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  1. Zero flex but didn't tip over!!
  2. SOLD Nearly new Goodyear All Terrain Adventure with Kevlar tires and stock wheels. Set of four 265x60x18 tires. 1200 miles on them! 1 stock spare 245x65x18. Opticoat ceramic coating on wheels. Came off a new 2020 Grand Cherokee. Small scuff on one wheel only. Will also fit WJ, WK, JK, JL, and JT Jeeps. $500 cash only. Located in S. Peoria.
  3. Cupcake just got detailed so she is gonna live the pampered city life.. i appreciate the effort though!! Bringing the old girl (XJ) instead
  4. Awesome pictures! Wish we could have made it out there on this one.
  5. It's a lot of work to get quality. We paid around $1k for our Protofab rear bumper. The bumper I want for the WK is around $800.
  6. Our Baofeng will run the GMRS channels. I still need to get around to paying for a license.
  7. Well besides new pinstripes on my WK2 I ordered the Element 100 fire extiguiser
  8. Now in California - The Guardian: New mystery metal monolith appears on a California mountaintop
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