e., GPX. I have never geocached; may try on my next trip just to see if Gaia can help find a geocache.
  13. I'll give a try on Copilot. Thanks for the info.
  14. I plan still using my ancient Garmin Nuvi 265 for street and the highway; tried Waze and was not impressesd out on the highway (probably my learning curve). The tablet works in that I can read the screen easier.
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