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  1. We have a complaint in to state senators. Sent renewal in September and nothing. I contacted the state senator and amazingly they sent the new cards.....but to our old address. This was after multiple emails and calls. Total incompetence. Have the state senators office helping resolve this mess.
  2. We decided to try the EcoFlow Delta Mini to power our two electric fridges and misc. electrical needs. We bought a 160W folding solar panel to go with it. EcoFlow Delta Mini Link Solar panel folding link One reason we went with this brand is the fast recharge, better price, and we liked that we could use this and charge it off the Jeep while driving. We are considering adding a solar panel to the top of both jeeps as well. It has lots of plug options for solar, AC, 12v, and many output options. It charges from empty to full in under 2 hours. Also, off 300 watts solar 3 to 6 hours. We first tested it running one of our refrigerators for 48 hours in approx 72 degree ambient temps. With no solar for this test. It kept our cooler at 35ish degrees for 48 hours and drained the battery to 15 percent. Up next is to see how long solar takes to charge her back up. Hoping this helps keep our fridges running at least overnight during actual trail runs. Last few runs our cooler would shutoff even on eco mode with our XJ. I'll update with how this works after the next overnight trip in a few weeks. We still need to figure out a place to mount it in the WJ.
  3. Had a really fun day. Beautiful lynch spot by the river and Ryan spoiled us by cooking lunch. Additional bonus was the adorable puppy named Buddy!! Here is a link to the photos I took.
  4. Lunch sounds good and it's a small group. We can bring buns and baked beans. If that works.
  5. We are confirmed. May need to put a reflective vest on chris so I can locate him rockhounding when we need to leave!
  6. Chris and I are in. Rockhounding and picnic idea appeals to us. Ric and Sue are also interested but please mark as tentative. They are off-grid and can't respond at this time.
  7. Thanks all for the photos. Love seeing the trip from different perspectives! Looking forward to seeing the video from this.
  8. Haha nope I had a bad headache all day so no driving for me.
  9. Here is a link to my photos from the trip. Thanks again for a fun day! Album
  10. Thanks for sharing! Just a heads up that the link loops back to ORP and not your blog. May need to edit the link on the post.
  11. What a fun trip. Will post more on the trip specifics but here is a link to my photos.
  12. Wanted to mention we had a battery from Costco go bad in 3 months! Costco guy said they have a bunch being returned recently within just a few months of purchase. Good luck!
  13. Quick searches say to check with the forest service in that area for guidance. I would worry that they would then shut the road down due to hazzards and then take a 2 years study to figure it out. They claim you can with a permit harvest firewood. Might be an option. However, I know I've been on runs that may have cleared several trees off the roads without asking permission. I wouldn't make it an official or public thing for sure unless you get clearance in advance. Just my two uneducated cents!
  14. My handheld ham runs both ham and gmrs channels. Not sure of your ham radio also could pickup the gmrs frequencies.
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