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  1. Happy birthday Tim!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. mbuckner

    2001 tj

    This post is way late (2011 April). I got tired of propane bottles clattering, pinging, rolling, etc. etc., so I decided to build and install a propane bottle storage container. I decided to mount it under the elevated deck, next to the fridge. That way it would not block the airflow around the Engel. The storage container will hold 3 Coleman type propane bottles (no more bottle movement) Material (all from Lowes): 1 - 4" diameter x 24" black pipe 1 - 4" diameter rubber end cap (clamped to pipe) 1 - 4" threaded plastic end cap (glued to pipe) 1 - 4" threaded plastic end plug 2 - metal straps (of your choice) 2 - pcs of bicycle inner tubes cut to the appropriate length ( to cover the metal straps) 4 - mounting screws or bolts (your choice) Some pics attached:
  3. You might be able to use a 3.5mm to USB to a USB Bluetooth transmitter to keep the transmitter battery charged. http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/261569389065?lpid=82
  4. Tim, Also, I noticed that you need to find a transmitter that will recharge when plugged into the radio's 3.5mm jack ... the only ones that I found used a battery that needed to be replaced when discharged. There are some Bluetooth transmitters that use USB connections that will charge while being used. I looked at your SKYFI manual and did not see a USB connection port on that brand of radio.
  5. Hello Curly, You will need a Bluetooth transmitter that plugs into the head phone jack, then Bluetooth speakers that plug into a wall socket ... There are a number of products out there, here is just one: http://www.amazon.com/Miccus-Mini-jack-Transmitter-Headphones-Receivers/dp/B002HHLOWC/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top Let me know if you need more help. Mike
  6. Therm-a-rest makes a 4 inch thick self-inflating mattress: http://www.cascadedesigns.com/therm-a-rest/mattresses/camp-and-comfort/mondoking/product Also comes in XXL size.
  7. Struck out ... Tonto National Forest does not a have any documented history in regards to the Dupont Cabin.
  8. I contacted the Tonto Forest Heritage Center and they said they would research their archives for the Dupont Cabin; hope to hear from them next week.
  9. I have one with the 3rd brake light working .....
  10. I went to their website and could not find the hours of operation ... so I called and it's Wednesday-Saturday per answering machine ... Looks like I'll wait till Wednesday and give them another ring .....
  11. Thanks Karen for planning and taking us to another part of beautiful Arizona .... Finally got home about 4:45 pm after a 2 hour delay south of Wickenburg ... I found that strange sound up around the radiator ... the check engine light came on with an audio beep... voltage dropped ... then the temp went up real quick ... pulled off the road and shut down ... the idler pulley had disintegrated ... good news, no damage to the belt or radiator and I had a spare (learned from the same issue once before) ... more good news that Mike Smith came along and helped me get it started and followed me to the I17 & and the 101, which was way, way out of his way ... Thanks again Mike ... So off the NAPA for another spare idler pulley .....
  12. It's a wonder you do not see it all the time ....... http://www.flightradar24.com/ Probably Google has some type of filter to remove most of them .......
  13. Thanks for the great pics ....... looks like you ran west to east ...... Scramblin Jim, Gold Digger, and I ran it east to west about 4 weeks ago ...... I has become very rough in some places just getting to Rug Road from the east ... But it is still a great trail ... one of my favorites in Arizona .....
  14. Never thought about it .... I read where hackers have pasted some images .. do not know if that's true or not either .....
  15. Then a hacker must have got into google maps and pasted it in .......
  16. Strange that the terrain is not scarred .... it must be an early April fools joke from Google ...... Only one way to find out and good reason for a day trip .....
  17. Hi Steve, Did you post on NAXJA, XJTalk and Cherokee forum? Best regards,
  18. Has anyone tried this product? $27 @ Lowes http://www.copdots.com Best regards,
  19. They basically got away with a hand slap: http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/news/57695025-78/goblin-hall-state-rock.html.csp
  20. Haven't seen this before: http://rotopax.com/
  21. Hello, Looks like it is heater core replacement time The best price I can find for a 2001 TJ Sport 4.0 is at this website: http://www.trademotion.com/partlocator/index.cfm?siteid=213948/?siteid=213948 Does anyone have experience with this supplier? Best regards,
  22. This should work in a pinch: http://www.amazon.com/Rainburst-Simple-Shower/dp/B00DVXXIQQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1386102955&sr=8-1&keywords=rainburst
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