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  1. Just today GAIA announced this will now work on Android auto play. See blog https://blog.gaiagps.com/gaia-gps-on-android-auto/?utm_source=feature&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Android+Auto+Release+-+Premium
  2. Bumping this thread. We'll be camping at a private lot from Oct 1st through the 11th. Welcome to wheel with us on non Trail Hero days as well.
  3. until
    Come join this awesome event. From mild to wild. Nightly events, concerts, and vendor shows. For more info and discussion click here. ORP Trail Hero
  4. It's been a wet and wild few days in Rimrock. Thankfully no damage!
  5. Despite me teasing you about it, this is cool!! Adding to the hubby's project list!
  6. Yes it does! I gave up driving it on the freeway and made Chris drive it up here to Camp Verde the last trip! Now that it is fixed no issues at high speeds
  7. Quick update.... Our Briarwood is getting her axle swap done this week by OnPoint Performance (Joe) in Glendale. These were @scottL old axles, upgraded shafts, and ARB lockers. We are using our high pinon front axle set-up but taking Scott's lockers and other components out that we want to use. Upgrading the rear axle from stock Dana 35 to a Chrysler 8.25 allready geared at 4.10. Doing gearing to the front to match. We had quite a delay tracking down the ARB locker compressor and basic parts. Summit Racing and East Coast Gear supply came through for us thankfully so we weren't delayed for 9 to 12 months. We also have had a death wobble for some time and are hoping the Trail Forged steering upgrade kit fixes this. Link to kit. Highly recommend the Trail Forged company for XJ and WJ parts. Excellent customer service and communication. Pictures and shakedown run in the future after we get the 500 miles on the near gears and a fluid change.
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