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  1. Hope your B-day was a good one!
  2. What Diane meant to say was the engine and starter turned over but did not start.
  3. Getting your diffs hung up was the problem. When some one got hung up they would just spin tires and make holes between the rocks making it even harder to find a line. Short wheel base and huge tires is the way to conquer this obstacle. I was the third Jeep on this rock garden so it was not too dug up, it took me a few attempts and then I found my line and crawled up without pulling cable.
  4. Cream Puff never pulled cable during the 3 days of wheeling.
  5. There's a 2 car attached and 2+ detached with bath room and small living quarters.
  6. I drained the diff oil and took the pan out in the sun and stirred the oil and saw lots of shiny glitter. The glitter makes me think the the damage might mean all bearings and possibly gears. I have decided to rent a U-haul trailer and take it to 4Wheel Parts in Mesa.
  7. I do want to tackle this but first I need to find out what backlash is and buy a diff bearing puller set.
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