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  1. I hope you let me take it for a spin.
  2. What is axle gear ratio? Are you running a rear track bar or is it linked?
  3. I like it, long arms are the way to go.
  4. Thanks every one, it was a great day and Diane made me avocado brownies, yum, yum.
  5. My oil pump does the same thing and it is new. If your oil pressure is over 40 at high way speed I would leave it alone.
  6. Now that you have the water pump off do the timing chain. My pump went out at 111000mi and the timing chain was very loose. I up graded to a double roller chain.
  7. Marcus, don't do it, you will turn into a phone staring zombie.
  8. Your Currie steering is a great set up. Don't know way your shop is recommending crossover setup because steering and death wobble are two different issues. Keep your Currie setup and sell it.
  9. Glad you made it home safe, hope you get the death wobble problem solved.
  10. Boat side rock sliders might be an option to cut the rust out and weld in the sliders.
  11. Hey Warren, welcome to our site. See you on the trail.
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