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  1. Jim is correct, at least until around 2008-9 (ish), around the time-frame I became no longer involved with any further consulting activity's with AMG. I'm not aware of anything other than mild interest by TACOM (Tank Automotive Comand, who is the main arm of the military, for setting/evaluation vehicle mission goals) in the then current J-8 offerings that were being purchased by non-US countries for use as light tactical military vehicles. FWIW:, At the time frame I had any useful knowledge, the J-8 was essentially a "converted" JKU, utilizing the VM 2.8L diesel, some frame strength upgrades , and rear suspension altered to "HD" leaf springs, using a semi-floating Model 60 Dana rear axle, for the additional load carrying capacity required by the foreign miitary uses. The new Gladiator versions discussed initially in this thread, appear to most likely be concepts, that are being floated to TACOM, who it would appear have begun inquiring about the potential for less costly alternatives to the HMVEE models currently spec'd. and in use by the US military branches. That said, I've been away from this so long, that what I've said above is nothing more than guesses as to what it may be about.
  2. Just an observation. The winch appears to block a sizable portion of the radiator. Is Clifford still cooling ok?
  3. WOW Kris... Looks GREAT ! ! ! ! GREAT use of the former laptop case also...
  4. The reason for this issue is that unless specifically heat treated (read that $$$$), most (*) SS fasteners are approx double the ductility, and 1/2 the tensile strength of std grade 2 steel fasteners. (*) disclaimer: Did not mean this to be a blanket condemnation of SS fasteners, as they certianly have thier place, particularly in high corrosive environments, (when properly sized & matched to similar non-galvanic components). Just wanted readers to understand that for the vast majority of the uses in the types of things we typically construct for our overloading projects, that SS is an un-necessary expense, and may even be an inferior choice...
  5. Thank you Jesus... NOW, I finally feel exonerated... LOL....
  6. Appreciate your generous comments Jim... AND... Understand and agree whole heartedly about working in a common, or customer oriented shop... Did much the same with my tools, for the short time I was in that environment while working & going to school. Simply put... I could not afford to have them go out the door, or otherwise lose/displace what tools I could afford to own... Having not been in that environment for close to 50 years with my own tools, I've become significantly more relaxed. You rank among the top handfull of crafstmen with whom I've worked over the years, who are this organized, AND talented in producing topnotch finished products.
  7. I would LOVE to be able to say that my toolbox's look like Jim's pic above, when it comes to my tools... But the truth is, I cannot honestly say that I am even remotely close to matching the neatness, shown in the photos of those who have responded thus far. That said, while my tool boxes and work areas, will likely never reach these admirable levels of organization and neatness, it is a rarity, that I cannot go to any of my tool boxes, open the correct drawer, and not find the tool that I expect to be there.
  8. While I tend to lean towards the less primitive area for the easier access, and the larger "hard" shelters, capable of handling larger groups for the group activities, the more primitive venue worked out fine this year for what appeared to me to be a smaller than usual number of participants for the "annual cinders event". Not sure if the type of venue and the number of participants were/are directly correlated, just an observation. And like Ryan, for me it's about visiting with and enjoying the folks who choose to participate....
  9. Conan, Ladybug, & Ob1 are home, and in process of unpacking, laundry, etc. Ryan, Good to know you guys are home safe & the trailer wheel patch held well enough for your homeward trip... We're looking forward to the next ORP adventure...
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