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  1. Conan, Ladybug, & Ob1 are home, and in process of unpacking, laundry, etc. Ryan, Good to know you guys are home safe & the trailer wheel patch held well enough for your homeward trip... We're looking forward to the next ORP adventure...
  2. LOVE it... Reminds me of the days my family traveled with tents, and tent trailers...
  3. Thanks everyone ... Was a lucky find, as after going to Yarnell for Pizza one Saurday a couple of months ago, on the way home, it was alongside the road near Congress with a for sale sign on it, so I stopped to look, and met the gent who owned it. He was the original owner, bought it new in Scottsdale. Lives in Congress, AZ and happened to have 3 other collector (old british) motorcycles and a myriad of other vehicle projects in his shed wen I went to pick it up. He had records of everything done since new, including oil changes at approx 1500 mile intervals (WAY more than necessary for sure), and a tackle box full of spares of every bulb, oil plug gaskets, tire valves, fasteners for the windscreen, extra sets of keys, BMW OEM repair manuals etc. etc... I was floored by the amount of stuff he had for it... Zoom Zoom...
  4. Thanks "D". Hoping to get some more time on it, and see if Karen likes it as well, once we return home...
  5. Quick ?... The old site had a way of seeing if any other registered users were online... Does that feature still exist? No biggie, just curious...
  6. So Grunt... Are we going to see the recently refurbished little blue Jeep make it's return to the fall ORP event???
  7. Picked this up before we departed for much of the summer... Gonna be a fun ride... It's a VERY clean 2008 R1200RT...
  8. ob1jeeper


    Lookin' Sharp...
  9. Taking me a bit of a learning curve, but thus far it's working 100,000,000 Times better than the old site, which regularly locked up on me...
  10. Cool Beeans... Got it... Is there a way to alter the avatar? Such as add a pic for that?
  11. Same here... don't see how to add a profile picture... I'm sure I'm missing something, but I also don't see three lines...
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