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  1. Thanks stranger, I thought you fell in a hole never to be seen again.
  2. I always take the back seat out and pack my tools and gear in tool bags and put them inside only when running trails.
  3. What is a torque arm? Can you post a pic?
  4. Looks like a 4Wheelers Supply bumper. They are out of business now.
  5. The 241 with the Rubicrawler engaged has a 10.5 to 1 crawl ratio, that was too low for me. The 231 with the Rubicrawler has a 7 to 1 crawl ratio that is perfect for the hard trails I like to run. I will also have a 272 to 1 ratio to run easy trails and sand duns.
  6. Installed lockout hubs, different wheels, Rubicrawler crawl box, swapped the 241or t-case for a 231j case. Should be ready for a shake down soon.
  7. I just found one so I am good. $425 is a great price for a case with a sye.
  8. Hey Mike, My Ford metal heater valve rusted so I went back to the plastic one.
  9. Number7

    Diet Coke

    I knew about this for a long time, and even tried to warn Gearhead awhile back but he told me to get off his case.
  10. Looks good, stubbys are the way to go.
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