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  1. We are still really happy with the Coleman Insta Tent 6 person. Goes up really easy and putting it away isn't bad. Top can be just mesh which is nice on our hot trips. We did spray marine grade waterproofing all over it. Mainly to help dust and dirt shed off easy. It rarely sees rain.
  2. Hope you have an awesome Birthday!! PhotoGrid_Video_1579010592077.mp4
  3. Loving our new set-up The views in this area are stunning Waterfall exiting box canyon Our boy slept almost all day. He could care less about the Jeep rocking and rolling and the noise of the rocks On our way out to Cottonwood Canyon road Thanks to everyone for coming out. We had a great time. Happy Birthday in advance to Diane!!
  4. Photos continued..... One attempt at the up and over video: ksmith at squeeze up and over Peakaboo At the squeeze Lunchtime. My happy boys After lunch a few more obstacles
  5. A small group of us ran the Elvis Trail in Florence, AZ. We then exited via Mineral Mountain road and out to Cottonwood Canyon Road. GPX Tracks attached. It was a beautiful "winter" day in the desert. We had some minimal trail carnage. Our Jeep bounced slipped off the first waterfall obstacle. Our slider caught most of it but it bounced into the rock and we have a new rear driver dent. It matches the dent on the passenger side that we got on the Rubicon years ago. Link to the video. The loud bang is the door getting eaten. video of hope Gearhead also had his muffler separate. It did make is rig sound beefy Link to video: Gearhead at waterfall Link to full photo album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/qQUVwrx1LLKwRJou9 Checking out the first obstacle Our group Climbing the first obstacle Our jeep scared George Checking out the damage George at first waterfall our new dent. It will buff out track_20200112_095325_elvis_trip.gpx
  6. Check out a new "Save Our Public Lands" Facebook group. Lots of good resources and some really passionate people trying to keep our Arizona lands open.
  7. Bradywgn71

    2020 Holiday Party

    Holiday Party
  8. Bradywgn71

    Florence Jan 2020

    A trip starting at Box Canyon to the Coke Ovens. Then out Walnut Canyon to Superior, AZ.
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