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  1. Sharing the info for this event at the end of October. Registration opens on 9/2/2021. We are going to try to make this event this year. Vegas Hump and Bump
  2. Ok we registered for the following easy and moderate trails: Monday: check-in day and evening kickoff party (free) Tuesday 10/5/2021: Razzle Dazzle (Moderate) Wednesday: 10/6/21: Dinosaur Tracks (easy) Thursday: Day off for us Friday: Milt's Miracle with Ian Johnson (Moderate) Saturday: Honeymoon Trail (Easy) Sunday: Trail cleanup day (free) Each night a different sponsor hosts a concert on the beach.
  3. Chris and I are finally going to participate in Trail Hero 2021 this year near St. George, Utah. They have a wide variety of trails from easy to wild you can register for. You can come for the week or weekend. Camping on site at Sand Hollow State Park and a ton of free to fancy camping, air bnb, rv parks, etc in the area. Link to the event. Need to register in advance for the trails you want. Average cost is $50 a trail and benefits veterans. Link to details: Trail Hero Event Details Right now the park won't let you reserve spaces until June for this event. I have been told the Westside Campground has the better RV hookups and is quieter. The "Sandpit" is the party area if you are into that. So because of that we are looking at an RV site outside of the park. Plan is to be there from Saturday 10/2/21 through Monday 10/11/21 for us. Hoping to bring "Hope" our big Grand Cherokee to play with and possibly even bring my "Cupcake" jeep depending on what is going on in our life. I will post up the trails we registered for shortly. Let us know if you are interested in joining in on this fun event. Hope to see some of you up in Utah in October!
  4. Tentative for us. hunting rv parks in the area Unless the dispersed area can fit my 43foot RV. lol
  5. Oh yeah and raptor lining all the wood this week hopefully.
  6. Been a crazy year healthwise for us. Additionally, with us selling our house in mid May we had a push to get her back together. Thanks to @theksmith for multiple visits. She is alive and back together. Currently finishing up the drawer system and waiting on the correct size water tanks to come in. We'll be without a garage for a while so will attempt to finish up wiring in the refrigerators, invertor, and water pump soon. Planing on Trail Hero in October for sure. Pictures of the new metal frame and getting wood cut and fitted. Up near seats the two refrigerators will go. Behind that is the water tanks (14 gallons). Then a large drawer on slides. Under that is a pull out table.
  7. Free Coleman camp table and grilling stand. Used but in good condition. Must pickup within next week. Peoria. Cactus and 83rd ave.
  8. House just about cleared out. Garage in good shape. House listing goes live 4/17. We put a deposit down on a used American Coach 43ft diesel pusher. Going nomad style until we find the right land to build a home base. Will be keeping the jeeps and once we get settled joining back in on ORP runs.
  9. Fire pit is yours. Let me know when and where to meet. Sold the popup tent.
  10. Ok so we are also moving....nope no idea where but are hunting for land currently. So it's time to sell stuff. Will add more to the thread as I get through stuff. Located in Peoria at Cactus and 83rd ave. 1) Camco Little Red Propane Fire pit - $100 OBO 2) "Gently" Used Reliance portable toliet -$20.
  11. Link to photos. Feel free to use any. Sarah's Photos
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