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  1. If that is true that the electric pulls less CFM then the three core radiator would also cause more restriction and slow the air flow. I have been told that the newer 2 core radiators cool better than the 3 core just because the air flows better and removes the heat faster.
  2. Does your XJ have a belt driven fan or is it all electric? If you put a 3 core radiator in and moved the shroud back on the fan then the fan is not sticking out of the shroud far enough and causes turbulence. One half of the blade needs to be sticking out of the shroud. I did the same thing to my TJ and it ran hotter with the bigger radiator until I trimmed the shroud.
  3. This is cool. Jay Leno has something similar to this in his garage to help him make new parts for his extensive car collection.
  4. It's not your fault we missed it . I had my calendar off. I thought today was the 30th. I am glad you all made it back ok. Maybe I will let my wife do the scheduling next time.
  5. It looks like Janet and I are going to join you. We will see you at the gas station. Mike:D
  6. I look forward to you posting your spot adventure of your camping trip. LOL:D
  7. The traffic to Hoover Dam is still unbelievably heavy from Boulder at times. It may or may not be that bad in the late afternoon. You may wany to consider from Laughlin taking the AZ side, crossing over the new bridge into NV and doubling back to the dam when the roads intertsect. It could cut off 5-10 miles of stop and go traffic if it happens to be heavy at that time.
  8. Loaded her on the trailer for a trip to Glamis this weekend and promptly noticed a loose ujoint in the front axle. Replaced that with the spare I had and tied her down. Now i just need to get a replacement for the replacement.
  9. I have an ARB air locker (RD07) for sale. This fits the Dana 44 with the stock 30 spline axles and 3.73 or lower (numerically)gearing. I have been running this for years and it has worked perfectly but I went to 35inch tires and a 4 to 1 transfer case and promptly broke an axle so i am up grading. The broken axle did some damage to the seal housing and the cylinder cap but both of these along with the piston seal and the bearings on that side are all brand new. This should work perfectly for many more years . If you have 33 inch tires or smaller with stock axles and gearing this would be a way to get one of the best selectable lockers around at are reasonable price. I have new air line and a new switch that goes with it. All you need is a compressor to operate it. I would like to get $500 for it. I also have a set of rear axles out of the dana 44, 30 spline. Yeah I know, I broke one but I happened to have a spare for the side that did not break. Make me an offer on these. they have bearings, seals, and retention plates . They are not bent and would be great trail spares. I also have a functioning 231 transfer case. The chain may be a little sloppy but it was working when I removed it. $200
  10. There is a used steel place on Washington just west of Fourwheler supply. I think it is Davis metals I have bought a fair amount of stuff there, steel and aluminum.
  11. Here's a clue. This is central Az and might be something you would hear Scrouge say.
  12. OK , back to AZ. Apparently I do not know how to post pics in the text so I will try an attachment.
  13. Lets try Crystal Canyon or Lead King Basin.
  14. Money? What money? You mean you have to have money to write checks?
  15. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. It just proves that I need to win the lottery so work won't interfere with the next trip.
  16. If any one has a hard top for a 2004 Wrangler unlimited, I may be able to sell it for you.
  17. Thanks to all who were on the run. You made us feel right at home. It was a great day of wheeling through some wildly varying conditions. I look forward to running with you again and meeting more of the club members.
  18. Are you planning on starting at the top and come down or the bottom and go up? Either way count me in .
  19. Iy opens back up at the north end of this canyon but I am not sure how far you can go. It pretty much runs parallel to Alamo road and there is at least one acces point at the north end. There may be more but I am not sure.
  20. These pictures are from a wash that I call Red Canyon . It is west of Huffman and just north of Alamo lake. The main wash narrows to just wide enough for the jeeps to squeeze through.
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