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  1. Agreed Jim... Have used them a few times as designed, but it comes in VERY handy for "other" project needs...
  2. Congrats to all three of you guys. ORP has been entrusted to very capable hands, and the joys of retirement welcome G & D to it's fold... Jeep on my friends...
  3. Guilty as charged Jim... And I do have at least one of these in my tool box, dating from the mid-1940's (was my Dad's)... It too is a Proto... ;)
  4. Appears to be the same one I used for my 1996 Goldwing approx. 8 years ago... They will certainly get your attention...
  5. Just wanted to give a shout out to all my ORP friends and wish each of you a sucessful, happy, & healthy 2023...
  6. What is the little round box with lighted wiring for? Is that an air pump to inflate/deflate the pad?
  7. The fuel pricing may be a perk, but you GOTTA LOVE cold weather in order to enjoy the fuel pricing... Merry Christmas to you guys... Stay Warm ! ! !
  8. While on the Bradshaw Trail last weekend, Gracie experienced a flat when the Lt Rr tire sidewall punctured. While the spare was being installed (Thanks for all the help to all who were involved...), when the tire cover was removed, I noted that there was one lug missing from the spare location, with the stud being pretty dirty, & a tad of rust visible on the few threads visible, so apparently the nut had been missing for quite some time. While one missing lug nut (of 3 total for the spare), is not critical, yesterday I attempted to replace the missing lugnut, only to discover that the threads of the stud had apparently been cross-threaded quite some time ago. As a corrective measure, I cut approx. 3/16" off the end of the stud, then re-conditioned the threads with a thread chaser. I also removed the security lug nuts from all 4 of the mounted wheels, in preparation for tire replacements on Monday. I then noticed these lugnuts had some excess material on the tapered seat portion where it contacts the wheel. Upon closer inspection, I realized that this was aluminum which had been transferred off the aluminum wheels. This type of material transfer is called "galling", where the speed of the relative movement is such that one (or both) pieces moving against each other creates sufficient heat to cause localized melting and subsequent transfer of the material, and is typically the result of highspeed spinning of the nut during tightening, usually caused by over-zealous use of an air-gun or similar device capable of high-speed rotation. Another area that can be damaged/galled by the highspeed rotation of the lug nuts is the threads of either the nut or the stud. To help prevent this damage, lubricate the threads with an anti-seize product, and to be sure to NOT spin the nuts rapidly. Luckily this aluminum is easily removed using crocus cloth on the tapered surfaces. While I used my lathe for this cleaning, any low-speed device you can use to slowly rotate the nuts while applying gentle pressure by hand to the damaged surface (the aluminum cleans easily off the steel nut). While I was at it for security nuts, I also checked and cleaned the affected non-security nuts as well.
  9. Woo Hoo Go get sum Gun-Dog ! ! ! Oops, you 2 John-Pa...
  10. The whole GMRS thing baffles me. Perhaps slightly more range that a CB, but a significant downgrade in range from Ham... I simply fail to understand the reasoning for wanting an inferior product at the same costs of using a Ham... JMHO & $0.02 Obviously some must disagree... YMMV
  11. I don't believe the weekend of the 4th would align with the earlier stated tentative plan of the 2nd week o fMarch, but hey... Maybe it's the "new math"... LOL... At any rate, am still interested in this trip, though we are signed up for the Kofa run over the 4th of March weekend.
  12. Have you verified that the steering damper is good? They were installed OEM, to be the damper to control "axle tramp" (*), and are required on ALL live front steered axles, unless some other form of hysteresis is designed into the system, (such as the earlier closed knuckle Dana axles who's hysteresis was managed through shimming the kingpins to affect dampening in the system.) (*) AKA the event commonly referred to as "Death Wobble".
  13. Last did this trip before ORP was born. Depending on timing, I could be persuaded to go again...
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