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  1. We ran the roads from the longer entry from the KOA (exit 167 from the I-140) and from Williams downtown (exit 163). The road from the KOA side is not good for RVs or taller trailers. Significant low hanging trees, several lovely deep drainage ditches, and one large mud hole. We recommend if you are coming with a trailer or RV to go to Williams downtown and then out the tar road to get to Dogtown lake. The dirt from this side is also shorter and no mud or low hanging branches. Just watch out for the people flying out from the campground. When you are leaving if you want to dump your RV or trailer the Circle Pines KOA (exit 167) will let you dump for a $15 fee. There is a free dump at the Loves Truck stop as well but that place is typically way too crazy to pull a trailer or RV into. Other observations: We noticed several mosquitos even in the heat of the day so bring bug spray. They had wood for sale from the camp hosts. Bring extra drinking water. Not seeing much in the way of potable water. Looking forward to seeing everyone. We will be arriving early into one of the few spots that can fit us on Thursday.
  2. Link to photos from the trip. Now time for more coffee! Sarah's photo album
  3. 1 men's 2xl in white 1 women's 2xl in white. Sent payment via zelle just now Thanks
  4. There are bathrooms just for the group site. Longest walk under 100 yards or even closer if sitting near fire. Then there are nice bathrooms scattered throughout the loops and by the boat ramp. All very close so should be good. Plus they were spotlessly clean.
  5. Saw this article today. If you scroll past the long basic intro of what a propane firepit is there are new options at the bottom of the article. RV Geeks Propane Fire Pit
  6. Yes she is soooooo loud. Also, why we need to upgrade our stereo as we can't even hear music in it. Next set of tires going to be less aggressive. Our jeep even has a bunch of noise deadening material in it!!
  7. We upgraded the steering on our 1991 Jeep Cherokee Briarwood (XJ). She had been having death wobble keep coming back in addition to it was flexing and creaking when turning. We would make heads turn when coming into a parking lot. Not from the cool factor but from the cranky creaking noises in the steering. So we upgraded to a Clayton Adjustable Front Trackbar (link) with bracket. This was a ton more "beefy" and solved the issue. No more awful noises when turning and so far no wobble. Had a trip to Scottsdale at highway speeds even and zero issues.
  8. We went up a few weeks ago and shot this video of the group site. It is a great place. The space for relaxing together is excellent. Also, had the cleanest vault bathrooms I've ever seen. It's easier and less muddy to get to the water by the boat ramp and not the day use area around the northwest side. In this photo album (Link) is a video of the group campground. apologize for the lack of quality but we had to drive thru the area while the camp host waited on us!
  9. Team Name: Team Money Pit Members: Chris and Sarah Vehicle: 2002 WJ "Hope" Looking forward to holding on to our blindfold challenge crown!
  10. Need to back out of this one. Hope you have a blast. Love camping in this area but will have to be another time,
  11. We have a complaint in to state senators. Sent renewal in September and nothing. I contacted the state senator and amazingly they sent the new cards.....but to our old address. This was after multiple emails and calls. Total incompetence. Have the state senators office helping resolve this mess.
  12. We decided to try the EcoFlow Delta Mini to power our two electric fridges and misc. electrical needs. We bought a 160W folding solar panel to go with it. EcoFlow Delta Mini Link Solar panel folding link One reason we went with this brand is the fast recharge, better price, and we liked that we could use this and charge it off the Jeep while driving. We are considering adding a solar panel to the top of both jeeps as well. It has lots of plug options for solar, AC, 12v, and many output options. It charges from empty to full in under 2 hours. Also, off 300 watts solar 3 to 6 hours. We first tested it running one of our refrigerators for 48 hours in approx 72 degree ambient temps. With no solar for this test. It kept our cooler at 35ish degrees for 48 hours and drained the battery to 15 percent. Up next is to see how long solar takes to charge her back up. Hoping this helps keep our fridges running at least overnight during actual trail runs. Last few runs our cooler would shutoff even on eco mode with our XJ. I'll update with how this works after the next overnight trip in a few weeks. We still need to figure out a place to mount it in the WJ.
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