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  1. We went a few years ago with Rich & Kathy... It's a good time for sure... Enjoy ! ! !
  2. I concur with this . High octane fuel has a slower burn rate, to keep the fuel from burning too quickly (pre-detonation) in high compression engines. As for the fuel shut off valve, it is un-necessary if you use a fuel stabilizer (which is good for BOTH of the carbs your main tank feeds), then simply start and run both the generator and main powerplant periodically, which is actually goof for more than just the carbs. as the electrical generating equipment can also use an occasional bit of run-time to both exercise it and confirm no issues are present that require rectification before heading out on a trip. JMHO and experience. YMMV...
  3. SWEET ! ! ! Good to hear it finally worked out in your favor for you guys...
  4. Keeping you guys in my thoughts that this time it all works out ...
  5. Great pics... Thanks for sharing...
  6. Oh Man... This REALLY sucked for you guys...
  7. On the surface, this would seem like a reasonable "patch" to get you home a couple hundred miles... That is; IF ATF actually would do that... But in fact it would not help swell a seal. Perhaps a dash of Dot 3 non-siliconized brake fluid to swell the seal some, but even that would take minimally a few weeks to take effect. Probably better off to simply keep an eye on the fluid level for the short ride to a place where you could assess and correct the issue... Yeah yeah... I know I'm being a "debbie downer" with my reply... LOL
  8. Loved the trip report Kris. Looks like a GREAT time to be had there.
  9. Glad you got the issue figured out Kris. Looks like the Dusy was a Dusy indeed... ;)
  10. You got some NICE shots Jim... Thanks for sharing...
  11. EXACTLY... With the exception of this monsoon season, wipers are SO seldom used, that I forget about them, until I find that ... Oops... I forgot to change them, so off to a parts store I go, in search of a set... LOL...
  12. Great write up Ryan. Thanks for sharing, and for leading this run. Casner is indeed a rare experience that is well worth the time and efforts... ;)
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