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  1. Hopefully Ryan or others had better luck than Karen did. All permits were gone by the time she got anyone to answer the phone ...
  2. To replace the torque convertor seal does indeed require trans removal. The wiring connector you have is for the control wiring for the shift solenoids. Are the wires coming out the top, and the top of the connector also wet? If so, the connector body itself is allowing fluid to seep past the terminals. You could separating the harness from the connector to see if it's wet internally. If not, I suspect the connector body seal has hardened and is allowing fluid to seep past it. That said, I would suggest cleaning ALL the areas that are or appear wet/damp with fluid, (pressure washer or a spray bottle filled with de-greaser or similar then flushed with water hose), let it dry completely or blow it off with compressed air, then sprinkle the suspect areas with talcum powder (or flour), and watch for the powder to get damp with fluid, to see which areas show up as leak sources. As a short term "bandaid" to keep the fluid off your driveway, after cleaning the areas , you could also simply start & run for a few minutes every couple of days, to keep the convertor from leaking down so far. Good luck...
  3. 100% agree with Curly, that the source of the issue is most likely caused by torque convertor bleed down, caused by a leaking seal within the convertor, which in turn over-fills the level to above the pan rail, when the vehicle has been sitting extended periods. (another tell-tale of this bleed-down, is that the trans is sluggish to engage, almost as if it's slipping (which it is BTW), if started and immediatly shifted into gear, following a lengthy period of non-use). As for the leak itself, I doubt the pan gasket is the leak source. In my experience, that's pretty rare. If it were the leak source, it would also leak under regular use, leaving "weep-trails" (or worse) of fluid. It has been my experience the leaks caused by the pan being over-filled with fluid from the convertor drain-down, is most likely coming from either the dipstick/fill tube seal, or the trans shift shaft seal which is especially suspect and problematic in the old TH-400 series GM trans, with convertor leak-down issues. Good luck... Let us know what you find...
  4. Add us to the standby list, as we may have a scheduling conflict if the permit happens for early-mid July or the 3rd week of September...
  5. Kristopher... We are sorry to do this, but we need to back out of this one... Hope you guys have a GREAT trip.
  6. So does the whole she-bang slide out on a the same tray the fridge is mounted to? Looks like an interesting solution...
  7. Looks like a great place to go explore... Thanks for sharing...
  8. Agreed... Was a GREAT day to be out exploring, and your trail leading was spot-on... We LOVED it
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