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  1. Great pics ...... Has anyone identified the type of snake? I tried using the link below, but still not a positive answer: http://www.reptilesofaz.org/snakes.html Best regards,
  2. Be sure and get this wired in: http://www.roadtrucker.com/12-volt-cooking/12-volt-portable-sauce-pan-popcorn-popper.htm
  3. I bought 2 factory blemished, red, 4 gal at a good discount and have not had a problem (yet) ... They have been tested with water only so far ..... and I did not buy the spouts.... Thanks for the alert ......
  4. Of all the guy-line plastic line cleats, locks, etc, this one is the best: http://www.clamcleat.com/cleats/cleat_details.asp?theid2=95 If you learn to tie a taught line hitch correctly, you do not need any of the fancy plastic locks: http://www.netknots.com/rope_knots/tautline-hitch/
  5. And it's overdue for its next major eruption per some scientist's ......
  6. A few years back, the KOFA had a few sheep being killed by mountain lion(s). I do not recall the number, but some cats were terminated. For those interested in how some game management techniques are used, here is some very interesting (IMO) information: http://www.catsg.org/catsgportal/project-o-month/01_current-project/current/project.htm Best regards,
  7. The last time I checked, AZG&F will determine if there are enough sheep to issue tags for draw in a particular unit. It could be as little as one tag for that hunt unit. Also, if you do get drawn for bighorn sheep, it is a once in a life time tag. If you get one, that's great. If you don't, no more bighorn hunt's for you. Best regards,
  8. This should help you get started: http://www.arrl.org/vanity-call-signs
  9. mbuckner

    2001 tj

    Future plan is to add two more disconnects .. one up front, off to the side of the grill ... and one to the rear bumper ..
  10. mbuckner

    2001 tj

    Pics added .......
  11. mbuckner

    2001 tj

    Assembled a dust cap for the OBA quick disconnect.' Cost about $1.40 for all parts from Lowes: 1 - 7/8" chair leg rubber tip 1 - 12" steel wire, 1/16" diameter 2 - metal ferrule, 1/16" ID http://s1303.photobucket.com/user/mbuckner1947/media/dust%20cap/P1170007_zps5ce5050b.jpg.html?sort=2&o=0 http://s1303.photobucket.com/user/mbuckner1947/media/dust%20cap/P1170009_zps6419aebb.jpg.html?sort=2&o=1 http://s1303.photobucket.com/user/mbuckner1947/media/dust%20cap/P1170011_zpsd243e3cb.jpg.html?sort=2&o=2
  12. Here is one model (of many) with some safety features: http://www.mrheater.com/product.aspx?catid=41&id=338
  13. This might be a useful multipurpose navigational software: http://www.huntinggpsmaps.com/hunt-arizona-garmin-gps-3792 Looks like it has several states available. Best regards, Mike
  14. Here is a product that I am going to add to my survival pack: http://eartheasy.com/lifestraw Best regards, Mike
  15. Has anyone tried this product? http://www.arrl.org/shop/TravelPlus-Mobile-GPS-downloadable Best regards, Mike
  16. Yes, "Dear Leader" must keep control of all member ideas and actions?
  17. At 8 years old, there nothing wrong with starting out with the safety class you described. Evidently the Scottsdale Gun Club thinks that it is important enough to offer it as free. So, why not take advantage of it. It may save Brady's life or someone else's life if he is not near an adult. You will notice that most state Hunter Safety Classes require a 10 years as the minimum age. The NRA is an excellent resource for youth and adult firearm safety. If you are going to teach him, be sure it follows NRA safety guidelines; he does not need to learn or develop any bad firearm habits. Even though I was 6 years when I stated shooting .22's and going out to shoot without adult supervision by 8. Gun rack in the window of the pickup with two rifles, leave the windows down, doors unlocked and thought nothing of it. BUT TIMES HAVE CHANGED ...... Best regards, Mike
  18. http://www.ksl.com/?sid=27506972&nid=148&title=federal-judge-rules-no-off-road-vehicles-on-richfield-blm-lands&fm=home_page&s_cid=queue-15
  19. I do not remember any part of the trail that would give an off road trailer a problem ..... but we better wait for Jim & Tim to reply ....
  20. That's a good idea and I have seen that done on TJs. But 95% of the time when I have the hood up, it is leaned back against the top of the wind screen frame so the hood is completely out of the way. About the only time the hood prop rod is used to support the hood --- when tires are being aired up from the OBA system.
  21. Hello, Anyone know of a 2001 TJ being parted out? I need one ....... That little plastic part cost almost $20 from the dealerships and around $15 online which gets it back up to $20 with shipping. Best regards, Mike
  22. I think Walmart has a website problem ..... I went back in again and there are a lot other CB's that are now at $5.30 ....... so do not be surprised if the orders placed are "null & void"........
  23. I can still get to the link ... but now it is "out of stock online"............
  24. I clicked on the link and it let me "add to cart"...... Since I already have a CB, I am not buying one .....
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