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  1. I learned the hard way ... used the cooker without the engine running ... forgot that

    I have an Engel MT-43 that needed power too .... time for a jump start .....


    So I do not cook without the motor running ...


    In my opinion, the 12v cooker is better than the manifold heating which I have

    used on past runs.


    Best regards,



  2. I know. A friend on here was holding our new Wrangler for us for quite some time as we found a new home for Number 7. He didn't want to advertise or deal with the whole craigslist thing, which is retrospect I can hardly blame him, what a PITA! But, we were committed to buying that Jeep as soon as Number 7 sold, so that's how it went. The sale happened at 1:30 PM and the buy happened at about 3:00 PM. Quickest I've ever sold and bought a Jeep. Believe me, it was stressful and worthy of a few campfire stories. :)


    I will say that I didn't think we were going to get our asking price for good old Number 7 simply because of the 4-banger and the 5-speed transmission, but I'll be danged if we didn't get damn close to it! Woot!




    Thanks, it was a tough sale as that was the Jeep we've held onto over the years. Bought it in 2001 as 2nd owner. It was a tough sale due to the bonding with that one. We're happy the new owner loves him as much as we do, and he went to a great home.




    This one? DSCN1957.JPG


    This rock? I hate so say I'm not sure what became of that rock when we moved. I'll have to ask G.


    Yes, the #7 rock ...

  3. while messing around with the t-case i found a couple other issues...



    shift linkage grommet


    the grommet that helps hold the shifter cable on was missing. this is common problem in some JK's too. fortunately the way my cable is routed, the end will stay on and still work - but now i know why i had a sloppy feeling shifter.


    i found several people online talking about a better fix than just replacing with a factory grommet. everything you need is in the "help!" section at most any auto parts store:






    supposedly you use the smallest grommet from that pack and then the e-clip that measures 3/8" O.D. to clip on outside the grommet and help hold it on. i'm not sure if the material of these grommets is better than the factory or what, but several people reported their fix has lasted years. i grabbed the parts but haven't been back under the jeep to do the fix yet myself.



    there's the leak!!


    i've had a nasty t-case leak for a while now and i thought it was coming from around the shaft of the shift arm. it turns out i am just missing a rubber plug, Mopar part #15105. see the shiny clean hole right in the edge of the light?




    i tried to find a replacement from Ace that would fit, but none of these worked:




    i can't think how this would have come out unless maybe my breather line is kinked and it got pushed out from pressure... anyway i ordered 2 replacements and we'll see what happens once i get one put back in (no shipping info still after a week now, so who knows when i'll get them)!


    If the tapered plug on the right will start in, try drilling a hole in the center, then use either a machine or sheet metal screw to make the rubber plug expand in the hole. Might work as a temporary fix until you get the correct part.

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