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  1. Lookin' GOOD guys... Enjoy ! ! ! ;)
  2. Thanks for the reminder Jim...
  3. OKAY... So I'm slow on the uptake here... (my excuse is that I'm a hillbilly from the Ozarks)... Took me a few minutes to realize I was looking at a backup camera... LOL... Must be one of them West-By-God-Virginny or Ozark hillbilly things... LOL...
  4. IMHO... IF the park feels it necessary to institute a lottery system for admittance, they THEY should both run it AND use the funds obtained to operate it. Hiring yet another "good old boy" subcontractor who skims nearly half (or more) of the funds received is flat-out Bull Shipp...
  5. Will try to make it for at least a couple hours. Hopefully they're a bit more organized than last year. ;)
  6. Looks pretty nice. ;) Just curious. Had you considered inserting the bolts from the top?
  7. Great write up and pics. Looks like we missed a gem of a trail ride... ;)
  8. I failed to mention the bit about the doors Jim. But I VERY much appreciate your help with the cabinetry fabrication AND pointing me in the right direction to fine a source for a door that could compliment your fine cabinet-making workmanship... ;)
  9. Agreed Tim. He did some cabinet work for our RV that is every bit as nice... ;)
  10. Kristopher, I'm not aware of what was going on for sure, however this area is historically one of the most dangerous sections of 93, but the worst is the stretch from US89 (Congress/Prescott turnoff), to near the jct of SR-71 (Congress/Aguila) turn off... Below is results of ABC-15's a study of 5 year period. My recommendation is to be VERY careful on that roadway, there have been at least two fatal's recently on the two-lane portions between 89 & 71, which were audible from our home... :( The highest concentration of crashes during the five-year period we looked at occurred on a seven-mile stretch of US 93 through Wickenburg; two of those crashes involved fatalities. Nearly 100 crashes and two deaths occurred at mileposts 144-149 near a remote place called Nothing. Another crash hot spot involves a two-lane section of road between mileposts 161 and 180, north of the turnoff to Congress. Twenty-one people died along that section from 2015 to 2019.
  11. Info attached... https://www.iflscience.com/five-planets-and-the-crescent-moon-are-set-to-align-in-the-sky-heres-how-to-watch-68112?fbclid=IwAR2izPSNUYT6jHVPzZS4uH26SM2dg3N30T682AbI4WtIGhEtYUuFJbHlxf4
  12. Well done guys... Congrats... ;)
  13. A friends youngster (4th grader), is trying to collect vehicle license plates from all 50 states for some school related project. She's done pretty well so far, having found over half of the 50 states, but the following list are those she is still missing; If anyone has access to any of these, (decommissioned only plates please) ,or know someone willing to part with an old plate from any of these states, please let me know. I will pay for the shipping. Thanks, Steve Delaware Georgia Hawaii Illinois Indiana Kansas Louisiana Maryland Massachusetts Mississippi Montana Nebraska New Hampshire New York Oklahoma Oregon Rhode Island Vermont West virginia Wisconsin
  14. Looks about right to me... LOL...
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