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  1. There's a 2 car attached and 2+ detached with bath room and small living quarters.
  2. I drained the diff oil and took the pan out in the sun and stirred the oil and saw lots of shiny glitter. The glitter makes me think the the damage might mean all bearings and possibly gears. I have decided to rent a U-haul trailer and take it to 4Wheel Parts in Mesa.
  3. I do want to tackle this but first I need to find out what backlash is and buy a diff bearing puller set.
  4. My 1992 XJ (Clifford) is making whining a noise from the rear diff area, that gets louder with speed. I put the Jeep on jack stands (after reassuring Diane that they weren't from Harbor Freight) and determined that the noise is coming from the pinion bearing. I'm planning to disassemble the diff, and replace the pinion bearings (and maybe the carrier bearings while I'm in there). My question is, if I put everything back together the way it is, and only replace the bearings, will it throw anything off? Like gear tolerances? What can go wrong? What should I be cautious of? I am no gear expert, I have never done this before. I am venturing into uncharted waters here!
  5. Hope you had a great B-day.
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