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  1. That rear bumper is reminiscent of a '63-64 Mercury's, which would also have had that style door handle, "wing-vent" in the doors, and the belt-line crease on the drivers door matches those models. Would be cool to get a personal inspection, to see if we couldn't dig up more clues... I'm sure that between Curly & I, we could come closer to what it used to be...
  2. We're home as well... Enjoyed the day with friends new & old... Special thanks to George, Diane, & Kristopher for the organizing and leading today's festivities...
  3. Looks pretty dang nice to me Ryan... Well done....
  4. Have you given any thoughts to lowering the seat a little? Give me a shout when you get the chance. May have some ideas for you to try...
  5. Nice Radio addition Allen... Here's how we mounted the two radios in Karen's TJL...
  6. I don't have the funny meme's to add, but Happy Happy B-Day Sir Grunt...
  7. Grunt Quote: I made the mods to the bracketry, to move the control box on Ladybugs TJ to the pass side and level with the upper portion of the winch, when I modified the winch mount to move the winch down & forward, to help with improving the air-flow to the radiator. Then routed the HD wiring through the grill, and later covered any areas where they might have come in contact with sharper edges, by slipping a short piece of heater hose on the potential contact areas, and securing them with tape & zip ties... See attached pics
  8. After looking at the parts diagrams, and seeing what is offered for the TJ, It appears that you could likely use the TJ mucket seals, with perhaps some minor modifications. OR... Simply use some adhesive backed foam door seal material available from your local hardware store... Should work well enough to provide a reasonable seal against the elements...
  9. Nice Grunt... Good to see it's coming back together nicely...
  10. Welcome "home"... See you on the trails...
  11. Would be a horrific way to die... Glad he was found in time...
  12. It is "D". Not a 100 point show car, but given the age and miles, it is exceptionally clean inside, underhood, and underneath. I think it will make someone a great Jeep.
  13. Am assisting my neighbor with the sale of his 2004 Rubicon. He is the original owner, having purchased new in 2003 from York in Prescott. It has 107,000 miles and is equipped with a 4.0L, 5-spd, and is in near-original condition, with NO suspension or drivetrain alterations or modifications. It comes with both tops, however the soft-top has never been installed, but only stored since purchase in a container. The top has one bow slightly bent (I believe to be easily repairable). I did not closely inspect the main fabric, but did open the OEM boxes containing the windows ( still in original shipping boxes), and they appear to be in excellent condition. It has the following "non-OEM" equipment added: 1- Vehicle tow-bar type towing system complete for flat-towing the Jeep. I did not closely inspect for brand, but it appears to be similar to the Blue-Ox tow bar system. 2- Warn Winch (I did not remember to record model) 3- Rockhard rear bumper with swing-away tire carrier, and fuel cans. (Original rear bumper & dealer installed HD hitch are included as part of the sale, as is the first aftermarket frame mounted swing-away tire carrier he had installed, but removed in favor of the Rock-Hard.) 4- Cobra CB (it's the model which has all functional controls & speakers built into the handset) 5- New high-quality seat covers & floor protective covers similar to weather-tec (I don't remember the brand) asking price is $14,500. If interested, contact: Jim @ 928-710-1843 (mobile) -or- 928-684-2447 (home) This Jeep is not a 100pt cream-puff, but is in very nice condition, and obviously well maintained, and will make someone a fine off-roading vehicle... Have added pics below.
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