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  1. I can't think of many trails, other than wandering around on the forest roads. While beautiful, they are well maintained. If you are a fly fisherman, I can give you some suggestions. That general vicinity is one of my favorites in Arizona.
  2. New in box G2 Jeep TJ Rubicon Front Axle Kit for Dana 44. G2 part number 98-2045-001. Technical Details: - Fits 2003 to 2006 TJ Rubicon - With Front Dana 44 - With 30 Spline axles - Uses 5-760X Joint - Pre-assembled with Dana Spicer U-joints - Pair $500 obo. I'm in Tucson, but make it up to Phoenix once or twice per month. Please let me know if anyone is interested.
  3. Work just scheduled me to be in LA this weekend...Unfortunately, I'll have to back out of this one as well...
  4. I saw my first earth roamer in the wild (kinda...on I-10) yesterday. I asked my son to take a pic, but apparently he didn't know how to use his new phone yet... I've seen them before at Overland Expo, but I'm fairly certain that's the first one I've seen out side of that.
  5. It looks like I'm going to have to bail out of this one as well...kids and their sporting events... Have fun!
  6. The 2 Duratracs that I haven't had to replace have about 35-40k miles on them and are wearing great and are still quiet...but, I'm pretty good about having them balanced and rotated. Here is a recent (yesterday) article that Expedition Portal did on 7 different ATs (no Duratracs). http://expeditionportal.com/where-the-rubber-meets-the-road/
  7. I have Goodyear Duratracs, which are some of the most aggressive ATs available. What I like - quiet on road, great performance on and offroad, look great. What I don't like - I've had 2 non-repairable flats this year. Bad luck? Maybe, but they are not known for their stout sidewalls and I hadn't had another flat in the previous 15 or so years. Bottom line, I love them, but I'm not sure I would buy them again. I would likely go with the BFG MT KM2s that I had on my old TJ. Not an AT, but still pretty quiet with good manners on road and great offroad. Your results may vary.
  8. Welcome! Looking forward to the pics!
  9. Go ahead and put me down as tentative for Saturday. My daughter has an 8 am volleyball game, but I can probably miss one... Please start at whatever time works best for you!
  10. Welcome! Your WJ looks familiar...I've probably seen it during my travels around OV.
  11. Sign me up for Sunday, please. Saturday depends on the starting time. Thanks! Kevin
  12. I've got a 33" equivalent tire in the garage. It's a Kumho Road Venture AT 285/75 R16. I was using it as my spare until I got the matching 5th wheel and tire. It's mounted on a steel JK rim, so the rim won't work, but it's yours if you want it. I just want it out of my garage! The catch is that I'm in Tucson (Oro Valley area).
  13. I should be able to make this one, please mark me down. The extra weekend between Labor Day and Cinders makes all the difference!
  14. That is bizarre. Doesn't appear to be a reason at all to even be on the slope...just not paying attention apparently.
  15. Welcome! I love Colorado and can't wait to get back! Here is our WK (and daughter)...No real mods (my wife won't let me )...
  16. If there's room, I'd like to join you on the 27th.
  17. Are both of you using something like the baofeng uv5ra? If I decide to get my ham license, I think this is the radio I'll pick up. Seems to get quite good reviews: baofeng uv5ra
  18. Thanks everyone! Now I just need to figure out how to get one from one of you...I'm not in a huge rush, so when I figure out the next time I'll be in the PHX area, I'll let you know. I'm usually up about once a month...
  19. Great pics! I love how green the desert gets after a couple of good rains!
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