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  1. Looks like a perfect day on the trail. Thanks for leading this!
  2. Gearhead is going to lead this one. We no longer can make this run. Have fun!
  3. Anyone up for leading this? I no longer can lead this one. I have gpx files for the route I was considering
  4. Got everyone added. two on standby. When we get closer we should have a few people drop out so I would expect those on standby at this point to still plan to go. Just get those Bulldog permits.
  5. Sunday, 12/1/2019 Sunflower Mine Loop: The Sunflower Mine loop is located off Highway 87 (Beeline Highway) near Mt. Ord. The trail offers a variety of challenges: rock crawling in the creek, steep loose climb out of the creek, narrow and sometimes off-camber shelf roads, and more! The trail is very scenic, as it winds back into a canyon, and offers neat views of the highway and Mt. Ord. Please take note of rig minimums and suggestions. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvqBnz1rVk8 Difficulty: Rated Difficult due to a variety of challenges: rock crawl in the creek, long climb out of creek, areas with moguls, short sections of shelf roads. The trail is very scenic as it winds back into a canyon, and offers neat views of the highway at night. Meet-up: Sunday, 12/1/2019 at 10am the Baja gas station (Chevron) on Hwy 87 and Fort McDowell Rd. 10180 N Fort McDowell Rd, Fort McDowell, AZ 85264 MAP Note: You may want to get gas first someplace else cheaper! These trails recommended for experienced 4x4 enthusiasts. Vehicle Minimums: · All vehicles are required to meet state legal requirements, (i.e.: current registration and insurance) · Have functional seat-belts for each occupant · Must have suitable recovery points front and rear · Each vehicle must have a CB Radio or HAM in good working order · High-clearance 4x4's with low-range · 33"+ aggressive all-terrain or mud-terrain tires · Select-able or constant lockers front and rear OR at least limited-slip rear axle Vehicle Recommendations: Skid plates on important areas such as transfer-case & gas-tank, rock-rails, aftermarket differential covers, high-clearance metal bumpers, winch, trimmed wheel wells, low axle gearing, upgraded axle shafts, 4:1 transfer case, 35"+ tires, roll-cage. CB Channel: 4 Ham Frequency: 146.46 MHz Rig Limit: This trip is limited to 7 total rigs. Once the limit is reached, anyone asking to sign-up will be placed on the standby list. Please don't hesitate to sign-up as a standby because people often do drop-out so you may get to still go. Post a reply in this thread saying you'd like to go and we'll put you on the roster! Trail Leaders: Gearhead & Number 7 Attending: 1. SonoranWander 2. K2man56 3. dxJeepChic 4. Craigger 5. Ksmith 6. klaykrusher 7. CAVU2 Wait List: 1. Capsul 2. .
  6. Nice work!! Thanks for sharing. A sleep platform is still on our bucket list!
  7. Almost home. Thanks for a great run!! Condolences to Sonoran Wanderer. Saw the highway patrol got him in Tolleson.
  8. Ok.... I will research for an Easy Friday run for me to lead and drive *yikes!* and then on Sunday can plan on a more moderate trail so my hubby can join in on the fun -Sarah
  9. Wow a great response! Don't forget to get your Bull Dog OHV specific permits for this one. Looking forward to a nice day run with good people!
  10. Excellent. We'll work to coordinate with you on meeting up. If it is too cold I will just get an Air BNB.
  11. until
    Offroad Expo in Scottsdale, AZ 12/6 to 12/8/2019 in Scottsdale, AZ. http://offroadutvexpo.com/
  12. We can't make this one but wanted to share a fun wheeling event in the Las Vegas area. From 10/31/2019 to 11/2 the Vegas Valley Four Wheelers host Vegas Hump & Bump weekend. They have trails from easy to difficult and it looks like a well organized event. For more info check them out. https://vv4w.org/hump-n-bump/
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