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  1. Here is the link to the photos and video I took. Thanks again to everyone for making it such a fun day. Laughter and friendship is certainly is a great way to start the new year! Link to Sarah's album
  2. Weird topic but I have 6 dozen farm fresh organic butt nuggets (eggs) if anyone wants any I can bring them. Likely have one more dozen available by Saturday.
  3. We also love our ecoflow (delta mini) for home power outages. Keep a refrigerator or freezer running for example.
  4. Yes, our ecoflow let's you charge it and also draw from it at the same time. Very handy.
  5. It does seem to be vehicle specific for us. In the 1991 cherokee she has electrical issues and only one 12v port. Overnight the one fridge kept giving errors with our fridge. Plus without installing another 12v port we couldn't use our second small fridge. So the Ecoflow was the fix. Plus has been great for when we lose power on the homestead. The other, a Jeep a 2002 WJ, has no issue with the two running but more peace of mind not having them going during the night.
  6. Found this deal for $598 on the ecoflow Delta Mini. Vs $750 normal price. At REI: REI deal Specs on ecoflow website. Ecoflow mini specs Folding solar panel 120W amazon link
  7. Happy New Year!! May 2023 be much kinder!
  8. We love our Ecoflow Delta Mini. They came out with a new model too that looks good. We tested the ecoflow Delta Mini and it ran the costway 37quart refrigerator for 48hours and it still had some life left. Best part was it charges back to full off 110 in 2 hours. We can charge it off the Jeep too during the run and then let the ecoflow run both refrigerators overnight. I've even used it with a heating pad, a giant residential freezer, and other items. Saved us a few times with power outages too. Lots of charging ports and can also be charged off solar. Final note we have been using two 37quart Costway refrigerators in the Jeep for over 3 years. Got the 4 year extendsd warranty through Walmart. We are very happy with these. They fit under our deck system and the entire top is removable. We use one as a freezer and the other as the fridge.
  9. Curious to see how you like the new sleeping pad. Are these insulated?
  10. The XJ got death wobble fixed again and new fuel line repair parts. Lol I know exciting. The WJ got a new to her climate control module for the AC and Heat. Finally, the RV got lots of new Aquahot diesel parts so we could get hot water back again! Not fun but all needed parts.
  11. Sign us up. Hoping for that same RV we had at Dogtown if you go back there! That was seperate from the group site and fit our 45ft rv and we could fit another truck and trailer behind us too.
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