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  1. Hi George, Thanks for the reply. The odometer reads 131,298 miles; all NAPA parts have been installed. I would like to try and eliminate the fan clutch and the temperature sensor as the problem before going back through all the parts that have been replaced. If they pass, then it's back to another thermostat replacement. Best regards, Mike
  2. Hosed down the A/C condensor and radiator ... looked clean ....... Then ran the TJ at idle for 45 minutes and the highest temp was 213° ... ran the RPM up to 2000 and the temp dropped to 204°F. Now I am wondering if the fan never kicks out and restricts air flow through the radiator at higher MPH. At what speed should the fan clutch disengage?
  3. Thank you for the reminder ..... I'll read it again ......
  4. Looks like there is only one part number for a 2001 TJ Sport 4.0 .... no rotation option .....
  5. Hello Kris, It has been burped ... I am sure it has the correct water pump ... but will check again .....
  6. Hello, After a water pump and thermostat replacement, the TJ dash gauge and the Scan Gauge shows an increase in water temperature when the A/C is turned on. So I replaced the thermostat again with a new thermostat housing and radiator cap, but that did not help. With the A/C on, it does take about 5 miles of street driving for it to slowly start to rise; when it hits 225°F the A/C is turned off. The temperature will gradually move back down to the 210°F range and turning on the cab heater helps it move down faster. Also, I have not noticed any coolant movement to and from the overflow tank. I will check that again. The front of the radiator been checked blockage and found none, but I am still going to spary some water just to see if anything falls out. Maybe the temperature sending unit is putting out false readings ... if cleaning does not work, I'll check the thermostat housing with a infrared temperature gun. Anyone else have suggestions on areas to check? Best regards, Mike
  7. Thanks for the info... I will start the research on each one suggested ...... Best regards, Mike
  8. Hello, The seat covers are coming apart after 15+years of use. Can anyone recommend a supplier of "tactical/molle" seat covers? Best regards, Mike
  9. mbuckner

    amazon fyi

    Hello, Next time you place an order with Amazon, please use http://www.smile.amazon.com ... I'm sure there is some organization that you can support. Best regards, Mike
  10. Hello, The 2001 TJ is displaying a P0432 code, which indicates a problem with bank 2 after catalyst. Has anyone removed an O2 sensor? The factory shop manual says to use an O2 sensor removal/installation tool. Researching, the tool looks like the typical plumbing wrench, but it is offset. Please throw out any ideas removing an O2 sensor on an exhaust pipe with 125,000 miles on it. Also, dealers cost for the sensor - $175 plus one week to receive; NAPA cost - $48 and in stock. Best regards, Mike
  11. Very, very nice .... but where is the "spice rack"?
  12. Hi Kris, Thanks for the info ......
  13. Hello, Does anyone have any experience with the subject item? Looks like they have been upgrading the unit since its inital release; a little on the pricey side though. But I may still put it on my Christmas wish list. http://www.magellangps.com/Outdoor-Navigation/Magellan-eXplorist-TRX7-Off-road-GPS-Navigation?gclid=Cj0KEQjwtu3GBRDY6ZLY1erL44EBEiQAAKIcvnmNnjQdE2tW93VMwnDkyqFnS3tnt5DDPggk0muFY_gaAvp18P8HAQ Best regards,
  14. I have to use a needle tip to grease my rear drive shaft. No room for regular zerts.
  15. mbuckner

    hose clamp

    Good morning, A cool tool but kind of pricey: http://clamptite.net/ I may try one just for the heck of it. I checked a Youtube video, as usual, they did the demo at a bench and not out in the field. Best regards, Mike
  16. Hello Kris, Well 2 days is all that I lasted ..... please remove me from the run .,,. Best regards, Mike
  17. mbuckner

    fiber fix

    Hello, Anyone have experience with the subject item? If it works as advertised, maybe an item to carry in the Jeep. http://www.fiberfix.com Best regards, Mike
  18. I camped at Stateline last Sunday .... very nice campground .....
  19. Hello, So a trip will not be posted on the calendar until 8 weeks prior to departure? Mike
  20. Thanks for the info ... but I do not see a link or did I overlook it? Best regards,
  21. I learned the hard way ... used the cooker without the engine running ... forgot that I have an Engel MT-43 that needed power too .... time for a jump start ..... So I do not cook without the motor running ... In my opinion, the 12v cooker is better than the manifold heating which I have used on past runs. Best regards, Mike
  22. Is this it? http://www.solostove.com
  23. Hello Chris, Thank you and Astrid for great trip ...... Made home about 1730. Best regards, Mike
  24. Hello johnpa, Where did you get your replacement radiator? Mike
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