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  1. Remove us from standby. Xj is good but hubby needs garage time on WJ project
  2. History of the area http://www.apcrp.org/SIGNAL/Signal_Mast_081110.htm#:~:text=Signal itself sprang into existence,when the ore played out. Mccracken history https://www.google.com/amp/s/tucson.com/news/state-and-regional/mine-tales-kingman-area-mine-specialized-in-silver/article_0e2d02b7-9225-5fb3-b9a9-7eddd8a313f2.amp.html
  3. Link to my albumhttps://photos.app.goo.gl/F7ebGQa7oSYBsdYQ9 Had a ton of fun!! Thank you!
  4. New tires and wheels 265/65/18. Nitto Terra Grapler G2. Had to pushback the pinch seem and trim a bit of plastic. Also installed the air link suspension fix https://airlinksgc.com/ to keep it in Offroad One and not drop to normal height. Still can use sport mode.
  5. Added Animal Offroad Sliders. Got our first scrape on them during the Dirt Gala trip. Glad we had them on!
  6. Stand-by for us. If we get the XJ back and it's behaving we can do it
  7. We had such a fun long weekend!! Thank you for this great time!! Link to photo album Sarah's photos
  8. You may have a shot this year as I'm slower after surgery. Haha
  9. So we traded in our Ram truck and picked up a 2020 V8 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk. A huge shout-out to the amazing Martin Swanty dealership in Kingman, AZ. There were by far my best car buying experience. We negotiated via email and they were very fair with no games. Then drove up and were done in 20 minutes. I highly recommend using them. The Phoenix dealers were playing a ton of games. Ask for Chuck if you decided to check out this dealership. So now a three Jeep family....God help us! So now that Chris is busy on the other two Jeeps I have something I can do easier off-road trails with. Loving all the fancy features and it is fun to drive! Up next is a set of Animal Off-road rock sliders. We are considering their bumpers too but it gets pricey! We have named her "Cupcake" for now as her coloring is Red Velvet. d rock sliders.
  10. Sharing the Expedition Overland Film Fest. This is approx a 4.5 hour video you can download. Also some cocktail recipes and a packing list in the folder. Link to shared google drive: Link to google drive Link to their YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ExpeditionOverland/videos
  11. Got most of the metal portion of our sleep platform and on board water and portable fridge cage made. Up next is wood to go on top, wiring in the speakers, etc. Chris got delayed taking care of me after surgery so may not get this done in time for the ORP October gathering. Putting two portable fridges behind the front seats. Platform to go over the top. View from the back. will have a 16 gallon water tank in the middle behind the coolers and in front of the planned drawer system. Drawers to be installed
  12. Killing me. this has been on my list for a while and I can't offroad still!! Hope you have fun and possibly repeat the trip in the future! -Sarah
  13. Yes that took a ton of work but we gained a lot of clearance. Still need to cut the bumper once that goes back on.
  14. No issues just now. Updated a thread with a ton of photos and links and zero lag!
  15. For sleeping we purchased the ARB Aluminium awning and deluxe awning room with floor. We are going to remove the smittybuilt awning we have and install this instead. https://www.northridge4x4.com/part/awnings-accessories/814411-arb-aluminum-encased-awning-kit-w-led-light-strip-8-2ft-x-8-2ft https://www.northridge4x4.com/part/awnings-accessories/813108a-arb-deluxe-awning-room-w-floor-2500x2500 This is slightly smaller than our tent so we will work that out. We will have access to the sleep platform from within this awning room. Video of setup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUToTmJV11A
  16. For the water system we purchased a 16 gallon RV storage tank from eBay from RecPro. https://www.recpro.com/16-gallon-rv-water-tank-24-x-15-x-10-nsf-certified-and-bpa-free/ This will go behind the fridges and in front of the drawer system. We got a whole bunch of accessories so I can get a pressurized shower, filter the skanky Phoenix water, and refills ports planned to be added. Going to use a locking gas cap for our water fill. Planning on having the water come out the rear of the vehicle to stay away from our new tent set-up. For the wood we followed @theksmith suggestion to use the Woodworker's Source in North Phoenix to get quality plywood. Really impressed with their selection. We also got two heavy duty drawer slides from Orr and Orr. These were only $111!
  17. While we waited on parts and with significant delays due to a tough year Chris finished the body work on the rear: Then off to the IMS for more steel and a refill on the welding gas was needed. Chris started building the platform to support the fridges. The inverter, and stereo amps will go under this: Finally getting house power
  18. We will be adding heat shielding over the entire floor of the jeep. We are getting a lot of heat up from the exhaust and other various cranky WJ areas when wheeling. Besides being uncomfortable it actually melted some wiring inside. Chris found this product on Amazon that is affordable, super sticky, and will hopefully help our heat and noise issues. More pictures once this is installed. We are holding off for now due to all of the welding that is ongoing. Noico RED 150 mil 36 sqft Сar Sound Insulation, Heat and Cool Liner, Self-Adhesive Closed Cell Deadening Material (PE Foam Sound Deadener) by StP Atlantic LLC https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TKXMPH7/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_eWGkFb9F11AYF We then turned our attention to planning a sleep platform that would accommodate two fridges under it and allow us enough height to sleep in it if necessary. I will have to get to sleep platform from the front seats but we'll make it work. Our plan is to use the sleep platform mainly for bad weather only. Test fitting the mockup fridge. We needed enough room for the two fridges and a water tank behind it. Also, had to figure out enough room for the PRP seats We then had a funny scam experience trying to go cheap on buying some fridges for the project. China was kind enough to take my money and send me two cheap N95 masks instead of two refrigerators! So we instead ordered from a legit company and got two "GoPlus" 37 quart fridges with a 5 year warranty. When these arrived to Walmart they turned out to actually be Costway refrigerators. I know it's a gamble but feel good with the no questions asked Walmart warranty and friends who have had very positive Costway experiences. We shall see. We decided to go with two fridges to have one as a freezer and one as a normal drink cooler. These fit just next to each other behind the front seats. They are lower than the normal fridges so we can still build a sleep platform over them. Price appears a lot higher now than when we bought: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Goplus-37-Quart-Portable-Electric-Car-Cooler-Refrigerator-Compressor-Freezer-Camping/852050900
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