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  1. Same here on being lost on these old deaf ears Jim... & I agree... Sweet install as always... ;)
  2. Just offering a bit of humor too "D"... ;)
  3. Oddly enough ... Automatics have clutch inside them as well... ;)
  4. We are just back from being tour guides to friends from Michigan... Globlin State Park, Hanksville, UT Capitol Reef NP - Torrey, UT Bryce Canyon NP Zion NP Shafer Trail - Moab 7 Mile Rim - Moab Castle Valley - Moab
  5. A light scuffing of the top surface, then a coating (or 2) of white elastomeric roofing paint will help lower interior temps in the summer by a great deal. Worked wonders for Karen's TJL... ;)
  6. Wonderful pics & videos shared of this amazing experience. Looking foirwar4d to getting back there again someday... Thanks for sharing the pics & video's to all... Well Done...
  7. This is an easy to straighten part, with proper knowledge & tools. If you don't have the tools or experience to do this, may I suggest you give Joe @ On-Point a jingle, as I know he has the tools and knowledge to do this quickly, and correctly, at reasonable $'s.
  8. Minimally we will need pics of the damaged part you are speaking about, in order to give useable info/response...
  9. In Spite of not getting all the way through, it appears a good time was had by all. Thanks for sharing the storylines and the pics... 🙂
  10. That sounds like the John Pa we ALL know Big Al... Practical Joker John... LOL...
  11. Welcome... There are TONS of great places to visit in NV, and in CA as well... Enjoy... ;)
  12. Hi Joe, the itinerary you described sounds fun. I did something similar with a buddy from Michigan about 14 years ago. You will LOVE riding the Rockies... ;) Would go with, but we are planning a summer away in the RV... Just don't have room for the scoot to come along also ... Yet... ;)
  13. Plus... In a pinch they can serve as a warmer/heater. ;) I'm not a fan of the LED lamps... Too "cold/impersonal" for my tastes... JMHO - YMMV... ;)
  14. Welcome to the site Ron. Some mighty fine peeps here. I believe you will find so as well... ;)
  15. Ken was certianly a fun guy to have on a trip. the antics between he and Al were always a hoot to witness. Add in John Pa to the mix and they kept us all in stitches. It hasn't been the same since his move, but it was what was best for him and his family... RIP Ken... 😥 Prayers for the family, and friends... 🙏
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