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  1. Hello, So a trip will not be posted on the calendar until 8 weeks prior to departure? Mike
  2. Thanks for the info ... but I do not see a link or did I overlook it? Best regards,
  3. I learned the hard way ... used the cooker without the engine running ... forgot that I have an Engel MT-43 that needed power too .... time for a jump start ..... So I do not cook without the motor running ... In my opinion, the 12v cooker is better than the manifold heating which I have used on past runs. Best regards, Mike
  4. Is this it? http://www.solostove.com
  5. Hello Chris, Thank you and Astrid for great trip ...... Made home about 1730. Best regards, Mike
  6. Hello johnpa, Where did you get your replacement radiator? Mike
  7. Hello, Has anyone made the transition to a digital mirrorless camera? If yes, which model? Has it met your expectations? Best regards, Mike
  8. Hello Tim, Happy Birthday ....
  9. Here's interesting product for child safety: https://www.amberalertgps.com/ The company is headquatered in Scottsdale.
  10. mbuckner

    Number 7

    Yes, the #7 rock ...
  11. mbuckner

    Number 7

    I hope the "ROCK" was not part of the sale.
  12. mbuckner

    Sad News

    Condolences to Devon and her family. Mike
  13. For those looking for a 12v fridge: http://www.expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/144653-Engel-MT45-for-sale-in-Tucson
  14. If the tapered plug on the right will start in, try drilling a hole in the center, then use either a machine or sheet metal screw to make the rubber plug expand in the hole. Might work as a temporary fix until you get the correct part.
  15. For those in Colorado: http://backcountrycomms.com/
  16. Nope ... no links I went to some other threads and see their links and they connect .........
  17. Are you replacing a defective switch or adding a new switch/circuit to the rear wiper?
  18. Since I am electrically challenged, I thought this was an interesting article: http://www.allpar.com/eek/alternators.html
  19. mbuckner

    2001 tj

    Attended an AZVJC wrenching party for hand throttle install:
  20. Hello, Are the "advanced forum features" in the lines listed above? If not, what are some of the advanced forum features that would be taught? Best regards, Miike
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