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  1. Hang in there little buckaroo.
  2. Now she will shed small hair.
  3. The trans might just be low on oil. Nice find.
  4. I placed two new things on John's Memorial, an American flag made by JeepUniq and a key ring made by Artec Industries.
  5. I just replace the pads and never had a problem, except one time on my Dodge 2500 I got a vibration when applying brake. I took the front rotors to Big-O and had them turned and problem solved.
  6. It was Wednesday and not a lot of people. Leather gloves work great when using the cable.
  7. I did this hike two weeks ago, one of the best hikes I've done.
  8. Clean the engine before the water pump install.
  9. Yes the u-joints are misaligned. The cv joint is tight and nothing hits or rubs. I pulled the yoke off and rotated it one spline and it misaligned the other direction. That slight misalignment must be causing my clunking.
  10. Theksmith gave me this front drive shaft a long time ago. It came off of his WJ when he upgraded to JK axles. I installed it on Clifford recently, and found out that, when in 4 wheel drive and the Jeep is under load (i.e.: going uphill or making a hard turn) there is a clunk sound for every revolution of the drive shaft from the CV joint. I took it out and looked it over, and I think I know what the problem is. Besides the caps are missing, what do you think is the problem?
  11. Number7

    JK D44 swap

    They look great with the truss work. The one and only thing that I hate about the front JK D44 is the tie rod is lower than the axle and gets hung up on rocks all the time.
  12. Welcome to the site, see you on the trail.
  13. I enlarged to about 60mm using a carbide bit. G:cool:
  14. Yes, it is a short drive from the main trail. G:cool:
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