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  1. Purchased a set of XL (extra long) Rok-Blokz frt mud flaps (black) for the Gladiator JT, (RokBlokz PN T147) in hopes of using them on Karen's new Rubicon, but I discovered they don't fit the Rubicon models without modifications, to fit around the "Rubicon only" sill guards (rock rails), which have a pretty convoluted shape and the Rubi models guards are longer than the non-rubicons rock rails, causing interference. :( RokBlokz return requirements are; 1- not out of the original vac sealed cellophane packaging 2- $30 restocking fee (plus shipping). These are NEW & never installed, I just held one of them in place where I discovered they would require modifications that I was not willing to fuss with. Orig. fastener kit & install instructions included, they just aren't in original sealed cellophane wrapper. New cost= $105. Asking $50 obo...
  2. Just a wish for a Blessed and Happy thanksgiving to the ORP family...
  3. After seeing a facebook post indicating a rather (to me) unusual program about used luggage, I began calling various agencies I thought would be able to provide an answer as to it's validity. After reaching a couple of dead ends, late Friday afternoon, I was referred to a phone number that I was told may be able to help clarify this FB luggage story. When I made the call this morning, I was pleased to learn that there is indeed a used baggage donation program (not well advertised), that accepts donations of luggage which is gently used and clean. These luggage donations are used in support of situations where kids in less than great situations, need luggage (as opposed to carrying their belongings in a plastic garbage bag) for temporary re-housing, such as foster care, kids at risk, etc. SO: If you have gently used luggage that you want to part with, rather than dumping it, or donating to Goodwill (etc.), may I suggest you consider donating to OCJ Kids, (address & contact info is below...) NOTE: They are closed this Thanksgiving week. OJC Kids 21630 N. 9th Ave. Suite 103 Phx, AZ 85027 Hours: M-F 9am - 4pm 602-429-2171
  4. Who amongst us can honestly say that they were NEVER caught getting a scolding from Mom for this very thing... LOL...
  5. Looks like we missed a GREAT time... LOVE all the pics everyone has shared... Hope to get there myself someday... 😇
  6. What material are they made from Kristoffer?
  7. From the BRC (Blue Ribbon Coalition) As of Monday morning 10/30/2023   RELEASE: Coalition of Off-Roaders Challenges Imminent Closure of 317 Miles of Trails Near Moab, UT z Today, the BlueRibbon Coalition, joined by the Colorado Offroad Trail Defenders and Mr. Patrick McKay, challenged a decision by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to close 317 miles of some of the nation’s best off-roading trails near Moab, Utah. If allowed to stand, the closures will affect over 40 routes that have been popular for decades with Jeepers, overlanders, side-by-side users, dirt bikers, and dispersed campers. The most prominent closures are mapped here: The groups initiated their challenge with the filing of a notice of administrative appeal with the Interior Board of Land Appeals, in conjunction with a motion to stay the closures while the appeal is pending. The challenge alleges that the closures violate the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the Dingell Act, and the Appointments Clause of the U.S. Constitution, in addition to being arbitrary and capricious. “These closures are part of an ongoing effort to close the vast American West, where the federal government is the largest landowner,” said lead attorney Matt Miller, a senior attorney at the Center for the American Future at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, which represents the plaintiffs in this case. “Every American shares in the ownership of our public lands, which exist for the responsible enjoyment of anyone who wants to recreate on them. BLM is trying to move use of these lands from the rights-based system that has endured for decades to a permission-based system that allows bureaucrats to close these lands to serve their policy preferences.” “The trails closed by this decision are some of the most popular trails in the world,” said Ben Burr, BlueRibbon Coalition Executive Director. “Public lands belong to all Americans, and they should be managed to bring the greatest benefit to the greatest number of people. I’ve spent weeks in this area exploring these trails and speaking to those recreating in this area, and these closures will cause irreparable harm to everyone who has participated for generations in the creation of a vibrant recreation culture in this area.” “The stated goal of the BLM is to ‘obliterate’ roads once they are closed. There’s no going back. But the justifications for these closures don’t withstand the first hint of scrutiny,” said Nate Curtisi, attorney at the Center for the American Future at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. “In recent years, the BLM has said that no further closures were necessary, and that the proper balance of recreation and preservation has been struck in this area. Now we have a new plan that is extremely pro-closure based on flimsy and often contradictory evidence. That is the definition of arbitrary and capricious.” “The President is abusing his limited authority to remove 300 miles of Jeep trails that are regularly enjoyed by the public, said Nick Barry, Senior Counsel at America First Legal. “This arbitrary and capricious decision from the executive branch ignores the many comments that were submitted to the government that the trails are regularly used for recreation. We must stop the abuse of the executive branch, which continues to take an aggressive approach to closing off federal land to the public without any justification. This is public land, and it should be enjoyed by the public. Here, a low-level bureaucrat made the final decision to close these trails and to make it a crime to continue to use them. Our system requires accountable decision-makers, not hidden-away, petty-tyrant bureaucrats.” Patrick McKay, Vice President of the Colorado Offroad Trail Defenders, added, “I am deeply saddened to see the BLM close many of the best motorized routes around Moab in a misguided attempt to manufacture wilderness suitability and play favorites among user groups. This travel plan is not balanced or reasonable and the reasons the BLM gave for these closures have no basis in fact. I look forward to seeing the BLM’s attempt to lock up our public lands overturned in court.” The Interior Board of Land Appeals has 45 days to decide whether to issue a stay. Once it takes final action on the appeal, the parties will likely seek review in federal district court. To read the full notice of administrative appeal, click here.
  8. Looks like it was a HUGE success... Thanks for sharing... ;)
  9. Returned home yesterday @ 6pm, from our "2nd-annual; Family & Friends, Ride to Pismo & Beyond". This years version was 9 days, & just shy of 1700 miles. We visited Big Bear, Wrightwood, Pismo, the Hearst Castle, the La Purismo Mission, & Julian (all in CA). Am already looking forward to next years adventure... ;) Sunset @ Pismo Beach Pier The whole crew after a fine dining experience... The Marine layer rolling in @ the pier... The beach @ Vandenberg Space Force Base... Parked for the evening in Julian, CA... The two sport bikes were "our new-found neighbors" in the same hotel we stayed at... The long-lost-Ghost-rider has been found... (In a shop in Julian, CA) PS: Happy Halloween to our ORP family... ;)
  10. We all know about life happening, and I took some time away, but today finally got back to this project, and completed it. (except for re-install of the Rt Frt pass seat, and cleaning up the mess...) I was SO focussed about mounting the gear, that in my haste, I forgot about needing a place to mount the control module... (I'm old, so cut me some slack... LOL... 🤪) Module bracket made & installed, finished the fab/mods to the steering shafts, got the wiring figured out and installed. EPS Module bracket Lower strg shaft mods Upper shaft (steering wheel end). The kit supplies two short sections of steering shaft, with u-joints welded on. I wanted to retain the quick-release strg. wheel, so I used the lathe to cut the welds off one of the supplied u-joint/shaft assy's, then turned the fwd end of the orig shaft to mate up to the u-joint and re-welded. Mostly buttoned up, hiding the fab work and the hardware for the EPS...
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