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  1. Hi Chris, I look forward to seeing you and Astrid again. I will have myself and two other jeeps. They may get there before me because I am coming from Phoenix but I will be there on time.
  2. Hi Chris, I and a couple of my neighbors would like to join you. We had a great time last year.
  3. I went up Friday 12/18/and it was altered but open.
  4. Hi Chris, It looks like I will have one jeep plus mine coming along. Our wives want to stay in Laughlin and play a little while we are on the trails so if we could meet you near the trail head on Saturday instead of the Flying J that would save us a lot of back tracking. Just let me know if that works and where and we will be there waiting for you Saturday morning. Thanks
  5. Hi Chris, I would like to join you on this trip. I also want know if I could invite a couple more guys with very capable jeeps. They are not members of the Offroad Passport club but maybe this would convince them to check it out. Put me down either way.
  6. Just a mile or so before you get to Parker you will come upon Shea road on the right. It takes you onto re reservation but about six or eight miles out you leave the reservation and you are back BLM land and can camp anywhere. There is a lot of room to camp for the next few miles. You will be east of P mountain. There is also a trail from there over to the Desert Bar.
  7. Thanks Diane, I downloaded a study guide and have been studying it. I think I will be ready to go when the time comes.
  8. I recently purchased a mobile VHF radio for the jeep and am looking for the next exam location. Where can i find current information? Many of the clubs websites are years out of date. Thanks for any help.
  9. Hi Karen, I don't think I will be able to go but if you have not been to the top of Harquahala mountain the view is certainly worth the drive. You can see for many miles 360 degrees from the top. Time and fuel permitting.
  10. Here are some pics of everyone in the canyon.
  11. Thanks Karen for organizing and leading a fantastic trip and thanks for making my inaugural trip such a blast. I really enjoyed everybody I met and can't wait until I can go on another one. We saw some great scenery but the people in this club are what make it so much fun.
  12. I just saw the one pot for everybody posts and it looks like you have everything covered so I am going to bring the pot of chili that I had planned for any body that wants some. On the next subject I am bringing an extra 5 of gas also.
  13. Tentatively put me down for this. I will know for sure in a couple days. There is also a sot canyon on the north side of Alamo just off of Alamo road you might like to see. Thanks, Mike
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