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  1. Also add they have a free pass for disabled. See their info on that hereLink We've used ours for several years and gives 50% off camping too....if you can find a spot
  2. Have approx 2 more jeeps that would like to come with us from the American Coach rally group we are with this weekend. Looks to be decently built wranglers so the trail shouldn't be an issue for them. Let me know if this is ok since we have a small group for Saturday. Thanks!
  3. We'll be there despite that awful meet-up commute!! Lol! we are be staying about a half mile away from the meet-up spot this weekend.
  4. Thanks all. Yeah our Trashroo was garage kept or inside the vehicle so we got our moneys worth for sure.
  5. Any updates on what people are using? Our Trasharoo finally broke. Bought it around 2010 so not too bad!
  6. Burro Creek is on my list for places to check out for sure. Even if this doesn't work for an Xmas party maybe a run idea for the future. Hot springs would be fun!
  7. We used our GoTreads this weekend to make our RV level. We weigh 43,000 pounds and they didn't break!! Hopefully won't need to use ever for actually getting stuck but I can vouch that they are tough. Link to photo
  8. What a fun long weekend!! We made it through our first boondocking with only a few new projects to work on. Thanks again to everyone who made this possible and everyone who came. You make this group awesome! Link to my photos and a few I stole from other talented photographers. Photo link
  9. Please check traffic on the I17 northbound if coming to the Gala today. Hearing of a bad accident near Carefree Highway, north Phoenix area, that may shut it down. May need to take alternative routes.
  10. Can get the CAT scales app. "Weigh my Truck" is the official name. For $12 go to nearest CAT scale. Using the app you don't even have to get out of the vehicle. Just set up your billing in advance.
  11. Maybe a good campfire will help too with bugs. Reminder to bring Firewood. This area has been picked pretty clean so not seeing free Firewood this trip.
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