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  1. Thanks for the bday wishes!
  2. I've owned a Zj and a wj, if I ever own another I would put a Clayton lift on it.
  3. What are your build plans for the jku? What would you do with an endless budget and what is the realistic plan?
  4. Awesome! Hope to run that trail someday.
  5. Sweet jeep! I remember the love hate of going Zj-jk..... That is going to be one sweet jeep you have already done more mods than me lol
  6. Let my know what you think please, I've been thinking about getting a programmer.
  7. Jklee

    The jklee jk

    I suck at trip reports almost as bad as build threads, not sure what I have done to jeep........ I think gears, a winch and bumper but I have it off currently. Next I'm doing tons. While I spend my time on the boat this summer I'm hoping to get this project done. I chose the 05 newer super duty axles. I believe they are the future axle of the junkyard swap even tho the aftermarket is slow currently.
  8. I'd like to see the chief with a removable top, but even if it didn't I want one! Can you imagine it with the diesel? Just takemy money lol
  9. I'm in town and want to take the jeep out before it gets ripped apart for tons.
  10. Is this the turkey creek by mammoth or the one by cleator?
  11. When are you planning to run this for the group?
  12. I travel a lot and have used this. I called the number and they actually had me buy two tires so they matched since they where a different brand. They then swapped both out for my cert prices when I got back. It was a process but they took care of it.
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