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  1. Good first night. Coordinates are 34.4262295, -111.4021467 Bring a jacket is was chilly. Great group area.
  2. Video of part of the meeting https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=dCTWlcVCr1E
  3. Well after the drag link ripped apart and we lost all steering (because the aluminum bar was too short and only holding by 3 bolt threads) Chris wants to go over everything the shop touched. We also have a long list of other projects to get done....fix CB radios in both Jeeps, suspension seats in WJ, rear light bar in WJ, fix rock lights that were cut by the shop, fix door wiring that was screwed up, fix wiring on locker switches, trim rear bumper more for clearance, fix how shop fabricated our passenger disconnect pin connection, etc. So just need the weekend time most likely for him to work on this. #Jeeplife!!
  4. Ok change of plans....please put us on the standby list and move someone off that list. Need to focus on repairs and not sure if we will have our list done in time.
  5. Looks cool. Also want to stay at Cerro Gordo. Saw this but I still don't see it is available on Air BNB yet. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/08/07/california-ghost-town-turned-luxury-destination.html
  6. Link To full album. Complete Charleaou Album We had a fun time but were surprised by how hard this has become. I'm currently sitting at Letzroll waiting to see how much of a fight to get them to fix the steering that never should have come apart. Turns out one ton steering needs more than three threads holding it together!! I'll post a trip report hopefully this week. Update: They quickly fixed it with the correct length steering bar and longer heim joint. Thankfully they took care of it for us!
  7. Bradywgn71

    Briarwood XJ

    Our 1991 XJ.
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